also: happy women’s history month to every trans woman
you’re constantly erased from history and pushed out of women’s spaces but you belong there and you have always been important parts of history.
let’s not forget trans women this year.

if america wants its own death note adaptation so bad, then why not have ryuk drop the death note in the states, looking for more trouble, and introducing new characters instead of taking the original ones and turning them into something they’re not?

patrick poured his blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul (no pun intended) into soul punk and its so OBVIOUS when you listen to it like not to get corny but his spirit just Radiates through the music and the fact that it was so poorly received by fob fans at the time is never going to fail to piss me off bc he was so excited to share it with everyone and y’all showed up specifically to boo him and tell him how much u hated it and wished he was doing something different (read: being anyone besides His True Self) that he still to this day feels bittersweet about it when he should feel nothing but the utmost pride and accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention its a straight up musical masterpiece from start to finish!!!!