1000 Follower + 19th Birthday Special!!!

Finally! Three months of drawing has brought us this! I’m so sorry if updates have been really slow; I was working on this the whole time, haha.

It’s been a long road, guys. We’ve lost some good followers, but we’ve also met new ones. I had some ups and downs, but after 2.5 years this blog is still going.

Thank you guys for your support! I will never have gone this far without you!

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Thank you for having been patient with me. From now on I can regularly do the updates on Dr. Radical’s life~ Until then~

Just showing a little love, where much love and respect for their awesome writing is due. If you are not already following them.. then you should be. <3 <3

Tumblr Crushes:

UPDATE: Nate deactivated recently and he will be greatly missed. <3


    THANK YOU PEEPZ SOOO MUCH!! I decided to do some little faces ( I now have reached 290 followers 030) here is the follower pic ♪( ´θ`)ノ

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    THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!!!!! I am almost to 300 followers! BUT thank you guys for still supporting meh!:3~ love you all peepz (≧∇≦)you are ALL the best!!!



    Two of these ponies are friends I know irl

    Ponies featuring!-


    And special follower

    Thank you all so much for following me!
    It’s been a year and a half since I started this blog and I was even thinking about giving up, then I got my first couple requests and I continued on!

    I hope to be drawing more arts and digital arts!
    And even animation next year!

    I’ve been planning big stuff soon so you’ll get to see some cool adventures with my oc and my best friends oc as well!

    I always love doing things for people so I’ll gladly draw for you!
    Thank you so much for my dream..and that dream is making people laugh, loved, cared, and at peace..if you’re going though some hard times you can message and we can talk about and I’ll try to help put the best way I can
    Because it makes me happy to see you guys happy!

    I’m honored to draw these characters with such personality and colorful imagination!
    I hope to draw more with you guys in the future!
    I apologize if I didn’t make the characters right or not well drawn but I’ve been working this as a priority this whole week so maybe about 7 hours was put on sketching and planing into this. It might not be the best but it’s the thought, and love I put into this.

    I love you guys😍

    More art will be coming soon!
    Art packs, vectors, comics! And much more!

    Reblog and tell your followers to check me out! Maybe we’ll get something neat started!

    I’m always willing to do art for you guys so let me know what you want me to draw!

    Until zen my beautiful followers,