Our cats not only match our personalities, but they match the characters of their respective men here.

Kitty is regal, the largest, and the tops Carla and Wayne in bed, as Iroh would Bolin and Tahno.

Carla is beefy, cute, and bottoms to Kitty and Wayne, as Bolin would to Tahno and Iroh.

Wayne is handsome, horny, and is a flipper in bed, as Tahno would be.

So my best friend decides to do some midnight cosplay pictures 

of her female titan progress to post on facebook

and i’m just so fucking jazzed by how awesome she is

So I decide I’d better do some midnight cosplay too

For the sole purpose of leaving a death threat photo comment on her facebook post yep

BEST FRIENDS Y'ALL. We’re so lame cool <3

An Ode To Titans (Hanji's Love Song: Sonny and Bean)
Victoria Handy (Angelofmusic11)
An Ode To Titans (Hanji's Love Song: Sonny and Bean)

So my best friend Vikki has embraced her inner Hanji Zoe and wrote/sang this fantastic song. If you love Attack on Titan, you’ll love this song. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about it being awkward because she’s an amazing singer to boot!


Verse 1: It’s safe to say I’m crazy and perhaps a tad obsessed, over these titans, but in what I do I am the best… and I’m convinced the answer lies, within their empty minds. I must find the key to unlock what’s inside

Chorus: Sonny and Bean, what does it mean, when I ask you all these crazy things? Can you hear me or am I just a dream? Do we share the same feelings? Will you ever answer me or am I left pondering, over “all these crazy things”

Verse 2: If it’s true that you were human are you still human inside? Or has the mortal mind within you since, shriveled up and died? It’s hard to see the answer why, when I gaze into your great big eyes… Especially, when you try and take my life!

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3: You probably wonder why, I prod you with these questions and spears I do it to save all of us, including you my dears And if I had it any other way, I’d take away all the pain… Because when I hurt you… I hurt too!

(chorus / bridge thing)

Chorus/Bridge thing: Sonny and Bean are more than fiends, they’re the saving grace of humanity For the answers they keep will surely set us free and we’ll all say thanks to Sonny and Bean!

Verse 4 (softer with ending crescendo): While you sit in the dark, I sit with you too Waiting for you somehow, to reveal your hidden truth Because we’re all counting on you, to open up these doors So we won’t be in the dark anymore!

(repeat first chorus to end)