angels bts


(inspired by death note & black butler || previous ver.)

in which as an angel of death, jungkook has the ability to know when a human will die by looking at the numbers floating around their head. but kim taehyung’s numbers, the human whose soul he is supposed to take, miraculously changes every now and then. 

“can your numbers stop changing?! you are so damn annoying!”

“what numbers— can you stop changing your eye color then?! it’s freaking me out!”

“but i need it to check your numbers— oh alright i’m killing you in 20 minutes.”

“what the fuck? excuse me? killing me?”

“wait it changed again to 9 days?! when am i supposed to take your soul and go back to heaven now!”

“that’s the thing, jungkook! you’re supposed to be in heaven now not here—”



“…i don’t remember telling you my name, kim taehyung.”

“i— i. forget that. just pretend you didn’t hear anything. now leave me alone!”

(no, taehyung. he is not jungkook; at least not the same one as your very own soulmate. this one is just a crazy dude who talks nonsense about killing you and happens to have jungkook’s face, jungkook’s voice, jungkook’s built, jungkook’s bunny teeth, jungkok’s frown— but he is not jungkook.)

“do you know something that i don’t, kim taehyung?”

“no. now leave.”