angels aquatic


The First Sphere, the Second Sphere, and the Third Sphere.

The First Sphere is an infinite cosmos, stars and nebulas line the halls, doors to glorious rooms are nebulas guarded by the cherubim, and the gargantuan rings make paths that the hypernova ophanim spin down wherever they please. The seraphim, serpents flaming with starlight, with black hole faces concealed by nebula wings and bodies composed of constellations, sing praises to God here, spinning and dancing for eternity. Bonus:

Aziraphale, in his True Form. Armor is a contained, eternal solar flare, with a sun at his core. I like imagining that he used to guard a burning star that a high ranking Seraph prized. He and the Ophanim that was assigned to him (since cherubim and ophanim are paired) never got along.

The Second Sphere houses angels that seem mysteriously absent from the bizarre geometric maze of mirrors. This isn’t the case; since the Second Sphere is responsible for the management of physical law and miracles on Earth, every angel is spread out as thinly as possible, their consciousness refracted in every surface; from the tiniest spinning electrons to notifying Gabriel that 40 policeman have gone to sleep, the Second Spheres need to know what’s happening, and make sure that everything is going in working order. If someone goes into the Second Sphere and sees no angels, be warned: all of them see you.

The Third Sphere is an ocean; the cradle of life, as it were. The holy water, the Flood water, when it comes to Earthen affairs, it will always come back to the water, where life first came. The angels of the Third Sphere are under the jurisdiction of the Archangels. The principalities, the archangels, and the angels are all mostly aquatic in nature, their appearance ranging from the beautiful comb jelly to a strange yet graceful basket star, to a many eyed kronosaurus. If fossils were jokes that scientists haven’t picked up on, these are what’s being referenced. The result of the first “organic” life. As well as angels, there are things resembling thermal vents, which burn with holiness, and third spheres cluster around them to share company in between giving humans divine visions. Thankfully (or not), most of these third sphere angels are well equipped for human interaction! Like angler fish, these angels have a bioluminescent attachment that doesn’t look unlike the Sea Butterfly, hanging on the end of an appendage. Its mouth moves, and it delivers messages to humans through a softly glowing image of what appears to be a winged humanoid. Nothing to fear!

(Sometimes, when a human’s sight is too keen, they see… something else. Behind that beautiful vision.)


Bright Night Angel

Stella Maxwell

Oh this is giving me 2011 Angels Aquatic vibes in a major way, and I mean that as a positive. VS has really been embracing the bedazzled bodysuit in recent years and sometimes it works better than others. This one really works.

I especially love how the wings come to a point in on her chest as well as in back, it makes them part of the look rather than an accessory. I wish the shoes could have been better integrated, but it’s fine as is.


Deep Sea Guardian|Celestial Messenger
Every sea traveller knows the perils of open waters, from the feral winds to raging waves to vile creatures in waiting. For those who test their luck and lose there are the oceanic celestial spirits, dubbed “aquatic angels.” These Lawful Good beings exist to calm the fears of dying innocents and to lead the lifeless lost in Material Plane oceans to the shores of Lunia, the eternally shimmering oceans of the Outer Plane heavens. As blessed guides to an underworld, even a pleasant one, celestial mer-spirits are no strangers to the darker sides of existence, having to be judges for who is worth carrying. Most mortals have, and never will, lay eyes on one as they are only to be noticed when needed.

This aasimon in particular patrols waters of among common travel routes of black market cargo ships to bless unforunate castaways.


(SN: Mermaids/aquatic beings are my favourites from since I was a child; all my ocs were “mers”-somethings and even my first aliens were amphibious. Granted, I can’t swim and I’m terrified of the idea of being in open water. heh.)

anonymous asked:

karlie should thank taylor for making her famous she was a nobody and taylor wanted to help her as friend so that is why she is known now #kaylor are just friends!

Oh, honey.

First off, you don’t come on to my blog and insult my Sunshine Queen Karlie Elizabeth Kloss like that. Since you brought this on yourself, I’m serving you up a hot, heaping plate of reality right now. 

Things that Karlie Elizabeth Kloss, my Sunshine Queen, Kaptain of the Kaylor ship and all around Kool Kid/Kookie Monster, etc. has done before meeting Taylor Swift:

she was already walking the runways of New York/LA/Milan/Paris Fashion Weeks since she was 14/15 in addition to so many campaigns she’s done for brand names like Christian Dior, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, DVF, Tom Ford, Versace, Donna Karan, Gucci, Alexander Wang, among so many others. (you know what, click on this link it’ll take you to her portfolio so you can see for yourself, x

she’s been on 33 (and counting) covers of Vogue magazine, a feat that obviously wouldn’t be possible if she wasn’t well-known. This isn’t just Vogue US -I’m talking international covers here (for other magazines as well like Glamour, Vanity Fair, etc.). And that’s more covers than years she’s been alive on this earth.

she’s opened and closed for so many runway shows, which are coveted spots in the modelling world, for the institutions I’ve stated above and more. Like these designers and people literally pick which models they want to join, especially if the said model is the one opening and closing their show -it becomes a personal invitation.

she did her stint in TV-land for Gossip Girl (Season 4 Episode 1, as herself) and MTV’s House of Style with Joan Smalls plus numerous commercials for VS, L’Oreal and others. It’s all on youtube, go crazy watching all the videos.

she has a friggin haircut named after her!!! Google the ‘Karlie Cut’ And this was just in 2012, before the VS Fashion Show. I mean really, there aren’t many people in this world that get haircuts named after themselves, and it’s not just any ordinary person who has this happened to them. 

she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel and did so many commercials/ads for them. Literally, Taylor came along towards the end of the VS career. Her angel status started in 2011 with that ‘Aquatic Angels’ segment that she closed for. 

her Karlie’s Kookies have been a thing since 2012. It’s in collaboration with Christina Tosi for Momofuku Milk Bar and the proceeds of which go to FEED Projects which launched at a DKNY Fashion’s Night Out thing. 

TL;DR…FUCK YOU FOR SAYING KARLIE WAS A NOBODY BEFORE TAYLOR. She was already a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, Taylor merely expanded her reach into other fields and fan base even further. You don’t come on to my damn blog and invalidate all her past achievements just because you didn’t know her before she met Taylor.