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A soft laugh, not unlike a schoolgirl's giggle, echoed out as Rin appeared, the eternal smile carved into her face still seeming to ooze darkened blood. "Dark," she purred, an amused glint in her eyes. "It's been a while. Time has gotten away from myself and the others." A brief pause, then she continued. "I happened to notice that fantastic video. Props to Will, I'm impressed. But I'll admit, I was surprised at the amount of figments present... How many are there, exactly?"

Dark cupped his hands together, and rested his chin against the smooth bumps of his knuckles, watching the approaching figure with a roachful smile, his eyes sharp and aware. He gave a singular nod, accepting the compliment to Wilford without too much of a blow to his pride. Yes, the mangy pink mutt had done well, he would give him that. At the question, he removed his head from his hands, and tilted it back, taking a professional, bussiness-like demeanor about him as he spoke.

“What you saw was the extent of Mark’s mind. There are nine in total, each representing a separate side to Mark’s ego and personality. That is about an average number, give and take a few, for each human being. It’s all dependent on how they act and what they experience in their life to determine how many figments they will receive. Wilford, governing libido, restlessness, humor, egotism/vanity, impulsiveness, jealousy, spite, eros (erotic/sexual love), pragma (enduring love), mania (obsessive love), rage, masochism, and so on. The Silver Shephard governing justice, mercy, morality, and the like. Doctoriplier governing terminology, medical knowledge, patience, pessimism, and so on. The Host taking care of creativity, grammar, all things artistic based. Myself governing possession, fear, anger, grief, lust, loneliness, love (for now), anger, greed, lies (manipulation), psychotic tendencies, jealousy, seduction, anxiety (ties in with fear). Google governing intellect, knowledge, electronic awareness, calculation, etc. Ed Edgar… I’m not entirely sure. I believe some sort of obsession with money, mingled with country roots of some sort. Bim Trimmer governs his dramatic side, presentation, excitedness, formality, musical endeavors, so on so forth. King of the Squirrels governs his fascination with animals, particularly squirrels, and a desire for leadership.”


I am a very angry person.

However, anger fuels me. I’m angry about racism, sexism, homophobia and animal rights. I’m angry that my rant may be viewed and written off as ‘angry black boy’ but here I go.

I’m angry that the races are clearly still divided in terms of economic opportunities and you have people saying “they don’t see race” but clearly If I walk down the street in a hoodie at night, people are more likely to be scared of me at a distance because I am simply a black man in a hoodie at night. I am angry at people who think that dating only a certain race is a preference (NO you are racist, that is it, justify it how you want but you are still discriminating on skin colour #Racist). I am angry that being a lighter shade of black/brown is always admired. I’m angry that people think being racist is being mean, yeah call me a name your just a mean person, but when an entire portion of people are systematically oppressed and denied opportunities based on colour, that is racism. I am angry at celebrities that use different cultures and sexualise them to be edgy. (I see you Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga) I am angry people of colour with accents/not fluent in english are stereotyped as being dumb. I am angry at the term 'people of colour’, why is being white seen as normality? I am angry that when I talk about racism people get angry, silent and uncomfortable.

I am angry there are still people that slut-shame girls, as if sexual activity isn’t enjoyable and that if they do not do it, they are prudes and If they do they are sluts. I’m angry that if a girl gets raped people may ask “what was she doing?” “What was she wearing?”. I am angry If someone gets raped while they are drunk its suddenly their fault. I am angry rape still happens. I am angry at the gender wage gap. I am angry that male politicians decide on legislature for women such as abortions. It is her body not yours. I am angry women of colour in some parts of the work bleach their skin. I am angry girls buy pepper spray for university while boys buy condoms. I am angry that people think feminism is about women over men, shut up, men do NOT need any uplifting, we do not face the same dangers, that is why it is called feminism, gender equality while uplifting women. DO NOT judge a movement based on the crazies (the I hate men people).

I am angry at religion. (As a concept, they all have good-sides and teachings but look at the death tolls across history, be it christians and the crusades with colonialism, islam and current events, hinduism and the caste system e.t.c)

I am angry at homophobic people. Stop it. Why do you have to care how and with who people live there lives? Justify your hatred with religion or anything else, If its wrong to you then thats it, only to you, don’t interfere in peoples lives, shut up and stay in your lane. I’m angry people think that the lgtq movement is only about gay people. I’m angry people don’t think bisexuality or asexuality are 'things’. I’m angry people won’t date bisexuals over fear of them cheating on you, also that people think of three-somes and the like (Bisexuals are NOT sexual deviants, if someone cheats on you they are a terrible person thats it). I’m angry lesbians of colour face rape disproportionately than others while transexuals face violence. I hate that people don’t participate and LGBT right events because they don’t want to be seen as gay (your a coward).

I am angry at environmentalist and animal rights people who eat meat. You are a hypocrite. I understand that no one should force their views on you, but do your research. Meat production takes up more resources and produces a huge amount of pollution. A cow can feed like 3-5 people but the plants the cow eats in its lifetime can feed a LOT more.

I am angry at capitalism and democracy, all it does is create a monarchy of the rich that control the government. I am angry people are stupid. That’s it, that is the main issue, stop being a sheep of society, question your views, read a book, LEARN.
Stop judging, respect and love others and don’t interfere with another’s life, unless they are hurting themselves or others. 

Funnily enough I am angry that none of the people I know are free of all these issues, and that they think they all high and mighty but they still have prejudices. I know I may have mine and I will try my best to find them and grow as a person.

Lastly I am angry because my wifi is not ok, I will not be defeated by technology.

I'lll probably like get a brain aneurism from anger.