angels uwu

Confession: some of these newer leafy fan blogs make me cringe to the fucking core

honestly i’m kinda sick of nonbinary people only being presented as “tiny fawn boys” “forest pixies” etc etc. i’m nonbinary and i’m angry. i’m not delicate. i’m not complicit. i’m a burning house. i’m so fucking angry at our erasure. at people telling us we don’t exist. at our governments denying us basic human rights. and you can compare me to a “cute lil space kid” all you like, but the truth still stands: i’m not. because at this point, it’s becoming dehumanising. it’s all we’re seen as. but i’m nonbinary and i’m outraged. i’m violent. i’m bad. i’m literally a bad human being. i’m not your “literal ray of sunshine nb kid” no matter how many times you try to tell me i am. and i’m going to scream myself hoarse at my government until they treat me like a human. i am not a fairy or a nymph or whatever other condescending comparison you come up with. i’m so fucking done with us being seen as incapable of being bad, like any other human. i’m just fucking done

anonymous asked:

I find it really fucking annoying that the one particular anti kyluxer is fucking acephobic and has been called out on it on several occasions and yet.... their little friends still like them? Wtf I am sorry but if you are acephobic and believe demi is not a real sexuality you have no right trying to police other people on what they do. And the rest of their friends are hypocritical as fuck for interacting with them. I am so disgusted.

*returns to the discourse 3 days late with starbucks* 

Yeah I was having a look at that one particular person’s blog and I was baffled that they’re somehow part of the squad who are so ridiculously oversensitive to anything mildly offensive. They are very blatantly venomously acephobic. But then again apparently the squad all rallied around d*hanci when they made a homophobic joke, so it doesn’t surprise me that much. It’s one rule for them, and another for everybody else. They alone get to decide what makes someone trash or what makes them a pure angel uwu. 

Their entire blog seems to be dedicated to reblogging crappy discourse that shits on asexuals, or screenshotting lighthearted kylux fandom posts and blowing things out of proportion for attention and validation from their toxic little pals. Vile. 

From an ask I got, about Hanzo/Genji/Soldier 76 reacting to their s/o, who sings like an angel uwu


This would be like therapy for him. His s/o’s voice would wash over him in lukewarm waves of tranquility. A tingling sensation spreading throughout his body.
He likes to listen to them while laying down (it helps him relax more). He’d view them like a deity for their healing reverberations.


His whirring would subside to a low hum. His s/o’s voice definitely helps him meditate. Actually has favourite songs to meditate to, which he requests from his s/o frequently. Would actually want to cuddle his s/o, while they sing. (He likes to feel the vibrations of their voice).

Soldier 76

Jack is not the most artistic of people. He’d have a hard time expressing himself. He’s not as sensitive previous two, but the sound of his s/o’s voice would definitely calm him down. It relieves his headaches and actually helps him heal faster. Would call his s/o an angel for it.

  • Me: I really like Bellamy Blake-
  • Some of y'all: omg yes he's so perfect and the most selfless character of the bunch, my angelic pure bby uwu! bellamy did nothing wrong!
  • Me: yikes uhm-
  • some of y'all: wait u like bellamy blake? but he's an evil murderer, the devil himself, and if u like him ur automatically defending all this actions therefor are a horrible person.
  • Me: yikes uhm-