Tonight’s Angel Radio comes from the Archangel Gabriel who sends you the energy of his totem … The Owl …

“I am the Archangel of the Moon and as such the Owl - a bird long associated with the night and the Moon - is my totem and symbol. The Owl throughout time has been associated with wisdom, through the Goddess Athena and with witchcraft, considered in the Middle Ages to be a familiar spirit to witches and one of the many forms they could transform into. To me the Owl represents both the wisdom of the heart - the wisdom of the soul - and the power of intuitive knowing and clairvoyant seeing. Tonight I send you this Owl as my gift, a totem of power and wisdom and love, of splendour and miracle and magic to illuminate your darkness - whatever that might be - with radiance. I ask you to focus on its image, to allow your vision to blur and to draw upon its strength and power and then to close your eyes and listen with your heart. Guidance will come, amplified through its power, through my grace, guidance from within that will help you on your way. Remember then, the next time that you see an Owl, that it’s power is aligned to mine and that the Owl you see may be my Owl totem, leading you, guiding you gently back to me.”

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Long time no sleep

Request- Deans reaction to y/n studying

Words- 553


It was easily three in the morning. It was a seven hour study session you had started for a test you had dropped on you during one of your classes. You had been intensely reading your book chapter by chapter. reviewing notes and tests you had taken until you had absorbed all of it.

“What are you doing?” A voice asked shocking you out of the thought process you had circling in your head. You sighed catching Dean with a piece of pie in his hand. He stuck out his head waiting for an answer.

“Craming for a test” You said quickly  

“Have you slept?” he asked

“No…” You yawned “But I have to finish this”

Dean pulled out a chair and sat in it. His feet pulled up on the table, taking slow bites of the pie. You looked up at him frowning with each bite he made. It seemed to set you on edge. You groaned your head hitting the text book in front of you.

He started humming something that came off as lullaby, and surprisingly it was making you tired. You shook it off reading the new page you had turned to intently. Dean continued to hum, and your eyes continued to close.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked leaning forwards his hands on the table. “Why won’t you just fall asleep?”

“I’m glad your concerned, Dean-” You cut yourself off with a yawn “But I have to study”

“You’ve been studying. You didn’t eat diner, and you’ve been reviewing for this since 4:30, that’s… almost twelve hours. Y/n, so help me if I have to I will carry you to your room and pin you down until you get some rest”

“Dean-” You started  

“I don’t want to hear it” He said his hand reaching over and shutting the book in front of you, no matter how much you protested. “There your done”

“But-” you said  

“Bed” He said “Or do I have to carry you?”

“I guess you’ll have to carry me out” You crossed your arms sitting back in the chair. Dean raised his eyebrows, and the next thing you knew you were over his shoulder heading towards Dean’s room. This staying in the bunker was a temporary arrangement. You voluntarily slept on a worn out couch while each guy got to keep their room “Dean! Dean! Let me go!”

“Ah-ah Y/N.” He said “Don’t want to wake up Sammy, do you?”

You stopped fighting and let Dean lay you down on your bed. Pulling the covers around you, you smiled at him actually thankful he did this the moment you hit the bed “Don’t get used to my tucking you in, I’m not your father”

“I wont” you said “But sometimes you seem like it”

“Good night, Y/N” Dean said flipping the light to your bed room.

“Dean…” You called out to him, his head turning towards you  "Thanks for caring. I appreciate it"

“Anytime kid” you heard him say, the rest of his words blurring by the sleep you had been holding off for hours. Yawning you found a comfortable position and fell asleep on Dean’s bed.


“Crowley-” Your voice broke over the phone

“Y/N?” He asked concerned “Whats wrong?”

“The-” You took a deep breath choking back a sob “Demon’s took me, Crowley. I don’t know where I am and they are going to find me”

“Don’t panic, Y/N” Crowley said “I’ll take care of it”

Suddenly the door to shed you were hiding in slammed open. Two demons shuffled in grabbing your arms causing your to drop the phone. You could Crowley yelling your name as they pulled you out. You kicked and screamed trying to get out of their grip but nothing worked.

“What are you going to do with me?” You yelled

“Torture” one said as if the answer was simple. Your heart beat quickened tears pricking your eyes. Fighting harder, you managed to see a wall with shackles and a table filled with blades and other weapons.

“Crowley will kill you!” You yelled

The other demon laughed “With him as soft as he is? Please, he won’t have the balls”

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“Cas” Dean said you looked at the both of them as Castiel shot daggers at Dean, and he is unable to keep contact with him “Maybe we should talk”

“Dean” He said “I respect you more than you can imagine but if you believe I will let you have my sister-”

“It is not your decision, Castiel” You said gripping Dean’s arm, it was not a custom you were used to but it still seemed to make a point in Castiel’s eyes.

“I can not consent to this, Y/N” He said 

“Perhaps, you will be persuaded over time?” You ask but when Castiel did not answer “Or you and I will never speak again, Castiel”


“Sam?” You shook him, “Baby, wake up”

“Huh?” He clung onto you like a tether, searching your face for something- anything, you didn’t know what but you know he wouldn’t find it. “Y/n?”

“Nightmares again?” You asked your hand running up his cheek. He threw the blankets off of himself and got up “Where are you going?”

“Somewhere so I can’t hurt you” He said “I can’t lose you, Y/n”

“You’re going to lose me if you don’t come over and talk to me, Sam Winchester” You said sternly.

“I’m sorry” He said leaving the room.


Request- Can you do a one shot where y/n is known for being cute and just to prove that she can be more than cute (and can be hot) she dresses up in a different look than what they expect and the boys are speechless or something like that please!)

Words-1603 maybe I went a bit over board on this XD


You walked in the library slowly, peeking across the door to see if Sam and Dean was anywhere to catch you returning the book you had taken out the night before for reading. You walked all the way in, pulling the book from your pastel sweater. You made your way to the book shelf you had taken it from, it was a restricted section and it made you seem even more scared to get caught.

“Looking for something?” Dean’s voice boomed, in the quiet library. You squeaked dropping the book on the ground and knocking down a few after it. You sighed holding your chest, groaning as you heard Dean’s chuckles from behind you “You know, that squeak of yours is so damn cute”

“It’s not cute” You said angry. Putting the books you knocked over back on the shelf.

“It is” Dean smiled his hands grabbing your waist “Just like you”

“Are you kidding me?” You asked “To everyone here. I’m cute. Sam said it yesterday, and I’m pretty sure Cas said it yesterday, but sometimes I need a dictionary for his words…”

Dean sighed kissing your forehead “It isn’t a problem Y/N” he turned you around “Being cute isn’t a problem”

“Not when I want to be hot” You murmured looking at your feet

Dean cocked his head “Where is this coming from?” he backed up looking you over “Now that I look at you hot doesn’t even begin to describe you-”

“Shut it, Dean” You said pushing away his arms and heading out of the library, ignoring Dean’s stutters as he tried to take back what he said. You rolled your eyes pulling out your phone and calling the first person who you thought would be able to help you. Holding the phone to your ear you turned the corner to your room, sitting on your bed and crossing your legs.

“Heeello?” You heard the voice aske

“Charlie” You said you heard you exclaim your name and ask how you had been. You two hadn’t talked in weeks “I was wondering if you could do me a favor?”

“Depends on the favor. I’m not Wonderwoman”

“Do you maybe want to give me a make over?”

You might as well have been standing in front of her. You could picture yourself standing infront of her as she silently laughed, and then became confused  "Sweetie you know that isn’t really what I do"

“I know. But you know what goes best with me- and I have no clue”

“Sure. I’ll be over in an hour” She said “I’m close to the bunker anyways…By the way Y/N what look do you want?”

“I wanna be a knockout”


You slipped on your jacket, meeting Charlie in her car a bright smile on her face and saying “Hey, bitch!”

“Hey yourself” you said sliding in the passenger side.  

“What do you want to do first?” Charlie asked “Shopping is always fun. I just want this to be a one time thing. I want to show them that I’m not always going to be cute”

Charlie turned towards you “Woah, who?”

“Sam, Dean, and Cas” You said “They just always seem to expect me to be this cute thing. That’s all they see me as”

“Well, I’ll have you so hot by the time your done. No one will be able to touch you”


It was almost all day you spent out with Charlie, you bought- well more Charlie paid for a dress that was so short your parent’s would never agree to you getting with out pants to go with it. Being black is brought out your natural curves which you never really realized you had had. Along with the dress came fish net tights and black leather boots that you believed could be used as a weapon with the heel on the end. You had your makeup done in the best way that you knew how: a cat eye you learned to do via internet tutorials, and some red lipstick you believed matched your skin tone the best . Your hair was curled and pulled to the side (something you once again did).

You went to charlies hotel room and got changed. As you walked out, you immediately regreted your decision “I realized I don’t like heels”

“Y/N” Charlie gasped “If you weren’t straight. You and I-”

You cut her off “Thanks Charlie” you turned and looked at yourself in the mirror to the bathroom. You didn’t recognize yourself. You wished you could have said you looked like a princess but that would be gowns not wearing a skin tight dress that could pass easily as a skirt. You looked exactly how you wanted to prove yourself to to Dean. Hot and did you take the cake.

“Ready to make some mouths drop?” Charlie asked

You nodded heading to the car with a bright smile on your face.


Charlie and you sat in front of the bunker. Silence falling over the car. Charlie groaned “Go!”

“I don’t think I can” You said biting your lip, your finger entwining in the fish nets.

“Don’t be silly! You can do this!” Charlie said  

“It’s not that. I’m afraid my heels will sink in the dirt”

Charlie laughed getting out of the car, and walking around to let you out. Grabbing your arms she walked you in steadying yourself so you could walk across the dirt and not fall flat on the ground. She opened the door and you could hear Dean and Sam murmuring something to each other. You turned corners until you heard Castiel’s voice peep in and you froze. Rather you did this for Dean, or all three you didn’t know. But it suddenly made you petrified.

“Y/N is that you?” You heard Dean asked  

“Yeah- and Charlie” You added

“Is that where you’ve been all day?” He asked  

Charlie spoke up as she eased you down the hallway “We went clothes shopping. Wait until you see what she got”

Charlie let go of your arms. It seemed like they were a security blanket to you, you stopped and took a deep breath. You smiled brightly putting on a face you thought was seductive. You surprisingly walked well in the heels, placing your hand on your hip. You walked in and the talking you had once heard was cut mid-sentence. Dean’s mouth dropped looking you over, awe filled his face- he was speechless. The first time it had ever happened and it made you giggle. Same laughed at Dean’s reaction obviously not glancing at you, but when he did everything stopped you could see the wheels in his brain turning trying to actually figure out it was you. The best reaction to you was Castiel’s. His eyes over and over again went over you, confusion racking his face, yet you could see something spark in his eyes like the angel actually had something you believed to be normal male behaviorism grow.

“Hi boys” You smiled waving walking over to Dean and shutting his jaw “Anything I can help you with?”

Dean cleared his throat and frowned looking at you now as if he was angry? Charlie leaned against the wall and said with a huge smile “Doesn’t Y/N look great?”

“We need to talk” Dean said hooking his arm around yours and pulling you into the closest room. Looking you over one more time he sighed holding the bridge of his nose “What is this?”

“Me” You bit your lip “I didn’t want to be cute anymore”

Dean looked at you confused “So you went out and rented a hookers clothes?”

“No…” You said “We didn’t rent these. We bought them”

“Y/N” Dean’s voice urged. You knew he didn’t want jokes, he was trying to be serious and even though he understood jokes were your natural defense system when you were nervous, he was not accepting it now. “What made you want to be a walking talking boner gun?”

“So you would know I’m not cute, Dean”

“You are cute” Dean exclaimed crossing his arms “Not like a kid. Your cute because you don’t try to be attractive. You are you and that is hot. It comes out as cute because if Cas said you were hot I would check for a fever, and if Sam did he would need dental work.”

“Oh…” You said

“I call you cute because you’ve said you hated being called hot. You said it wasn’t anything you appreciated to hear”

You looked up at Dean. Confused that because, as far as you knew he wasn’t listening to a thing he said. But he hung on to every word you said. “I’m glad you proved something. Y/N” Dean said  

“Me too” You said “But I reached my goal right?”

“What’s that?” He asked

“I had all of you speechless right?” You laughed

“I don’t think, Sam will speak for a week” Dean said

You kissed Dean’s cheek looking happily at the lipstick stain you left on his cheek. “That’s all I need to know”