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Gentlemen Vixx → N Version 

N brags about it to me sometimes. He told me, “Our members are gentlemen.”” — Kim Shin Young 


As you can see here ladies and gentlemen, an angel from the heavens above just earned her wings. History was being made.

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mandytrekkie  asked:

Okay, how 'bout this; James Angel and Lawrence "The Troll" Sakamoto being interviewed by a cute reporter girl in the locker room after a match and things get... steamy.

A/N - Oh Mandy. How well you know me. This is another prompt that came from the wonderful goldmine that is my conversations with my dear friend Mandy, as soon as this idea was tossed around, I knew I had to write it for her. I’m a sucker for Sports AU, Readers-as-Reporters, and the handsome men of Funhaus, so this was a slam dunk for me! I hope you enjoy this, Mandy darling!

Pairing - James Angel x Lawrence Sakamoto x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, ridiculous wrestler personas, reporters who have just gotta get that story, no matter what!

Word Count - 4, 615

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Daughter of an Archangel

Word Count: 2,564


Warnings: Mentions of torture, being kidnapped, I think that’s it?

Request: Hi! :) Can you write a fic in which TFW finds the reader, who doesn’t know she’s a Nephilim, and a daughter of one of the Archangels (she was an orphan) And the angels want to get to her, because with her mixed grace and soul she can be a powerful vessel, but if they can’t have her, they want to kill her. They capture and torture her to get her to consent, but TFW rescue her. Oh and she is completely amazed by Cas, but she doesn’t tell him cause she thinks she’s not good enough for him.

A/N: This one was definitely different for me considering I haven’t written a Cas-centric fic before. But I loved it all the same and enjoyed writing it! Thanks for the request ;)

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Top Favorite Film Costumes (pre-1980) part 1 of 3 
asked by severusalways

The entrance dresses in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)
Cleopatra (1963) arrives in Rome
Put the Blame on Mame in Gilda (1946)
Cinderella (1950) transforms into a Princess
Scarlet’s scarlet gown in Gone with the Wind (1939)
Gypsy (1962) does her first strip-tease
Dolly is glad to be back home where she belongs, Hello Dolly! (1969)
The spider-web dress in I’m No Angel (1933)