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dvawn  asked:

Hey, I'm new to the whole astrology thing. I decided to learn more about it because my girl is into the whole universe thing and I thought it would be could to know what she's actually talking about, so I want to learn about myself here's my info if you could get me started in the right direction that would really help. Birthday: 10 August 1995 Time: 8am Location: San Angelo, TX Not really sure of anything else you might need but I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi so the following chart I got from (if you have any astrology questions and you need a nice, quick answer cafe astrology is your best bet) so this is what I gathered!  (btw I’m sorry if you’re not a guy, the default gender on the profile was male)

I completely understand that this may just look like a jumbled up mess of numbers and neon symbols, so let me explain some basic understandings of Astrology!  The sun sign is your primary sign, it’s usually what people use as a gauge to interpret one’s disposition, for it embodies the traits a person can exhibit both inside and outside (there are 12 signs you can be, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, NO Ophiuchus does NOT count).  If you look on the chart, it reads horizontally and your sun is Leo!  Aside from your Sun Sign, people usually like to know their moon and ascendant signs (people also refer to ascendant as rising, so if someone says they’re a _____ rising, it’s the same thing as their ____ ascendant.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you what all the symbols mean at all the different placements, because to be quite honest with you I wouldn’t be able to give you the best and most accurate report you deserve!  However, I can tell you about your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs! :)

Sun:  So as I said before, the Sun sign is sort of the essentials of who you are.  You answer a question, talk in a conversation, or behave a certain way, chances are it’s because of your sun sign!  Now your sun Sign is Leo, meaning that you are quite the extrovert.  I won’t get too into the details of Leo and its denominations and celestial bodies, but I will let you that because your Leo is under the Sun, your energies in this particular placement (placement being which symbol or planet) are particularly ‘powerful’.  Leo tend to be quite energetic, they value and enjoy social life, and above all they just love having a good time!  Often people like Leo because they tend to be sociable, they’re outgoing, and all around a jovial force.  Leo also tend to be leaders, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone found you leading the conversation and where it goes, changing topics or pushing them forward.  

Ascendant: Ascendant and Sun are often mixed up quite easily, but I tend to keep them separate with this visual!  Imagine that you are floating outside our solar system, and all the planets are conveniently in a way where you see all of them.  Think of the outermost planet, the body you see first is your Ascendant!  If it’s the outmost shell of who you are, the first ‘self’ you show others in social situations or when you deliver first impressions.  Again, your Leo is in your ascendant placement meaning that you are easily approached by others.  You dominate conversations, and you tend to talk for the sake of it.  In terms of interactions, you appreciate a sense of variety, never really sticking to one particular friend at a time, usually a combination of different people going to different places.  This doesn’t however mean that you’re ALWAYS like this, Leo aren’t the most grounded of signs, and they do appreciate alone time here and there (but then again, i feel like everyone needs that).  Now going back to my visual, the reason it’s helpful is because even though you see that planet easiest, the shine of the sun will still be evident, despite being millions of miles away at the center of the solar system.  This is because your sun sign is represented in all that you are, and it’s just a mask you show to people like your ascendant for the sake of first impressions.  However, because your Sun and Ascendant signs are the same, people may find you to be an open person, because who you are by nature is also what you show when you talk to others (there’s no discrepancy, where people see different sides of you when they get to know you better).  

Moon:  Personally, the Moon placement is my favorite of all placements, because it has a multifaceted sense to it, because it essentially rules your emotions.  Now you may not know this, but seeing as how you have Aquarius in moon and a Leo in your ascendant, there’s a bit of a juxtaposition.  Aquarius in moon means that you value privacy.  As much as you like to talk to others, there’s that part of you that longs for quite days spent in introspection, just being alone and therefore being in comfort.  You like to ponder and you love to observe what’s around you, and it allows you to gain much insight on other people, possible making you a skilled individual when to comes to reading a persons’ feelings.  Aquarius and Leo however share a commonality in their conviction, because once they set their eyes on something they plant themselves like a tree.  They are adamant, and when it comes to their ideologies they resent the idea of compromise.  Despite this, you believe in a sense of fluidity and continuity, always working hard and striving for your goals as opposed to waiting for another day.  If someone doesn’t know you as well, people may see you as emotionally detached, which is not a bad thing!  

Overall:  If you feel as if you disagree, that’s completely okay!  The thing is you have so many other placements with different signs in them, and perhaps one of your placements is more dominant than the other!  (I have friends who have signs more apparent than their sun).  I hope this helps you understand a little bit of Astrology, and maybe you can impress your girlfriend with your newfound astrological knowledge!  

Christina West - Unmet

Combining a realist, minimalist aesthetic with a surrealist twist, Christina West’s sculptures feel otherworldly. Her Unmet series presents a variety of busts completed in the traditional sculptural medium of hydrocal (also known as gypsum).

Christina West, Unmet #16 + Unmet #18

The busts are initially prepared by layering dyed hydrocal in a variety of colors. The final white layer completes what appears to be a classical, studio-white portrait bust. However, at this stage the piece is only halfway complete. West proceeds to carefully remove and subtract from the facial features, removing identifying visual characteristics, and playing with the idea of identity.

Christina West, Unmet #16, Pigmented Hydrocal, 18 x 9 x 11 inches

The busts are initially prepared by layering dyed hydrocal in a variety of colors. The final white layer completes what appears to be a classical, studio-white portrait bust. However, at this stage the piece is only halfway complete. West proceeds to carefully remove and subtract from the facial features, removing identifying visual characteristics, and playing with the idea of identity.

Christina West, Unmet #18, Pigmented Hydrocal, 18.5 x 9 x 8 inches

“Interiority” or the “interior”, physically as well as psychologically, is a central theme in West’s work. The emphasis here is not what has been lost but what has been gained by the slacking off of these non-essential layers, revealing the space within. Of this process West says, “Features are removed, leaving flat, colorful planes that become abstract suggestions of the figures’ interiority.” The idea of the “other” comes into play in the work as well. As we are left with few of the usual visual cues that suggest character, age, demographic or personality, we are left to rely on the colorful strata of the busts’ interiors as a representation of the “complexity of character and psychology that make others so mysterious.” This process is suggested in the way in which the interior layers of gypsum seem to weave and melt, obeying a mysterious, intrinsical set of rules, seemingly melting deeper and deeper into the headspace of the busts.

Christina West (b. 1980) is a sculptor based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work has been widely exhibited and is included in permanent collections such as the American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, CA, and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, San Angelo, TX

Speaking of Texas, I really like the show Lone Star Law on Animal Planet, it’s actually interesting! Sometimes, they showcase towns I’m familiar with down here in the RGV, and where I grew up around San Angelo and the Permian Basin.

They ain’t kiddin’, Texas has a LOT of wildlife. Most of it is harmless, like the doves and whatnot, but there’s also a lot of wild critters out here that might get ya if you’re not careful. Scorpions, rattlers, spiders, wild cats, wild pigs, coyotes, gators, poisonous frogs and toads, just to name a few (I’ve seen all those in person, they’re common). That of course along with tumbleweeds, stickers, cacti, and other plants you don’t want to fall on. I used to live out in the boonies, so you always had to wear shoes and keep a look out when you went to play outside or just take a walk. Almost got bit by a rattler when I was 12, walking home from school.

Texas is wild.