angels are my favourite

I like to imagine Neil giggles a lot when he gets tipsy. Imagine: Andrew and Neil sitting on the roof, sharing a bottle of whiskey, Andrew’s bitching about Kevin and Exy and Neil is just lying with his head on his lap, staring up at his stupid face and losing his shit. Andrew alternates between glaring at him and shutting him up with a kiss. 

Some of my favourite slang terms from 18th century England (not counting any of the terms outlined on the ‘Talk dirty like a Georgian Gentleman’ post I made):

• Cambridge Fortune: A beautiful woman with many talents but no money/fortune.

• Captain Queernab: A badly dressed man.

• Cupid’s Kettledrums: Boobs

• The Apple Dumpling Shop: Also boobs

• Buck of the First Head: The most debauched gentleman in the group

• A blood: A young man with no morals (so called because 'hot-blooded’)

• Dancing the Sherrif’s Jig: To be hanged

• My Snappers/My Bulldogs: Your duelling pistols

• A Glimjack: A boy you could pay to walk you home at night with a lit torch

• Spoil Pudding: A parson who preaches long sermons (so called because he would keep his congregation in church whilst their puddings spoiled)

• The Duke of Limbs: A tall person.

• Whirligigs: Testicles

• Jingle Brains: An idiot

• A matrimonial peace maker/matrimonial diplomat: A penis (you can work this out yourself)

• To anoint with the oil of gladness: To punch in the face

• Mundungus: Bad quality tobacco

And my favourite:

• Fubsey Angel: A beautiful plump woman.


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