angels will rise


I’ve never actually listened to Ladies Code, but today would have been Rise’s ( one of the members ) 25th birthday. Rise along with her bandmate EunB died due to a fatal car accident . On September 3, 2014 ( the day the accident happened ) EunB was announced dead on arrival, whereas Rise was taken to a hospital under critical condition, she ended up dying 4 days later on September 7th, 2014.

Like I said I’ve never listened to ladies code, but the fact that people are hating on her and calling her terrible things just because yoongis mixtape dropped is so unnecessary… She is not taking attention away from his music, he’s doing just fine and its is disgusting what people are saying about her. Both girls were incredibly talented but this poor angels were victims of a tragic accident because their manager ( who was sentenced about a year and 2 months along with community service hours and driving classes ) decided to speed in conditions where the road was wet and slippery.

#ForeverRise because we lost an angel who will never know what life was like past 23. She deserved so much more than she ever got to experience, And although it’s Rise’s birthday today, RIP to EunB as well because she didn’t get to live past 21. When they died they had just finished promoting for one of their songs, it’s heartbreaking and I pray that their families are doing well… RIP EunB & Rise, you will never be forgotten ♡

I’m fucking mad right now, armys like you just ruined everything. Can’t you just fucking celebrate yoongi’s mixtape and rise’s birthday without being salty like that?
I’m really sorry.. no i’m not even sorry, someone’s death is just so much more important than a mixtape, she’s fucking death at a young age, did you realize that?   
y’all still wonder why people hate us, armys? That’s why everyone fucking hate our fandom. YOU CALL YOURSELF ARMY? THAT’S NONO DARLING. i hope you choke and burn in hell you scum. 

Happy Birthday Rise and Rest in peace. 


so while @thebloggerbloggerfun was in the UK, she brought along with her the Hufflepuff!Dean crochet doll made for her by @rise-fallen-angel - and I, of course, have my Gryffindor!Cas. and we decided to take them on a couple of our adventures!!

first, we took them to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, where they had fun hanging out at their House tables etc., and then we took them to Cloudesley Street in Angel, London, where Cas lives in A Priori. (the street was very quiet and seemed a perfect place for little Cas to grow up. there were lots of friendly bees on a buddleia near the end of the road for him to watch.)

((click on the photos for captions!!))