anger bumps

Day One: Intimacy

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Two years ago, the position you find yourself in would have been not only strange but also unwelcome.

Two years ago, Kara was just Cat’s assistant.

Two years ago, your work with the DEO was still a secret.

Two years ago, Thursday nights were sisters’ nights.

Two years ago, when you weren’t required to stay and help coordinate or participate in a mission, you would drag yourself home around midnight, with the sole intention of having a hard drink and pass out.

Two years ago, your TV set was mostly for decoration… any TV you watched would be watched at Kara’s.

Two years ago, your fridge would have sat unplugged. What’s the point of having the monstrosity connected when you never had any food to store in it?

Two years ago, laundry would have been done once every blue moon. Yeah, your bed is the best place in the apartment, but you never crawled under the covers, you never really slept on it when you often passed out on the couch, drink in hand.

Two years ago, Kara’s invitations to game nights would be met with a polite yet firm ‘no, thank you’.

Two years ago, you didn’t want to hang around people that knew nothing about you but presumed they knew of you, like if having Kara for a sister suddenly made them all aware of your likes and dislikes.

Two years ago, Kara was the only relationship you cared about outside of work… before she too became part of your work.

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Not that bad - Theo Raeken Imagine

Request: “ Could you write about Theo? He loves you but he always makes fun of you. You think he hates you. And once smb will be very rude with you and Theo will protect you❤️☺️And after that he will tell you about his feelings:)”

Pairing: Reader and Theo Raeken 

A/N: My first imagine here. Probably not the best, but… (english is not my first language, so forgive for bad grammar, okay?) Feel free to request more.


Since Theo came back from hell, (Y/N) didn’t have peace. She never got along with him, he’d always try to make her mad and she couldn’t stand it. Then Liam had the great idea and brought him back from the hole. And here Theo was, trying his best to make (Y/N) uncomfortable.

The fact is that she always had a crush on him and it actually drives her insane. He was the bad guy, tried to kill her pack and still, she couldn’t stop herself from liking him.

The pack – and Theo, were at the school’s library planning the next step against the Storm Riders. Everyone were trying to find a way to keep people from getting taken, but they didn’t have the numbers in their favor. Scott was putting everyone with partners to keep watch on different places – (Y/N) and Theo ended up together.

So there they was, leaning on (Y/N)’s car. The awkward silence only being interruped when Theo opened his mouth to make fun of her. She was trying her best to just ignore him, but on th inside, she was hurt.

“So, you still didn’t lear how to drive?” Theo asked smirking. (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“I know how to, I just don’t like it” she said in a low voice, making the boy laugh.

“You’re so whiny, oh my God!” at the momento he finished the sentense, she froze.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. She felt the anger bumping into her vains and exploded.

“Why do you hate me so much? Why can’t you just leave me alone, Theo?” she screamed.

Theo was shocked. He didn’t expect she’d have this attitude. And this made his heart shake. He always had strong feelings for her and he hated it because he could never have her, then he decided the only thing that could make him stay away from her was treating her like that. And watching het explode like this made him realise how useless it was. He could see the hurt in her eyes.

“You don’t get it, do you?” The asked, making her look at him.

“That you’re an asshole? Oh, trust me, I get it” (Y/N) was mad, all she wanted was make him mad too.

“You never paid attention on the way I look at you? That even if I treat you like a jerk, I never let anybody hurt you? No, you never saw any of this.” He said and saw how confused she was getting.

“What are you talking about?” Her anger was gone now, but curiosity took place.

“The only way I found to keep me away from you was treating you like that, (Y/N).”

They weren’t leaning on her car anymore. The two of them were in front of each other – Theo trying not to get closer.

“You’re that disgusted by me?” The pain was in her voice again and Theo sighed.

“So that I couldn’t fall in love with you even more.”

She froze once more. He could hear how fast her heart was beating.

“Why?” She asked, trying to read his posture.

She was looking at him like a child who lost the candy and it made his heart jump even faster.

“You’re so… good. And look at me, I tried to kill your friends! I’m evil, (Y/N). And even if I don’t want to do things like that anymore, I still did them, you know? I’m marked. It will always be in some part of me. And I feel like if I stay close to you, I’ll ruin you… I could destroy your purity and I can’t have that…”

He looked frustrated. His hands were all over his hair and his expression was painful to look at.

“You can’t make that decision for me, Theo… You don’t get to make choices for me, it’s not fair.” (Y/N) said, stepping closer to him.

He stopped moving and went closer too. Theo was trying to understand what she had just said…

“I’m not the right guy for you…” He said slowly.

They were very close now. Their bodies were touching and their heartbeats were insane. She leaned her forehead against his and he couldn’t stand it anymore – he had to know how would it feel when he touched her.

“You’re not that bad.” She said smiling. (Y/N) closed the gap and kissed him.

I like to think that on his journey looking for Aya, Razer got sidetracked a lot helping people. At some point he even ended up living on a planet for a year, teaching meditation and the importance of letting go of anger. He most likely bumped into a few other Green Lanterns and probably helped a couple out, made a few unlikely allies. All before the Blue Ring caught up with him and he made the choice to give up rage for hope all together. On his way looking for Aya he learned about all kinds of different loves that exist in the universe, he sent the occasional message back to Oa to check in, because Kilowog asks if anyone’s seen his Poozer buddy around whenever he gets sent out on long missions.

It’s probably a long time later, when he’s learned about himself enough and shared hope with others, that Razer decides to let go of Aya. Hope is one thing, but holding onto her memory and keeping her in his heart is something he requires more than her tangibility. And so, he finally gives up the hope he’ll find her, but is happy that he at least retains Aya in his heart and his memories. He might not even realise it, but the hope that he’d somehow find her changed slowly into a hope for a tomorrow, a hope for a future. He might find a new love, build a new life. He might be able to let go of all his past mistakes. He might just let Aya go only to find her again right when he needs to.

That’s the best thing about Hope. It’s about as infinite as love.


He bit his lip, trying to stifle a laugh at her expression as she swallowed another cherry and gripped her pen tight. 

“This is all your fault. You just had to go and alienate and kill all of those people…." 

"Sorry, sorry, love, Luckily, I have you here.”

She sighed and tried to maintain her frown, lips twitching. “More cherries… please.”

He set a second glass of cherries down next to the first, grin softened to a smitten smile, and leaned over to taste sweet and tart flavor on the lips he’d fawned over for years–which he possibly did even more these days. A few light brushes, a hint of exploration, and a minute later they were distracted and calm…

Then, Caroline looked back down at the papers.

He couldn’t fight the burst of laughter this time.

twxn-brxthers  asked:

North walked around, looking at the area. He hated them. Raven Tail. They had hurt some of his friends. In the games he would get revenge. It was his only chance.... He was so lost in anger he bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry!" His anger vanished

Harumi had been walking around the town. She had yet to join a guild but she heard about the games and decided to come watch before deciding on which guild to join based on how the games went and how strong the members were. Her mind was off thinking about other things she would do that day after the games then she bumped into someone. She was about to start yelling in anger but stopped when he apologized. “Oh. Its fine. No harm done.” she says brushing off her arm. 


A different view. (M!A Reverse. Closed with asetoftwins)


Seth had woken up that day, but was different. He was acting up, got irritated easily, and had gotten several wounds already because of this. Even his friends weren’t safe from his anger as he he bumped into Andrew, and tried to shove him out of the way. “Watch where your going!” Seth spat out hatefully at the teen.

some-charming-figures-deactivat  asked:

(He's the roBO MEISTER~) Robo Meister could never be the musician he wanted to be.... But he could decorate himself, to express his dreams! And he could hum quietly in public.... At one point, Robo Meister was tripped. And he ran into a human. And he knew- humans were fragile. And easily angered by small bumps. "Oh! Oh... Oh no-... I'm so sorry- I didn't mean to do that, okay? I didn't mean to, that wasn't me. It wasn't me- no laws were broken- I-I-I was tripped! Please don't be too mad...."

The blond man frowned. “Maybe you should have your eyes… cameras… stuff repaired, metal junk!”