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That was the best and most entertaining YouTube video I've seen for a while, especially from them. Not only was it morbidly funny, it was also oddly haunting and thrilling at the end? A bit like horror, but also lonely and sad. I like the boys the best when they act in these personas for some reason

it wasn’t personas, that was just their true humor for once

Thanatos Night Story & Character Bios


Swooping down to the sleepless skyscrapers, a feast (gig) by the disoriented fallen angels takes place.

The ones you face now are fallen angels who’ve swept down to the skyscrapers.

“In a town where an Angel swept down to,” you (who has moved in) unexpectedly meets this “Angel” by chance.

Your curiosity about death leads to them gaining interest in encountering you. And thus, it’s decided that you’ll listen to their song… …

The feast (gig) of the disoriented fallen angels―――

Izaya (CV: Hatano Wataru) [One-Winged Fallen Angel]

“If you want to die, go ahead. But if you do, will you obey the orders I give you?”

Height: 177cm

Weight: 55kg

What He Likes: Melon

What He Hates: Cookies made by Liam

CD Release Date: November 23rd, 2016

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i hate posts on here that say yall hate men but in the same filthy breath yall praise trans men as “gorgeous little angels uwu” like fuck off its obvious you dont consider trans men as real men

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(Kurt n ram) *attacks jd for no reason other than suspecting he was gay, bully martha relentlessly, grind on duke when she told them no, beat up freshmen -I.e. 14 year olds- ,genuinly attempted rape on three different women in just One scene, spread slut shaming rumors about the girl they tried to rape, even as ghosts they fetishize lesbians "lady prison, girl on girl" (y'all) my precious gay angel babies uwu internalized homophobia uwu they didn't deserve to die xd (also I'm lgbt so Whoops)


I actually didn’t want to put up more Alice stuff until we know more about her but eh

I like the idea of her being that naive “I believe in you uwu you are good at heart uwu” angel sent from above to “fix” Bendy. But I also like her beating the everliving crap out of him when he refuses to be fixed all while keeping the ^u^ smile on. HMMMMMMMMM

Me: Stop calling the members innocent uwu angels, especially the rap line, because they’re definitely not and they’re gonna do some type of something in the future and y’all’re gonna be shocked.

Y’all: [continue to believe they’re all uwu sweet buns]

Vernon: [acts a fool]



So I’ve been thinking a lot about all the Thomas Sanders hate, and trying to pin down actual explanations for my vague feelings… I think I finally figured out what to say. Why TS isn’t the real person getting hurt here.

Now I want to start this off by saying… I honestly don’t care that much about Thomas Sanders. I mean, I like him enough as far as celebrities go, but I’ve never really cared about celebrities in general. I like Thomas Sanders to the extent that one might like a particular cashier at Target better than others. So I’m in no way trying to white knight for him here, and if it was just about TS, frankly I wouldn’t care much.

I was always very surprised by how universally loved on Tumblr he was. I spent a long time thinking “Man, I like Thomas Sanders enough, but it’s not good to act like celebrities are perfect people. That’s dangerous. It’s annoying when people say he’s a ‘literally flawless perfect angel uwu’ or whatever.” But somehow I only ever saw praise for him. People loved his vines, people loved him for being sweet and trying to be inclusive and mindful of his actions. I never saw criticism of TS, ever.

Fast forward to a few days ago. Recently, someone sent TS a rude ask condoning him for accepting ace and aro people as part of the LGBT+ community. (And no, he’s not straight. He’s made that very clear many times.) In response, he posted a detailed, well thought out response about why aspec people are LGBT+, and why it’s important to support and welcome them.

All of a sudden, it became trendy to hate Thomas Sanders. People started posting all sorts of things mocking him, usually with little basis other than “he’s annoying and cringey” or “he acts too young for his age”- He’s 28. What, are people supposed to suddenly become technologically incompetent office dads the minute they turn 25, or what?

There is no doubt in my mind that the sudden Thomas Sanders hate is a smear campaign started by aphobes. In fact, I’ve noticed some of the people I follow who I know to be exclusionists suddenly hopping on the TS hate bandwagon, when I know they used to be his fans. It’s not a coincidence.

You might be thinking, “Ok, well maybe I’m not an aphobe, but I do have some legitimate criticism of Thomas Sanders.” And like I said, it’s good to be critical of celebrities. But the thing is, the timing and the way people are hating on him is dangerous.

Thomas Sanders is a positive role model. He is one of few online celebrities who tries to be mindful of his actions and his influence on people, and is open to criticism of himself. He tries to be inclusive and provide diverse representation in his videos. Is he perfect? No. But he’s a hell of a lot better of a person for young kids to look up to than some people. More importantly, he is one of very few people who has been outspoken about supporting aro and ace people, which is extremely important.

By contributing to this anti-TS campaign, you are removing this positive role model- deliberately removing a positive role model who supports aro and ace people. He’ll become nothing but a joke, and anything he says will be deemed bad. Instead of kids going, “Oh, Thomas Sanders, I know him! He’s cool! He supports aro and ace people, so I will too!” they’re going to go “Lol, Thomas Sanders, he’s so annoying. Who even likes that guy? Of course I don’t support aro and ace people.”

That’s really dangerous. Every time I see one of my mutuals posting Thomas Sanders hate, I feel afraid- not because I like TS, but because I am aromantic.