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What is one word you find repulsive? - by the way, can you rate my alt blog? grey-desolate-skies(.)tumblr(.)com


URL: not my type|good|amazing|flawless|ASDFGHJKL

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Icon: not my type|good|amazing|flawless|ASDFGHJKL

Posts: not my type|good|amazing|flawless|ASDFGHJKL

Overall: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|

Following: no sorry|yes|I am now

*~I don’t generally follow new black and white blogs. They are the most common for people to give up on or delete or change blog themes and it annoys me. That is all~*

Questions for a blog rate :)

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Hey! So I know this isn't really an ask, but there is this really cool band called Wellington and they already have a single on iTunes called One More Time! I'm not asking you to buy it or promote them, but if you could maybe check them out on their tumblr wellingtonband(.)tumblr(.)com that'd be pretty awesome! Thanks! Or follow them on twitter @Wellingtweets


So like I did a cover of Guiding Light by Foy Vance.

If you would like/dislike it and comment, I’d really appreciate it.

I’m paranoid and kinda wanna take it down already lol

You are my guiding light forreal.