angels mayday parade

just a dumb playlist for a dumb boy

private fears in public places // front porch step, little bird // ed sheeran, hold onto me // mayday parade, the last thing we’ll ever do // saywecanfly, to see you alive // flatsound, jim bogart // the front bottoms, lullaby // front porch step, i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys, angels // the xx, dandelion necklace // saywecanfly

{{listen here}}

Now we all fall for the bad ones
They’ll just break us cause we’re so young, dumb and vulnerable
Young and vulnerable

Here’s a toast to the lucky ones
To the girl that just broke my heart
I can’t breathe after all that you’ve told me
You took my heart and made me melt again

(You ripped apart these pages)
I can’t breathe
(Our book was overrated)
After all that you’ve told me
(This brings up all these questions, tell me what just happened)
You took my heart and made me melt again
(I’ll say)

—  Angels - Mayday Parade