The Angels Fell

Angels fell that night, trailing divine light like shooting stars, so bright and hot that they shed their wings as they fell, becoming members of the Fallen. And the human race, who looked to the heavens in awe and confusion, watched as their heavenly hosts were cast down to the earth, doomed to the crawl of time below their once proud home. The angels cried for their Father louder than they ever had before as they plummeted down from the sky, feeling their grace drain from their beings, and the humans below cried as well, though they did not understand the magnitude of the falling stars. They cried for some unknown reason - some terror and hopelessness that descended upon them without warning or explanation, because deep in their hearts they knew that this was the beginning of the end, and end that they could finally see happening before them. But there was no answer from Heaven, no voice would save them yet. The angels fell. The humans wept. But across the sky, all you could see gently falling stars.


And through the phenomena that would leave the earth speechless, the silence spanning over Heaven, Hell, and Earth was strong enough to ask the question:

                           Whatever we do, will we always end up…here?

*Okay. I’m done expressing my feelings about the finale through writing now. That ending was just freaking beautiful.