I decided to try my hand at drawing  passerinearts ocs. I love her blog and her attention to detail regarding her characters and their personalities.However I am not entirely happy with it. (Hence all the editing) But I really want to practice character design and it was good for me to draw some very ethnically diverse characters.

And the girl at the front with yellow dip died hair (Angestia?) looks super pouty…guess she doesn’t like me drawing her huh


I really love Passerine Art’s Sassy Sisters and other characters, and since my drawing motivation has been low, I made her characters in the K-On! character creator instead just for fun because I always wanted to see them all in a magical girl anime together. ^^ <3 So they are in school uniform, like any cliche m.g. anime would begin with!

I couldn’t fit in all of Mariell’s OCs but I made sure to include my top faves Liling and Memoria! Unfortunately while the character creator is heavily detailed with lots of fine-tuning available, there was no way I could give the girls makeup, a proper headscarf (for Samra), or multicoloured hair (for Piper, Angestia or Liling) and I could not give Chandrani her proper vitiligo marks. >.<

I have these files saved so I may play around and do more cute pictures with these characters later! ^^

Top Pic (left to right):
Liling, Tiri, Samra, Diabelle, Clementine, Achiam, Chrisphie, Memoria, Honoria
Bottom Pic (left to right):
Quinn, Angestia, Josephine, Nettine, Minnie, Sunny, Piper, Bel, Chandrani

My entry for petitepasserine’s competition, though I doubt it’s gonna win haha.

I really wanted to make my magical girl outfit ballet inspired as I’m like super obsessed with pointe ballet atm (although I don’t do ballet)

Angestia was there when I first transformed into a magical girl and guided me.