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Creating Cool Villains - Angels & Celestials

The time has come once more to take a look at some more famous icons in the lands and many worlds and planes of the D&D universe…

And this time, we’re going to travel to the higher planes of the cosmos..

Because this time we’re showing you how you could create some great angelic villains…

And angels can be more than just goody-two-shoes all the time, angels can rise and fall from grace…

So this post is filled with ideas on creating awesome angelic villains for your campaigns!

So without further interruption, here are a few tips and examples of using celestials and angels in your campaign.

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Cas can pick up on ‘longing’, right? So what if he ends up showing up all the time because he thinks you need him, but every time you’re just confused because you hadn’t prayed to him, and he’s confused because he still doesn’t really have a good grasp on human emotion. And maybe it takes this happening a billion times before Gabriel is around one day and - very openly - points out the fact that it’s probably just because you’re in love with him.

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When an angel dies, it doesn’t go like a demon. The demon struggles, the demon hacks and chokes as the holiness burns it from the inside out. It goes out of the world the same way it came in, sobbing its pain and flailing all the way. An angel fades. A demon is poisoned, a demon tries to cough flames and brimstone from its lungs, as it burns from the inside out. An angel is starved, an angel’s mind and body slows to a stop as the holiness in its body fades, the star in its core burns out, an angel’s limbs and soul goes numb from the privation, and goes softly, quietly, pathetically. Who thought it would end at the peak of the mountain at the end of the universe, buried by the falling ice, not even knowing that this icy rest will be your last.

Anyways, remember this headcanon? The GO tag is mmmmmmtoo happy. On the bright side, it might not be Aziraphale. Could be someone else. Maybe it’s just another cherub who fell and died. 

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prompt: you meet an angel in a laundromat

the angel sits on top
of one of the washers, kicking
their not-feet in time
to the laundromat muzak,
humming along with
their guttural half-here
half-off in a distant
otherworld voice.

you’ve been watching
the angel for some time,
as they put their bloodied
robes & ragged sandals
on a spin cycle for delicates,
as they poured in soap
& counted out quarters,
but it’s only as you fold
your now dry duvet
that you realize their wings
are covered in a thousand
red eyes. you look at what
should be their face
& find the swirling
of the stars instead.

‘good morning,’ you say
as you pass them on your way
out. the angel grabs your arm.
their touch burns like ice
& makes you ache. ‘your son,’
the angel whispers, ‘tells me
that he is so so proud
of how you got sober. i placed
one hundred forty four
red roses in a vase
by your door. i will be back
next sunday should you need
to talk to someone.’