Not so much an identification question, but I got a Javelina skull recently, and noticed its mandibles are all one piece, rather than, like, deer jaws for example. Is that just a pig thing? Or maybe the seller did a super good job gluing it? Or is that an age thing :0?

The aforementioned…pig…boar…hog…oinker…skull! Got it in Texas, (central texas…slightly to the left? The city it came from is San Angelo) Obviously a suid but I was wondering if you could give me anything more specific. I’m not very good at differentiating piggish species ^^;

(I combined your two questions!) This definitely looks like a wild boar skull rather than domestic pig. Pigs are known to have well fused jaw bones even at a young age, so it’s definitely a piggy thing!

dvawn  asked:

Hey, I'm new to the whole astrology thing. I decided to learn more about it because my girl is into the whole universe thing and I thought it would be could to know what she's actually talking about, so I want to learn about myself here's my info if you could get me started in the right direction that would really help. Birthday: 10 August 1995 Time: 8am Location: San Angelo, TX Not really sure of anything else you might need but I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi so the following chart I got from (if you have any astrology questions and you need a nice, quick answer cafe astrology is your best bet) so this is what I gathered!  (btw I’m sorry if you’re not a guy, the default gender on the profile was male)

I completely understand that this may just look like a jumbled up mess of numbers and neon symbols, so let me explain some basic understandings of Astrology!  The sun sign is your primary sign, it’s usually what people use as a gauge to interpret one’s disposition, for it embodies the traits a person can exhibit both inside and outside (there are 12 signs you can be, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, NO Ophiuchus does NOT count).  If you look on the chart, it reads horizontally and your sun is Leo!  Aside from your Sun Sign, people usually like to know their moon and ascendant signs (people also refer to ascendant as rising, so if someone says they’re a _____ rising, it’s the same thing as their ____ ascendant.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you what all the symbols mean at all the different placements, because to be quite honest with you I wouldn’t be able to give you the best and most accurate report you deserve!  However, I can tell you about your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs! :)

Sun:  So as I said before, the Sun sign is sort of the essentials of who you are.  You answer a question, talk in a conversation, or behave a certain way, chances are it’s because of your sun sign!  Now your sun Sign is Leo, meaning that you are quite the extrovert.  I won’t get too into the details of Leo and its denominations and celestial bodies, but I will let you that because your Leo is under the Sun, your energies in this particular placement (placement being which symbol or planet) are particularly ‘powerful’.  Leo tend to be quite energetic, they value and enjoy social life, and above all they just love having a good time!  Often people like Leo because they tend to be sociable, they’re outgoing, and all around a jovial force.  Leo also tend to be leaders, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone found you leading the conversation and where it goes, changing topics or pushing them forward.  

Ascendant: Ascendant and Sun are often mixed up quite easily, but I tend to keep them separate with this visual!  Imagine that you are floating outside our solar system, and all the planets are conveniently in a way where you see all of them.  Think of the outermost planet, the body you see first is your Ascendant!  If it’s the outmost shell of who you are, the first ‘self’ you show others in social situations or when you deliver first impressions.  Again, your Leo is in your ascendant placement meaning that you are easily approached by others.  You dominate conversations, and you tend to talk for the sake of it.  In terms of interactions, you appreciate a sense of variety, never really sticking to one particular friend at a time, usually a combination of different people going to different places.  This doesn’t however mean that you’re ALWAYS like this, Leo aren’t the most grounded of signs, and they do appreciate alone time here and there (but then again, i feel like everyone needs that).  Now going back to my visual, the reason it’s helpful is because even though you see that planet easiest, the shine of the sun will still be evident, despite being millions of miles away at the center of the solar system.  This is because your sun sign is represented in all that you are, and it’s just a mask you show to people like your ascendant for the sake of first impressions.  However, because your Sun and Ascendant signs are the same, people may find you to be an open person, because who you are by nature is also what you show when you talk to others (there’s no discrepancy, where people see different sides of you when they get to know you better).  

Moon:  Personally, the Moon placement is my favorite of all placements, because it has a multifaceted sense to it, because it essentially rules your emotions.  Now you may not know this, but seeing as how you have Aquarius in moon and a Leo in your ascendant, there’s a bit of a juxtaposition.  Aquarius in moon means that you value privacy.  As much as you like to talk to others, there’s that part of you that longs for quite days spent in introspection, just being alone and therefore being in comfort.  You like to ponder and you love to observe what’s around you, and it allows you to gain much insight on other people, possible making you a skilled individual when to comes to reading a persons’ feelings.  Aquarius and Leo however share a commonality in their conviction, because once they set their eyes on something they plant themselves like a tree.  They are adamant, and when it comes to their ideologies they resent the idea of compromise.  Despite this, you believe in a sense of fluidity and continuity, always working hard and striving for your goals as opposed to waiting for another day.  If someone doesn’t know you as well, people may see you as emotionally detached, which is not a bad thing!  

Overall:  If you feel as if you disagree, that’s completely okay!  The thing is you have so many other placements with different signs in them, and perhaps one of your placements is more dominant than the other!  (I have friends who have signs more apparent than their sun).  I hope this helps you understand a little bit of Astrology, and maybe you can impress your girlfriend with your newfound astrological knowledge!  

Speaking of Texas, I really like the show Lone Star Law on Animal Planet, it’s actually interesting! Sometimes, they showcase towns I’m familiar with down here in the RGV, and where I grew up around San Angelo and the Permian Basin.

They ain’t kiddin’, Texas has a LOT of wildlife. Most of it is harmless, like the doves and whatnot, but there’s also a lot of wild critters out here that might get ya if you’re not careful. Scorpions, rattlers, spiders, wild cats, wild pigs, coyotes, gators, poisonous frogs and toads, just to name a few (I’ve seen all those in person, they’re common). That of course along with tumbleweeds, stickers, cacti, and other plants you don’t want to fall on. I used to live out in the boonies, so you always had to wear shoes and keep a look out when you went to play outside or just take a walk. Almost got bit by a rattler when I was 12, walking home from school.

Texas is wild.

2015 Castello Banfi Pinot Grigio San Angelo Toscana IGT

Nothin’ wrong with a little Pinot Greege from time to time! Green apples, pear, Meyer lemon, a hint of honey and minerality on the nose. Green apple, peach, a hint of thyme, and a mineral finish on the palate. 

3/5 bones


Pinot Grigio

12.5% abv

Tuscany, ITALY


Brandon Lawson has been missing since August 9th, 2013. He was 26 at the time. He disappeared under strange circumstances and the theories about what happened to him go from meeting foul play to going into hiding and leaving everything behind.

The facts: Brandon left his house in San Angelo, Texas, close to midnight on August 8th after an argument with his longtime girlfriend (and mother of three of his four kids) Ladessa Lofton. At around 12:38 am, he called his brother Kyle from Highway 277 near Bronte, Texas, and told him he’d ran out of gas and he was waiting on the side of the road. Then, around 12:50 am he called 911 asking for help.

The 911 call: In his brief contact with the dispatcher, Brandon sounds agitated, breathless, upset and it’s very hard to understand him. The area doesn’t have great reception, but from his slurred speech he might have been under the influence of something. There are a lot of interpretations out there of what he said, but some things are clearer. He says he’s in the middle of the field, that someone pushed someone over, that his truck got out of gas and a car got taken through the woods. He then says “please hurry”. When the dispatcher asks him to repeat, his words get more confusing. He seems to say “we’re not talking to them” and then either “I ran into them” or “what need to know”. The dispatcher understood the former and repeats, so Brandon says “yes, the first guy”. Then she asks if he needs an ambulance, and he replies “no, I need the cops”. In slowed versions of the call, that you can listen to here, possibly another voice can be heard in the background. Then the call cuts off.

After the call: Kyle Lawson arrived at the scene around 1:10 am with his girlfriend, at the same time as a police officer. It’s unclear if the cop got there because of Brandon’s call or a following 911 call made by a trucker passing by who almost ran into Brandon’s car because of the way it was left in the road. Considering he didn’t mention to Kyle that Brandon had called 911, it was probably the latter. There were no signs of Brandon anywhere, but he’d taken his keys and cell phone. At 1:19, Brandon called Kyle but the service was so bad they couldn’t understand him very well. What they made out was that he was 10 minutes up the road and that he was bleeding. Then the call died and even though they looked for him, they couldn’t find any trace. Kyle also thought he said he was “hiding in the brush”, and he assumed it was because he had an arrest warrant from two years prior on some drug charges, and he was hiding from the cops. He didn’t know his brother had called the cops so he didn’t say anything until next day, when it became clear Brandon was missing. No one from the family knew about the 911 call until 4 days later, when it appeared on cell phone records. 

So what happened? Some people believe Brandon ran away because of that warrant, but according to his girlfriend he’d only found out about it recently and was sorting it out. Furthermore, if he was afraid he’d get caught, why would he ask for the police? And what did he see, that’s so hard to understand from his words? Another theory is he was involved with drug dealing and something happened or he saw something that night. No one is sure what he was doing in that highway or what was his destination. It’s also possible he was under the influence and hallucinating, but then how would he get so far without being found?

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name: sanjana
four letter word: soup
boy’s name: steve
occupation: soupmaker (idk,,,,,)
something you can wear: suit
a food: soup
something you find in a bathroom: soap
a place: san angelo (idek where that is tbh)
a reason for being late: stalled car
something you shout: shit
a movie title: superman
something you drink: soup
an animal: swan
a type of car: subaru
title of a song: sweet love - taeyeon
Corteo Storico delle Apparizioni di San Michele Arcangelo

It’s a traditional custom of southern Italians to choreograph plays during the feasts of their town’s saints. Such a beloved custom it is that our ancestors even brought it to America and many Italian-Americans today continue this beautiful expression of faith. Here is a play performed at Monte Gargano during today’s feast of the Apparizioni of San Michele Arcangelo, beautifully filmed by Angelo Totaro.

EVVIVA SAN MICHELE ARCANGELO!! My generous and loving patron

History of the Feast of the Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel at Monte Sant'Angelo:

“Around the year 490, a lord of the Gargano was searching for one of his prize bulls. He almost gave up, judging the bull was helplessly lost, when he spotted him in a cave, kneeling. The cave was high above the lord, and hopelessly inaccessible. The bull would never be able to get out; so, as a gesture of mercy, the lord shot an arrow toward the bull to put the animal out of its misery. The arrow changed its course in mid-flight, like a boomerang, and struck the lord.
The lord went to the local bishop, declaring what had happened. The bishop immediately instituted three days of fasting and prayer to be done outside of the Cave, as he was not sure if it was a Heavenly inspired occurrence, or from the other place. While the bishop, his priests, and the lord were on the Gargano, praying at the mouth of the cave, Saint Michael appeared to the bishop, and declared:
“I am the Archangel Michael, and am always in the presence of the Lord. This cave is sacred to me; it is of my choosing. There will be no more shedding of bull’s blood. Where the rocks open widely, the sins of man may be pardoned. That which is asked here in prayer will be granted. Therefore, go up the mountain and dedicate the grotto to Christian worship.”
The bishop apparently was not convinced that the apparition was truly the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, or he could not have hesitated in obeying the command. The bishop hesitated with “should I, shouldn’t I,” for two years!
The nearby town of Siponto was being invaded by pagan hordes. It was certain that the town would be defeated. Gargano was right in the path of the invaders. If Siponto fell, it was pretty definite that Gargano would go, also. The bishop asked for a three day truce for prayer.
During this time, Saint Michael appeared to the bishop, again. He promised, if the people would attack the enemy believing victory would be theirs, walking in faith, he, Michael, would lead them to victory. The townspeople advanced boldly. A sand storm assailed and whipped the enemy, blinding them; huge pellets of hale joined in, pummeling them relentlessly. Terrorized, they retreated from Siponto, leaving the area forever.
The bishop climbed up the mountain to the cave. He did not come down for a long time. He seemed to be agonizing. He did not enter the cave, but instead prayed outside, at the mouth of the cave . When he came down, the bishop still did not have a church built there, where the faithful could worship. We don’t know what caused the bishop to hesitate this second time.
There was an anguish that didn’t leave him, a gnawing inside of him, eating at him. The cave and the Archangel’s words were constantly on his mind. His spirit was being wrenched by a tug-of-war. He was being pulled in opposite directions. He knew he should be honoring the Angel’s request. In his heart, he knew it was truly Saint Michael who had appeared to him both times. But, in his head? Well, something or someone was holding him back.
The following year, as the anniversary of the apparition drew near, the bishop appealed to the Pope for guidance and direction. The Pope ordered the bishop to go to the cave, with other bishops and priests from the area, for three days of prayer and fasting. He was to ask the Lord for discernment, and the Angel for help. The bishop prayed outside the cave, at the mouth of the cave, again not inside. During this time, Michael appeared to the bishop, a third time. He ordered the bishop to enter the cave:
“It is not necessary that you dedicate this church that I myself have consecrated with my presence. Enter and under my assistance, raise prayer and celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass. I will show you how I myself have consecrated that place.”
The bishop finally did as the Archangel Michael dictated. When he entered the cave, he found a splendid altar covered with a red cloth and a crystal cross upon it, as the Archangel had foretold. At the entrance was the imprint of a child’s foot, confirming the presence of the Archangel.
A structure, which appears to be a church, was built over the cave. From the street level, one can see towers, and arches, and bells. Actually, it’s only a facade. Pilgrims have to walk down 86 steps to the cave, which is the church. It was set up as a church, with an altar rail, pews, and side chapels. Over the years, an Episcopal (bishop’s) chair was carved out of a huge block of stone and placed at the side of the altar. Chapels were hewn lovingly out of local stone and placed in the cave. It was even raised to the level of a Basilica! It is known as the “Celestial Basilica”; maybe because the church has never been consecrated by a bishop (nor have any relics been placed in the altar stone). It has been consecrated by the presence of Michael, himself.
The Cave of Saint Michael immediately became a famous Shrine for pilgrimages. At one point in the Middle Ages, there were four major Catholic Shrines in the world. They were called: Deus (or God) for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem; Apostoli, for the tombs of the Apostles in Rome; Sanctus, for the Shrine to Saint James, called Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, and Angelus, for the Cave of Saint Michael, in the Gargano in Italy.”
-Excerpt from Bob and Penny Lord


West Coast/Midwest run with @welcomehomestl

*Hold Close on select dates. 

Tour Dates ~

5/31 Nashville, TN: Rocketown
6/1 Springfield, MO: The Regency
6/2 Kansas City, MO: The All Star Rock Bar
6/4 Colorado Springs, CO: The Black Sheep
6/5 Denver, CO: Summit Music Hall
6/6 Salt Lake City, UT: The Underground
6/7 Lewiston, ID: 3rd Wheel
6/8 Seattle, WA: The Vera Project
6/9 Portland, OR: Scott’s House
6/10 Chico, CA: 1078 Gallery
6/11 Sacramento, CA: Cafe Colonial
6/12 Cupertino, CA: Homestead Bowl & The X Bar
6/13 Gilroy, CA: The District Theater
6/15 Long Beach, CA: DiPizza
6/16 San Diego, CA: Soma
6/17 Tucson, AZ: Sol
6/18 Tempe, AZ: 51 West
6/19 Albuquerque, NM: Duke City Sound
6/20 El Paso, TX: Let There Be Rock School
6/21 San Angelo, TX: YaYa’s*
6/22 San Antonio, TX: Ventura Satx*
6/23 Houston, TX: The Clinic*
6/24 Denton, TX: Killer Taco’s*
6/25 Norman, OK: District*
6/26 Cedar Rapids, IA: Tim’s House
6/27 Burnsville, MN: The Garage
6/28 Milwaukee, WI: Honey Creek Basement
6/29 Detroit, MI: The Ritz
6/30 Indianapolis, IN: The Irving Theater
7/1 Louisville, KY: Spinelli’s Downtown
7/2 Chicago, IL: Evolution Music (Downer’s Grove) | | 

Drabble prompt: Superhero AU

it’s funny how Maria is the absolute badass in this drabble despite this being a Joanolo fic. Then again, Maria’s amazing and deserves Boba Fett status here~

May write more if there’s a demand for it…

Manolo was regretting moving to San Angelo. Sure, the restaurant he and his friends played at paid really well and his apartment was both affordable and perfect for him, but San Angelo was almost as dangerous as Miracle City, just a few miles away, and Gotham up in the States. But because he decided to help a kitten out in an alley that just so happened to be where some gang was doing business, poor Manolo found himself in some warehouse tied up to a chair (the gangsters were nice enough to take the kitten with them and give it food and water; the furry bastard was currently asleep on a table by his guard).

“I already told you guys I won’t tell anyone.” He pleaded. “I’m just a musician at a restaurant; not like anyone will believe me, anyways…” The guard sighed, placing his gun on the table and away from the kitten before looking up.

“I know you won’t, essé, but you’re kinda being used as bait.”

“…‘Kinda?’ How am I 'kinda’ being used as bait?!”

“Well, our boss is using you as bait to lure El Guapo here for a trap and trade something for your safety… Idunno, I wasn’t really paying attention at the meeting. Also, I apologize for any rough handling they give you. I assure you we pull or push you just for show.” The other explained as if it were all normal business. Manolo frowned at him.

“That doesn’t make me feel any better! I’m just a bargaining chip?!” He whined. The guard shrugged.

“Well, we really didn’t want to try to kidnap his ally; she’d kill us…” Manolo rolled his eyes.

“You’re screwed either way; she’s my best friend…” He muttered as he sighed and sat back. The guard blinked.

“Wait, wha-” A loud crack echoed throughout the room as Maria snapped the man’s neck as if it were nothing. She then walked over and smacked him on the arm before glaring at him through her mask and goggles.

“What did I tell you about getting home?!” She hissed.

“There was a kitten!” He argued, “The poor thing was stuck in a can so I helped it out-” He grunted when she pushed his head to the side when another gang member walked in and shot at her; obviously the lackey was an idiot and forgot that Manolo was their bargaining chip.

“I told you to come home right after your concert!” She retorted, not even looking when she pulled out her gun and shot the other man between the eyes. Manolo sighed, sitting back as Maria undid his bindings.

“I’m sorry, Deadshot.” He mumbled, making sure to call her by her code name. “I just wanted to help a cat…” Feeling something on his shoulder, he glanced over and found the kitten perched on it. “When did you…?”

“Hang onto him really quick while I clear the hallway.” Maria called out as she ran out the door. Sounds of gunfire and screams of anguish echoed into the room, making the musician cringe and hold the cat close to his chest. Once everything fell silent, Maria poked her head through the doorway and gave him a thumb’s up.

“All clear!” She sang happily. He walked out and let her guide him over the casualties, making sure he didn’t step on anyone or anything. “Now make your way over to the exit door over there and go home. Got it?” Maria growled. He sighed.

“Yes, mom.” He answered sarcastically, earning him a punch to the shoulder painful enough to get him to yelp.

“Don’t sass me, Manny. Now go!” She commanded, giving him a gentle but strong push towards the exit. Manolo rolled his eyes but did as he was told, placing the kitten back on his shoulder. Once he was finally outside, Manolo decided to stop at the shelter on the way to his apartment to drop off the cat since his complex didn’t allow pets. He waved goodbye to the girl at the desk and was about to make his way home when he heard someone land right behind him.

“Didn’t Deadshot tell you to go home.” He stiffened, frowning as he turned around to yell at whoever decided to be snarky at him.

“Well, she’s not my mom, so I don’t really have to listen to-” His argument died in his throat when he realized just who he was being sarcastic towards. El Guapo was the city’s main superhero; super strength, flight, and the ability to sense lies (it was odd, but the man saved people from fires and accidents so no one criticized that).
On top of that, the man was as his name suggested; incredibly handsome despite half his face hidden behind a cowl.

“Oooh~ I’m telling her you said that~” The hero teased, which made Manolo decide to not show the man respect and reply with even more sarcasm.

“And what else, that I ate three cookies for dinner?” He mocked, turning on his heel and walking towards his apartment complex. “I’m already in trouble with her…” Manolo added as he began to walk away (and not notice the way the superhero was watching his behind as he walked), only to stop as El Guapo was suddenly floating in front of him.

“Aw, come on, dude! I’m just teasing!” He laughed. “Come on; let me give you a lift!” He said, holding out his hand for the other to take. Manolo stared at it and frowned.

“Uh… I’ll be okay-”

“Nonsense! Come here!”

“No wait-” Manolo’s protests turned into a rather unmanly scream as El Guapo grabbed him by the waist and flew upwards. He quickly grabbed onto the other man; afraid he’s slip and fall. The other man chuckled and tightened his grip.

“Don’t worry, bro; I won’t let you fall.” He whispered calmly. Manolo didn’t even realize he was shaking until the superhero had started to rub small circles on his back to calm him down. He sighed.

“I know, I know… It was just kinda… sudden, you know? Not to mention I’ve never been carried by someone that can fly…” He explained. The superhero nodded in understanding.

“Sorry, bro. So where to?” He asked. Manolo pointed to an apartment complex a couple blocks away.

“Over there; I’m on C362-Aye Díos!” He gasped as El Guapo suddenly took off at a high speed. They stopped right in front of his apartment door in what Manolo truly believed was ten seconds. He shakily disentangled himself from the man and fished his keys out of his pocket.

“So, um… Thank you for the lift…” He muttered, not really knowing what else to say. El Guapo waved it off.

“Eh, it was nothing! Just glad you’re safe… Deadshot almost had a conniption, you know…” Manolo sighed.

“I just hope she’s calmed down… It’s been a long day and I really don’t want to deal with her yelling…”

“You’ll be fine…” El Guapo said happily as he patted him on the back. “Those criminals were just stupid enough to mess with her… But I can hardly blame them… Kidnapping someone as hot as you~”

“Yeah-wait, what?!” The hero laughed as he gave Manolo a playful flick on the nose.

“Stay safe… I’ll see you around, hot stuff~” El Guapo teased before jumping off the stairwell and flying away. Manolo growled to himself as he unlocked the door to his apartment, trying to ignore how he was still blushing even after Maria had dropped in to scold him.