Our cats not only match our personalities, but they match the characters of their respective men here.

Kitty is regal, the largest, and the tops Carla and Wayne in bed, as Iroh would Bolin and Tahno.

Carla is beefy, cute, and bottoms to Kitty and Wayne, as Bolin would to Tahno and Iroh.

Wayne is handsome, horny, and is a flipper in bed, as Tahno would be.

So my best friend decides to do some midnight cosplay pictures 

of her female titan progress to post on facebook

and i’m just so fucking jazzed by how awesome she is

So I decide I’d better do some midnight cosplay too

For the sole purpose of leaving a death threat photo comment on her facebook post yep

BEST FRIENDS Y'ALL. We’re so lame cool <3