angels meme


I think of my techno savior (more than once) and the reason I’ve learned to really appreciate COD, angelic bathmats and Arkady Kolcheck/life.

Aww! Someone once told me that by spreading love for all of these I was doing good work. And that someone was me, just now, in my head.  Thank you for confirming that. The Angelic Bathmat is also appreciative. It insisted on telling you itself.


I was tagged by that-was-pretty-fuckin-ninja to do the home/lock screen meme. I literally changed my wallies three days ago, so I briefly re-instated my old ones for the purposes of capping them. 

The top two are what I had since pretty much right after the Hawks won the Cup until three days ago. ( I’m still so emotional about Kimmo goshhhhh~)

The bottom two are what I have now. Probably my home screen wallpaper will change a bunch in the next few months, but I suspect I’ll have that Angels logo on my lock screen until whenever their season ends. (Crossing my fingers so hard for a postseason, y’all.)

tagging: holycowomgitsjenn machtaholic tattooedsiren wedevourtherude vermytime idk how many I’m supposed to tag I’ll stop there XD