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OHBOY ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT COMIC PEOPLE?! Here is  “A Brush Fixed With Love”. It focuses on Logan and Tanrine and is heavily inspired by this little comic I made long time ago. So yeah, expect cute times.

We, however, start with a little flashback to First Match and see a bit of the battle from Logan’s perceptive first. 

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In which Nico tries to tell Will that 'It isn't what it looks like'


Will prided himself on being a very calm and level-headed person. He didn’t believe in nonconstructive anger. When Will’s wonderful boyfriend, Nico, freaked out, Will was a calm and steadying anchor to help guide him. Will, being the prodigy doctor that he was, always practiced what he preached and took a step back from the situation and took a deep breath before assessing what the problem was and the best way to solve it without creating a scene. Will Solace didn’t believe in nonconstructive anger, but that didn’t mean he didn’t get angry.


“This isn’t what it looks like.” Nico set his glass down on the table, the man giving Will an uncomfortable look before excusing himself. Will tried to take a step back, he really did, but he was absolutely seething and found nothing but a brick wall behind him when he tried to reason out the situation.

“Really?” Will heard himself from a distance, his mind on autopilot and his reason taking a back seat to the raging emotions that forced their way to the surface. Mostly anger, jealousy, hurt. Nico, of all people, Will never thought he’d-

“Don’t sound so incredulous, Will, yes, really.” Nico frowned and put his hands on his hips.

“Then who was that, Nico?” Will gestured to the door where the man had walked out of, Nico’s eyes never leaving Will’s. In all honesty, Will didn’t understand where the sudden flair of anger had come from. Perhaps the long week at work had taken a larger toll on Will then he had originally thought.

“That was Paolo, and why are you so jealous?” Nico’s face looked like he wanted to hit Will for the silly little scene he was causing, and Will thought that maybe it would do him some good. Will had no reason not to trust Nico. In all the six years they’d been together, Nico had never once done anything to make Will suspicious, least of all cheat.

Cheating. Ah, that was what Will had feared. Will had been working well over fifty hours for the past two weeks and had barely seen Nico. By time Will was coming home, Nico was leaving for his night shift, and save for a kiss on the cheek and a quick “bye, love you”, this was probably the longest conversation Will had had with Nico all week.

And they were yelling at each other.

“He came over because he’s new at work and he’s new to America. He doesn’t speak much English, and since I’m an English major I’ve been helping him. Or is that not a good enough answer for you?”

Will felt himself deflate at the bite in Nico’s words.

“I’m sorry”, he sighed through his lips, “it’s been a long week and I’m really tired. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I have no reason to suspect that you’re hiding anything.” Nico was still frowning, but his stance softened.

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t be working fifty hours a week. That’s too much.” Nico opened his arms and Will stepped into them, but he couldn’t help but imagine Paolo doing the same.

It’s been a crazy week

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idk if you've talked about this before, and i'm sorry for asking again if you have, but how do you imagine solangelo's first kiss? (who initiated it, how the other reacted, whether they were officially together before it happened, etc. etc.)

 Well, if you want my thoughts about how they did it in canon, I think Nico started it. Will is a very good and patient person, and I think he would not force anything, giving that Nico is a person who was very confused about his sexuality. I think Will liked him a lot before they have talked in “Blood of Olympus,” I think Will was looking at him from afar. So when he finally had the chance to talk to Nico, Will became what he needed at the time, a best friend.
At some point, I think Jason convinced Nico to put it out that Will was not only a “best friend”, as Jason was himself. Jason made Nico put in words that he likes Will more than a friend, and must have convinced him to tell it to Will.
So Nico invites Will to walk among the trees, so no one would see them and would be easier. Nico would be all nervous and red, his face fixed in a grimace, rubbing his hands covered by a large coat (he had chosen to try to hide in there).
Then they stop and Will already know what Nico is saying, but he gives Nico his space, because he knows that it is important for the boy. Nico stutters three times like “I … You and I … I like …” But Nico is very nervous, and knows he would not be able to put it into words. Then he pulls Will’s face close to the blond hair and sticks him a kiss, fast and strong. So then they separate and Will is awestruck, and Nico is red as a pepper.

 I did it a little different in my fanfic cause I like things a little different, but I think it is a nice scenario!

Fire Meet Gasoline pt 7

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Disclaimer: This story contains cheating. Solangelo cheats with each other not on each other. Please do not read if angst or cheating triggers you. Keep in mind I have a plot and I am not a horrible person, this is all fiction and entertainment. Thank you.

Ch. 7-

“I know that it can be hard to be with me,” Paolo said softly, stroking his hand. “I know that it frustrates you that I’m still so scared to even hold your hand in public. But you’ve stuck by my side. And I love you so much it’s insane.” Will gulped and kept his eyes on the empty plate in front of him. “And I promise you that one day, I will introduce you to my family. And I will hold your hand at the store. And I’ll tell everyone how lucky I am to have you.”

“Paolo,” Will whispered, not trusting his voice to be much louder. He wanted to stop him. To shut him up and tell him he was not at all a good person, that he wasn’t lucky to have him, that he didn’t have him anymore. But he couldn’t speak.

“I know, baby,” he said, completely not knowing. Not knowing that just the week before he’d been in Nico’s arms kissing every possible part of his body  and feeling things he never had with Paolo. Not knowing that all week, Will met with Nico for lunch and laid with him on the grass or in one of their cars in a place Paolo didn’t even know existed.

He knew nothing.

“Will, I….” He stood from his chair and came around to Will. He refused to meet his eyes. “Nothing would ever make me stop loving you. And these last few weeks, I know we’ve argued a bit. But that’s okay. It made me realize that… I still want to be with you no matter what. Even if we don’t agree and even if you’re stubborn and if I’m stubborn, and… no matter what. I don’t care. I love you too much.” His calloused hand reached up to turn his face toward him. Will realized his eyes had filled with tears. And he wouldn’t blink. He was terrified.

“Will Solace,” Paolo murmured, reaching into his pocket. “I love you more than I could ever love anyone. And because of you, I want to build the courage to come out to my family. And I want to ask you-”

Shut up, shut up, shut up, Will begged. Stop talking, get up, stop, don’t do this. His heart was pounding. His food threatened to reappear.

In his finger was a shining, thin silver band. “-if you would like to spend the rest of your life me and allow me to introduce you to my family as… my fiancé?”

Will made a choking sound. He looked so vulnerable. So open. And Will hated himself, and he hated Paolo for making him hate himself. His hands were shaking. “I….” He stood up and ran a hand through his hair. “I need a moment,” he said, grabbing his keys and leaving the house.


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Okay, can I just say I fucking love Rick Riordan.

At first I may have been a little wary of Sam. I didn’t understand why she often took off her scarf or places her scarf on at different times because people I know don’t choose to take it off or on whenever they feel like it. I don’t wear a scarf. I chose that. People wear scarves/hijabs and they chose that. But then I understood - it’s kind of a gateway. It reminds her who she actually is.

Even though she knows the gods exists, she chooses still to believe in her religion, she still has faith. Rick Riordan has shown how religion can heavily impact someone, even if they are surrounded by people who don’t believe in religion! She keeps her scarf around her even if she doesn’t wear it all the time. It’s not about seeing to believe, even when here she has proof! It’s about faith and she has it. It doesn’t make her less of a Muslim.

“But they are no more than creations of Allah, the only god, just like you and I are.“ - Sam

This is why I love Rick Riordan. He is representing me. And many others. Just recently, I was wondering if we as Muslims believed in evolution. I was brought up to say no. No I don’t believe in it. But I gradually started to believe in it because science taught us in school and I FELT GUILTY. But I did some digging, and I don’t feel guilty anymore because I can say that it’s because Allah intended that to happen. Because he created us. He made this happen. This is what I believe. I just recently went through this before Hammer of Thor came out. This is what Sam believes and she is surrounded by Norse demigods!

Thank you Rick Riordan for taking a step forward and representing us.