it's the simple God things that i love

could be just me, but i really enjoyed teaching both youth groups last night (high school, middle school + below). not because i’m a good leader but because of how God is able to work in and through simple-minded, weak, sinful, wicked, but FORGIVEN and LOVED people like me, no matter how badly i mess up. and it’s all because of His grace and mercy towards us. but what i REALLY love most is when God takes the simplest/insignificant things, and basically put His name on it.

after our lesson on servant evangelism, we took some time to share prayer requests and concerns. at first, i was actually thinking of skipping it because it was already a couple minutes after 9 and i noticed someone (i’m assuming a parent) sticking their head into the sanctuary several times to check if we were done. but i’m glad we still took the time to share because this is what stuck out:

like me, i’m not sure if he was thinking of skipping sharing his concerns but i’m glad he didn’t. and just in case this is needed, the following name was used by permission. well, it was actually more like i told him i was gonna use him rather than asking if i could, but whatever.

when we got to angelo mariano, the first thing he said before he shared his prayer concern was “this is actually kind of insignificant but…” and then he talked about not being able to find his car keys since Tuesday. INSIGNIFICANT. insignificant? really? in God’s eyes??? NO. WAY. sure to others it may not seem a big deal. it may even seem like something to laugh about regarding how careless angelo (or we, in similar situations) can be…because we did laugh. but clearly, with the fact that angelo decided to share it as a concern to bring before God and the entire group to pray about it, clearly it was important to him. sure he had a spare key, but like he shared, he needed to find THOSE car keys. so we prayed. we prayed for him and someone else who lost her key that God would help them be able to retrace their steps where they may have lost it. 

and as i prayed for those kids, i thanked God for the simple ways He chooses to love each one of them. and one thing i specifically mentioned was about God knowing our deepest needs and concerns. that, regardless of whether the youth shared theirs or not, God knew them. i told God, “if You care about us enough to even know something as INSIGNIFICANT as knowing how many hairs each of us in this room has on our head, then of course You care enough about us to know and meet our deepest needs and desires…”

so we prayed that and much more. and today i was reminded that again, it’s the simple God things that i really love. because angelo found his keys. behind his dresser. when i asked him what he was doing behind his dresser (assuming he retraced his steps there :P) he said, “Well, it was more like. I’ve checked all the obvious places; what are some dumb things that could have happened? So the first thing I thought was, "It probably fell off of something.” And Whaddayano?“

so like he said: Praise the Lord! not just for helping angelo find his keys, but for showing us that though it’s the simple things about God that we love, to God, there are no insignificant prayer concerns. the things that matter to us, matters so much more to Him. because He loves us THAT much. and it’s the simple God things like this is how He chooses to remind us of that. no matter how big. or how small. or insignificant. so again, praise the Lord for sure!

and angelo, thanks for sharing this with me. that God answered your and our prayers from last night. even in the simple answers to prayer that God gives and the praises we give Him back for it, we gain the victory over Satan. never stop giving glory to God for all things, good or bad. because He has a purpose for it all.