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A “true” magic circle is the growing of ears to hear the stars and voices to speak the language of the dead. It is building nerve endings that let you caress the spines of demons. It is opening eyes that can see angels dancing between subatomic particles. It is having a portable research lab and having a postal address in this world and the next. Divination, enchantment, malefica, prayer. These all blur into /the right action/ in the /opportune moment/.


Today’s card is from Doreen Virtue’s Mary, Queen of Angels deck and is the “Prayer” card. This card comes as a reminder that worry is never helpful. State your issue as a prayer or declaration to the Universe and then let go, assuming that everything will be taken care of for you. Selenite will complement and enhance the energy of this card. Please feel free to use the code HCTUMBLR10 for 10% off your order.
<3 Stephanie T.

are you a boy? are you a literal angel sent to live on earth? then this net is perfect for you!

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looking for:
-cute angelic boys
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-someone 14-18 yrs. old

what you’ll get:
-new friends!
-cool group chat
-fun activities like group movie sessions, cah games, etc.
-new followers
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more info:
-members will be chosen on august 26th and posted around that time!
-will choose around 15-20 members
-track the tag #angelboysnetwork for updates
-if you have any questions, just send me an ask!

Relatives we all have, as told by the angels of Supernatural:

1.  The gay cousin:

In a conservative family, this is the last person you want to be, but someone had to do it, so he stepped up to the plate.  At best, he’s the one who gets the “We still love you, we just don’t approve of your lifestyle” talk from older relatives, the homophobic jokes from younger relatives, and has probably been banned from family gatherings at least once.  Is bullied in one way or another by literally his entire family, yet paradoxically probably the only decent person there.

2.  The family disappointment: 

If there’s anyone who gives the gay cousin a run for his money, this guy’s it.  He was probably at some point his parents favorite golden child, probably their first born.  The bar was as high as their expectations of him, and he missed both by a solid mile.  Is now the black sheep who shows up drunk to Christmas dinner.

3.  The overachiever: 

When the family disappointment fell from grace, someone had to rise to the occasion, and boy, did he ever:  Ivy-league college?  Check.  Sports scholarship?  Check.  High-paying job before he even graduates?  Check, check, check.  He’s the pride and joy of older relatives and the standard by which younger relatives are compared.  But beware:  all that pressure can easily go to your head, and sooner or later, he might fall just like the family disappointment did.

4.  The “funny one:”

This guy’s the Chandler Bing of his own family:  he tells jokes to diffuse tense situations, to convey messages, and to cope, probably to the point where it gets a little annoying to everyone around him.  At the end of the day, though, he just wants a little bit of peace and quiet and a happy family, though he rarely gets either.

5.  The cool uncle:

He’s the one that let you stay up late and eat junkfood when you stayed at his house, probably your favorite adult relative.  Generally gave zero fucks, and is probably looked down on by everyone else, for his promiscuity, drunkenness, or both.

6.  The creepy uncle:

Yes, he’s probably a cool enough guy, but you definitely wouldn’t get in a van with him.  The guy just gives off some weird vibes, has at least at some point been up to no good, and isn’t above using younger relatives as pawns in his schemes. 

7.  The vodka aunt:

Nothing is above her:  she’s weird, she’s inappropriate, she WILL get drunk and start sexually harassing your boyfriend.  Her skills include holding grudges, ruining self-esteems, and making Thanksgiving dinners super awkward, but everyone’s too scared of her to tell her off. 

8.  The overwhelmed single dad:

He’s supposed to be all-powerful and wise, but something tells you he has no idea what he’s doing.  He’s known for playing favorites, over-extreme punishments, and avoiding his problems, but you can see that he’s doing his best – after all, since he invented parenting, he’s literally making it up as he goes along.