loosely based on/ inspired by this post || i imagined them having a sleepover together on the rooftop after the happenings of holiday star… just because… we need more happy content….

i wanted to add yuuya, tohri and leone as a bonus but i couldn’t draw anymore :’^)) feel free to reblog and add them if ya wanna!!


happy april fools daaay everyone!! i wanted to draw something silly so have this weird swapping i made haha. it’s a bit messy so sorry for that.

i drew the quail boyfriends for me, anghel/ nageki for @hindre ( just because she is my favourite artist and i love her art!! so much!! ) and tohri/ shuu for @kaijinkyn ( she’s been v supportive and lovely to me lately and aaa a ).

I’m not gonna say what i swapped exactly that’s something for you to figure out. :’^)