Jason: Nico! The floor is lava!

Nico: *rolls eyes*

Jason: Nico! The floor is Percy saying that he’s everyone’s type!

Nico: *jump in Will’s back*

Percy excUSE ME


Now it’s a bit absurd to see a bird on this dash but Rocky is quite the wild charmer and boyfriend of Angelo’s pet Mirabelle.

This cockatiel was created over a funny scenario about birds on discord and the thought of Mirabelle having a fertile egg from a handsome cockatiel was perfect. It wasn’t long after Angelo meets the avian and welcomes him into the family despite Rocky screeching at him. 

Angelo and Mirabelle belong to @tamarinfrog / @cafe-cardamari

Bonus fact: This bird mysteriously knows how to sing LOZ item obtained theme

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You should write fluffy Solangelo taking a bubble bath together

this is gonna be the shortest thing ever i am sorry

Will was exhausted. He was on his feet all day, and when he got home he had to clean because their friends were coming over the next day. Nico had a late day at work so when he walked in the door Will was over to him immediately, pulling him into a hug. “How was your day?” He asked quietly, face pressed against Nico’s neck.

“Long. What about yours?” Nico asked, his arms wrapping around Will easily. 

“The same.” Will answered as Nico moved to stroke a hand through his hair. They were both quiet for a while before Nico spoke, “How about a bath?” He suggested. “I’ll run it, make it nice. Then we can both relax.”

Will gave a small smile and nodded a bit, “That sounds nice..”

Nico let go of him and smiled a little more, “Perfect, go get us a drink while I fix it up.” He kissed Will’s cheek before he headed off into the bathroom, running the water.

By the time Will got there, Nico had turned the lights down a bit and was already in the warm bath. It was filled with bubbles, the whole room smelling nice. Will chuckled softly, “You couldn’t wait huh?”

Nico grinned a bit, “It was just so inviting.” Will set down the two glasses of wine before he undressed and slowly got into the bath. It took a moment for the two to get settled together, Will pressed into Nico’s side, before they could relax. Will let his muscles relax from the long day as he smiled over at his boyfriend. He leaned in and kissed his lips gently, “I love you.”

Nico’s grin softened into a small smile and he spoke, “I love you too.”

Stories of mine I really like

So not that long ago I realized that I’ve written over 100 short stories and little things on here, idk how it is for most writers but I always have a few that I still think about, the ones I really like, that spoke to me, so in no order here are the stories of mine I hope you read (and also why)

Jason and Wonder Boy.  I don’t get to write cute Robin!Jason very often so that was fun, but also it has my original Character Nicky, the transgender teenage Wonder Boy.

Billy calls Batman “Dad” first off it’s just cute but secondly I don’t get to write Batdad very much and this is the Batdad i think I’m most proud of

Thad pertends to be Bart in some Bluepulse I like the tragic idea of Thad realizing what love and human affection is by seeing how people treat Bart, and also I never write Bluepulse and that turned out well

Billy Batson as Harley Quinn’s sidekick  for whatever reason I think Billy dressed like Harley from the movie is really funny and it’s a cute idea, with Damian awkward crushing on a boy in too much make up and short shorts

Jon and Damian switch bodies I find the idea very funny and it’s a favorite of a friend of mine 

Jason get’s struck by lighting,  I’ve always had a problem with the Red Hood, and I liked the Wizard Shazam talking to Jason, and showing how even gun and murder Jason is a good person on a bad path.

Jason rips his pants like I said I like Robin!Jason, and I’m really pleased with the original character in it and the idea of a in world Robin fandom is adorable and fun

 Nico and Will out for ice Cream, I don’t get to write a lot of Camp Half Blood stuff and this just turned out really adorable and I like the ice cream making character I made up he’s fun

Cyrus has an allergic reaction, I did literally two Andi Mack themed stories, like them both but this one is my favorite because the imagine for poor Cyrus having to pull down his pants in front of everyone is so funny, and feels very much like an episode 

Jason sees an old friend from before he died, are we seeing that I like Jason being sweet? also I like it it’s weirdly hunting and upsetting but nice

Batman family holiday I really enjoyed getting to write a big extended future Batfamily with all the Batkids married with kids and stuff 

Catmom, I like the idea of Catwoman as Gotham’s main hero and raising all the batkids as kittens 

An original Camp Half-Blood Story, I don’t get to do non-DC stuff much and I love both the original characters I made, it’s very fun

Percy Jackson/DC crossovers, I love each one of these, I love Tim as a demigod, I love Billy Batson just hanging at camp I love everything, also Toby is an original character I’ve had in my head a very long time 

Damian and Colin at prom, it’s adorable early work i really like it, the cuteness of them dancing 

Damian tries to adopt Billy, it was a time I got to show a lot of emotion and depth to Billy which I rarely get to do 

BlueJay, part of the only multi-part work I’ve done on here, but my favorite part 

Tired Tim and Ghost Jason, there needs to be more Ghost Jason end of story

Tim Missing Bart I love doing TimBart stories, and this Bart missing in time story is sad and emotional and great

Tim the jacket thief I really enjoyed writing Kon’s day to day life and for whatever reason I always feel like Tim deals with a lot of bullying and bullshit in school 

Tim unmasks for Kon I don’t know I just really like this one, I just feel like they’re very in love and it’s an emotional choice that shows how big a deal this is for him

TimBart in the Library this AU turned out really well, and I think I kept both characters true to themselves while putting them outside their normal world

the Story of Jason and Dick’s first kiss really sad and also really sweet and the only DickJason thing I’ve ever done but I like how it turned out

Faster Friend  I think it’s the best I’ve ever written Bart and I still adorable my original character Miles who is and always will be a rock star

Day of the Oracle, because it was really long and no one ever fucking read it. 

Yuzuru Hanyu NHK15 EX Esp Ita commentary

Video here (x), as always, all credit goes to ElenaC :)

M: And now the moment we all anticipated, Hanyu Yuzuru!

A: Speaking about excellence…

M: The absolute protagonist of this week in sports, let’s overindulge in what happened.

A: Yes, he did something incredible…with two programs without any mistakes and of incredible complexity.

[after the EX]

Well deserved applause. It’s indeed difficult to give you an idea of what he has done this weekend. 

M: Yes, for those who are watching, it’s actually quite difficult to realise it, but it’s an historic moment. I compared it to the day men landed on the moon…and for what he has done and how he has done it, for the technical difficulty, the comparison perfectly fits. And in both programs, let’s not forget this, he didn’t do it only in the free.

A: Yes on both programs, he destroyed the world record in the short program and in the free…he annihilated it. He raised the world record by, what, 27 points? From the initial 295 points…it’s something incredible.

M: Yes, an improvement of 27 points on the world record…

A: He improved it by almost 10%, it’s something beyond measure. He didn’t break it by 1 point or 0.5 point, there’s an improvement of almost 10% of the total score, more or less. An incredible leap.

M: And he says he’s not remotely done yet, because he wants to keep growing.

A: It’s difficult to imagine how, but he definitely has the possibility to grow even more.

M: And among those who had understood everything from the start, there’s Plushenko, who had foreseen this would happen. This is the last part of the free program.

A: This was the second to last spin, right before the choreo sequence. Here, in particular this ina bauer has great quality.

M: And he obviously receives another standing ovation. The Japanese crowd clearly understood right away that Hanyu had achieved an amazing feat.

A: Well people in the crowd were seen on the screen several times and it’s impossible to count how many were even truly in tears, because his performance really touched us all and gave everybody goosebumps. Those who were lucky enough to watch this live, in the rink, and to be witness of this historic, even legendary performance realised it and were really moved by it.

Angelo Vincent Leon Phantomhive
(Child of Ciel and Elizabeth - Black Butler)

@eleanorchipettelover told me about the sibling of Rachel, who belongs to @songbirdsechochamber - so I attempted to draw him! I realise I missed his ears by putting too much hair, I’m terrible with curls! I tried my best though, so I hope he’s okay! 

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Solangelo 74?

74. Boarding School AU

I am so glad you asked this one because boarding school AUs are my fav!

  • Nico had been attending boarding school ever since their mother and older sister died. His father had always been distant because of his job and he just didn’t have time for children. His stepmother didn’t particularly want to know him. It was a good school though and he got to go home during the holidays, if he could call his fathers mansion a home. 
  • Will never wanted to go to boarding school, he hated it. His mother had said it would do him good, help him get into medical school. He didn’t see why he had to board, he guessed it was because his dad had sent his mum enough money to allow her to send him away, get him out of her hair. He wasn’t gonna lie and say he was the perfect child, he had caused enough trouble and worry for his mum with his ADHD impulses and his need to always and constantly be outside in the sun - and yes that meant at 6am too, but he didn’t think he’d been that bad. Maybe she just needed a break, whatever. Maybe it was her new boyfriend that didn’t like him, not many of her boyfriends ever liked Will. He was wild, she’d tell them as he ran past screaming. It wasn’t his fault he was an energetic kid. She said maybe boarding school could put that energy to rest, use it in better ways like on a track team or something. Will wasn’t convinced. He didn’t want to be stuck in some old building with a curfew and set meal times and other horrible kids. 
  • When he got there it was just as bad as he had built it up to be. He was twelve and nearly at the bottom of the pecking order. The youngest kids were ten and the oldest were nearly eighteen. Staring into the busy dining hall at lunchtime on his first day Will wanted to cry. He wanted his mum and his dog and his TV and his games and his swing set that sat in the middle of the back garden. He didn’t want any of this all boys boarding school crap. At least he got his own room.
  • When school finished on the first day the guy that had been showing him round all day, the head boy, took him to his room. It was down a long brightly lit corridor that was harsh on the eyes and inside was a single bed, a desk and a chest of drawers. Simplistic. Will was in room 108. He sat down on his bed defeatedly. His cases were already there. He didn’t want this. 
  • He realised he’d forgotten to close his door when someone knocked on it and peered his head round the door. It was a kid about his age, black hair, dark circles under his eyes. ‘Hi.’ He said. ‘I’m across the hall, Nico di Angelo.’ He said. 
  • Will nodded. ‘Will Solace.’ He said. 
  • ‘Nice to meet you Will.’ Nico replied, and he smiled. He was the first person that had taken time out to introduce themselves to Will apart from the people that had been told to show him around. Damn, some of them hadn’t even introduced themselves properly, they’d just gotten on with the chore.  ‘You probably haven’t made any friends yet so you can sit with me for dinner if you like.’ Nico said expectantly. ‘I don’t usually do this but, you look sad.’ He continued. 
  • ‘I don’t really want to be here.’ Will said with a half hearted smile.
  • ‘Neither do I.’ Nico said sadly. 
  • So when it was time for dinner Will found Nico and sat with him and for every meal after that. 
  • Turned out that Will loved mythomagic, a card game that Nico loved, he wasn’t very good at it but Nico was willing to teach him, and that they both had dogs and missed them a whole lot. 
  • They became best friends in no time and were always hanging out in each others rooms. 
  • Being on the ground floor, Will liked to sneak out to be outside and got better at it as he got older. Nico got into this habit too after being friends with Will for so long, and Nico was really really good at not getting caught. 
  • One night when they were sixteen years old and just realising that they might want a little more than friendship with each other they snuck out onto the field and laid there on a picnic blanket watching the stars. Then they got caught. They heard footprints and a voice ‘some troublesome kids not honouring curfew I see.’ it said. They got up and ran for their lives and when they were sure they’d got away and were hidden behind an old bike shed, out of breath, they kissed and kissed and kissed and didn’t want the night to ever end.

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