angels they're so cute


Chan, Joshua, Jeonghan & S.Coups (OP said she accidently cut him out~) at an Amusement Park in LA


(I’d like to also mention how respectful OP is, she refused to give their exact location so they could have fun, and didn’t swarm them. She also asked the manager to tell them to have a good time in LA on behalf of fans!)


Sense8 around the world.
My sister from India @desaitina learning Spanish.
Mi hermana @desaitina aprendiendo español.

My half of an art trade with @gemfriends! I love all of your gemsonas so picking one was super difficult. In the end I chose a mix of two!

I got kinda carried away, and drew Angel at the beach. I wasn’t sure if they ate or not, so if  they don’t, just pretend they bought an icelolly for the #aesthetic


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I watched wonder woman (no major spoilers) and how cool would it be if we saw angels how we saw the amazones tjeir angelic warrior training and all

Hi! I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, thanks for not spoiling it for me!

I think the main reason we haven’t seen a lot about angels beyond four people in white rooms has to do with financial stuff - apparently Supernatural can’t afford CGI, extras and stuff like that - but to me, it’s also a question of scope - the showrunners after Kripke have had their merits, but they never came close to the grandeur he’d imagined for this other world. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly - I’ve complained about this before, but I guess it’s such a personal opinion I’m, like, the only one who misses the - uhm - mythological and religious substance of the early seasons? There was a sense of the sacred back then which has since evaporated, and that’s why I’m not exactly sure I want to know more about angels from them, because what are they going to do? Show me white men in suits practicing kung fu?

(That, of course, is the unsolvable narrative conundrum of any screen media - how to show the unshowable. To me, it’s okay that angels should have a human form when talking to us - even if, statistically, those with the most profound faith tend to be old women of colour, I think, so it makes no sense that most angels would take over those young WASPs as a matter of course - but seeing them as humans up in Heaven - look, I understand the technical difficulties of portraying something like that in any other way, but it’s still irksome to think these are creatures that - mostly - consider humans as inferior and limited, and yet seem to organize their kingdom as an unfinished version of our offices, prisons and meeting rooms.)

That said, again - it’s very difficult to imagine truly alien creatures, and it’s even harder to portray them on screen as part of an ongoing narrative. I know I liked Dogma’s God and the solution Arrival came up with, but what looks convincing to me is not necessarily what will work for other people - we all conceive of otherness and the divine in very different ways. What sometimes irks me about Supernatural, though, is that it mostly feels they’re not even trying. Demons, angels, various monsters, even gods - they’re all just shades of people.

I’m currently reading Peter Godfrey-Smith’s Other Minds, and he somehow reformulates something Xenophanes said about men and gods - that if horses and lions had hands they would draw horse-shaped and lion-shaped gods: “In approaching questions about animal minds, it is easy to be influenced too much by our own case. When we imagine the lives and experiences of simpler animals, we often wind-up visualizing scaled-down versions of ourselves”. I think this is a trap scientists, but also writers and believers, should do their best not to fall into.