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As requested!

✨A N G E L Self Care ✨

Feeling in touch with the divine and angels can help you find energy and creativity once more!

🌸 wear white or pale clothing and feel clean and fresh

🌸 play atmospheric music in your space at all times to create an atmosphere of meditation

🌸 pray and believe that you are watched over

🌸 wear gold jewelry, adorn yourself

🌸 have a set of bells you tinkle to lift your spirits

🌸 leave your face makeup free and fresh

🌸 go barefoot or wear silky socks

🌸 do good things for others- be a blessing

🌸 take time to listen to the birds outside

🌸 gaze or divinate by the clouds

🌸 write inspirational and caring messages to yourself and post the around the house

🌸 forgive those who have wronged you

🌸 put clean white sheets on your bed and take naps to recharge

🌸 bask in the sunshine, relish it on your skin

🌸 always extend a helping hand- through serving others you become more fulfilled

🌸 write notes of thanks to your loved ones and friends

🌸 only speak words of beauty and love

🌸 light candles around your workspace

🌸 collect feathers and put them in a pretty box

🌸 do all things with love and wisdom


styrtwt  asked:

Hi! I was watching the first episode for the second time (because I love suffering) and I kinda had the feeling that the angels weren't there to kill the boys. That they had a lot of occasions to mojo knock out or obi-wan and then kill. Do you think it's just for the plot, angels not strong enough or it could be something else? Cheers ~

Aaah I thought I answered this this morning when I was watching the ep again and then remembered that I hadn’t just now when I went to my inbox for something else… Haaa I am a tired disaster, sorry about the post-day-of-travel-with-fatigue blogging.

My thought process was “oh right the angels are only incapacitating Sam in the fight like that anon I answered earlier” so I guess that is the answer… 

The angels came back really strong and dangerous this season because they’re finally an enemy against the Winchesters again. It’s actually fairly uncommon for the human dudes to fight the angels - Cas mostly handles it himself, or they banish them. I think Dean has more angel kills than Sam but by and large the plot has kept the angels away from them, because no matter how de-powered they get, they are still meant to be a million times more than a match for Sam and Dean. Angels seem to be pretty weak in the battles we see them in, usually against forces much stronger than the average angel lackey, but I think we just haven’t seen them punching Sam or Dean for a while.

I think Miriam had her own agenda and personality, while the other 2 were much more just representing Heaven generically - the guy who hated Cas and the other with the weird business casual trousers/shoes with no socks (I am still baffled tbh) who thought he deserved better. Miriam was scouting them out to see what they knew about Jack but she had a deep personal grudge against Dean - I’d actually think she might be a Cas stan who resents that Dean has taken Cas away and caused so much damage in Heaven, but not the sort of Cas stan who’s super protective of him, just pissed at what Dean’s done and all the chaos that’s spiralled from it… the same accusation Hester made in 7x21.

Miriam would have killed Dean because she was pissed off, and she stabbed Jack so “no one could have him” rather than because it was her mission. Before that the other 2 angels subdued Sam and made Jack so woozy and sick with the angel radio they were just carrying him out, so I think they really just didn’t *care* about the Winchesters being there, confident they were strong enough to overwhelm them and get the job done, but without any orders to kill Sam or Dean on sight. The angel who was kicking Sam could have easily killed him, because they were obviously shown to be stronger than the guys, and Dean only overwhelmed Miriam by being good at fighting, not really because he was stronger than her, and after she said her bit she headbutted him and got free, because she was stronger than him - and she probably only didn’t kill him there because she wanted to get to Jack and deal with that because it probably was a priority…

*squints sleepily at this reply* I hope that’s everything, because I hallucinated answering this which means there may be more answer in the dreamscape :P