I definitely hope you can, too! I can’t believe I missed you at Anime Expo!
Thank you so much ;///; I’m nervous about pulling her off, a character with pigtails makes me self-conscious because those wigs are hard to use, and she’s yet another loli character…




anonymous asked:

What's so good about BanzaiPro and those other people?

Well my dear anon, I would love to share all about these amazing people that I’ve met and love with all my heart! ^ ^

They are amazing cosplayers that I admire and that are filled with fun! They are friendly, loving, caring, funny, and beautiful people that make me smile, even if they are barely a beginner at cosplaying or that they are slowly working on their cosplays. Their work over the years have grown and become something meaningful to them and which makes me feel that I can work hard like them and shoot for what I hold dear to my heart. I would like to take a moment to appreciate some of these people right now (Brace yourselves this is a long list LOL) : BanzaiPro (OztheNekoMaster, Cheshire-K, ValdaValsha, SuperWeaselPrincess), Joiweigand (AKA: Joi! xD), KikiKabuki ( Nikki~ ; w; ), AngelWithDragons ( Chelle! X3 ), R-Lowen, FoxofAshes ( Ashe! ^ o ^ ),  Nanaintheclouds, BubblesofRinia, Dreamercomplex ( Bailey! xD ), TalesofSaku, GhostlyFla ( Flavia BD ), Shelloronie ( Michelle ; v; ), Hurrdeedurr ( Ben and yes appreciate it Ben, APPRECIATE IT! XD Because you deserve it! ), roamin-the-streeeeets ( Ever! o 3o ), its-electric-lady ( Kara~ :3 ), AmaraSama ( Amara X3 ), Dennasaur-Rawr ( Denn ^ ^ ), and Aicosu ( Sheila and Sylar! o: ). 

I have such a hard time with explaining my feelings, but I would just like to say to you anon that these people are just awesome in so many ways and that if you stop by to say hello to them that they’ll welcome you right in with open arms! ^ ^ 

angelwithdragons said: …. I hate you! that day should totally awesome and fun. You are so lucky. and Brinni look at her face, I want that photo. Lucky you lucky you. *cries in a corner *

DUDE IT WAS. Didn’t I tell you that I met Brinni before back at the Cherry Blossom gathering? xD

When I did closet!Gareki uvu Brinni is amazing! She was so excited to see me again and calling me adorable as;jkdfwav.