My shironuri outfit at Närcon!
My inspiration was powderpuffs and perfume, I wanted to look like how a good perfume smell like.

Outfit rundown:
Wig: Cyperous 
Accessories: Angelic pretty, Swankiss,Strawberry skies handmade & offbrand 
Kimono jacket and neckpin: Made by Minori
Dress & socks: Innocent world
Petal overskirt: Handmade by me
Shoes: Syrup 

anonymous asked:

my crush has this rly cute black hair and these beautiful blue eyes and the personality of a literal angel and he's just s'cute and he's the nicest person ever and i just love him so much and my crush is amazingphil

You didn’t need to say that for me to guess who it was. Popped up in my head the first thing


These aren’t v good but they’re kinda cute and it’s late at night so why not lmao

Anyway I bought this super cute Angel plushie today! She was on sale and one of my favorite characters as a child. But mostly, I was having a panic attack and since I was in public it was hard for me to cope, and she was really soft so I was able to stim by petting her and playing with her ears and that helped a lot!! xx

(he/him pronouns !)