2015 Castello Banfi Pinot Grigio San Angelo Toscana IGT

Nothin’ wrong with a little Pinot Greege from time to time! Green apples, pear, Meyer lemon, a hint of honey and minerality on the nose. Green apple, peach, a hint of thyme, and a mineral finish on the palate. 

3/5 bones


Pinot Grigio

12.5% abv

Tuscany, ITALY


Brandon Lawson has been missing since August 9th, 2013. He was 26 at the time. He disappeared under strange circumstances and the theories about what happened to him go from meeting foul play to going into hiding and leaving everything behind.

The facts: Brandon left his house in San Angelo, Texas, close to midnight on August 8th after an argument with his longtime girlfriend (and mother of three of his four kids) Ladessa Lofton. At around 12:38 am, he called his brother Kyle from Highway 277 near Bronte, Texas, and told him he’d ran out of gas and he was waiting on the side of the road. Then, around 12:50 am he called 911 asking for help.

The 911 call: In his brief contact with the dispatcher, Brandon sounds agitated, breathless, upset and it’s very hard to understand him. The area doesn’t have great reception, but from his slurred speech he might have been under the influence of something. There are a lot of interpretations out there of what he said, but some things are clearer. He says he’s in the middle of the field, that someone pushed someone over, that his truck got out of gas and a car got taken through the woods. He then says “please hurry”. When the dispatcher asks him to repeat, his words get more confusing. He seems to say “we’re not talking to them” and then either “I ran into them” or “what need to know”. The dispatcher understood the former and repeats, so Brandon says “yes, the first guy”. Then she asks if he needs an ambulance, and he replies “no, I need the cops”. In slowed versions of the call, that you can listen to here, possibly another voice can be heard in the background. Then the call cuts off.

After the call: Kyle Lawson arrived at the scene around 1:10 am with his girlfriend, at the same time as a police officer. It’s unclear if the cop got there because of Brandon’s call or a following 911 call made by a trucker passing by who almost ran into Brandon’s car because of the way it was left in the road. Considering he didn’t mention to Kyle that Brandon had called 911, it was probably the latter. There were no signs of Brandon anywhere, but he’d taken his keys and cell phone. At 1:19, Brandon called Kyle but the service was so bad they couldn’t understand him very well. What they made out was that he was 10 minutes up the road and that he was bleeding. Then the call died and even though they looked for him, they couldn’t find any trace. Kyle also thought he said he was “hiding in the brush”, and he assumed it was because he had an arrest warrant from two years prior on some drug charges, and he was hiding from the cops. He didn’t know his brother had called the cops so he didn’t say anything until next day, when it became clear Brandon was missing. No one from the family knew about the 911 call until 4 days later, when it appeared on cell phone records. 

So what happened? Some people believe Brandon ran away because of that warrant, but according to his girlfriend he’d only found out about it recently and was sorting it out. Furthermore, if he was afraid he’d get caught, why would he ask for the police? And what did he see, that’s so hard to understand from his words? Another theory is he was involved with drug dealing and something happened or he saw something that night. No one is sure what he was doing in that highway or what was his destination. It’s also possible he was under the influence and hallucinating, but then how would he get so far without being found?


Here’s my collection of Captain Hydra’s Hail Hydra meme.

Background without dude by @davetoons

1-@geepm (the buff dude I think)

2- @vargskelethor​ (sexual admiration with skeletons)

3- @mustachetangelo​ (someone told me he promised a thing called “Choder”)

4- Scott Cawthon / animdude (you know him well)

5- Sans from @undertale

6- Chara from @undertale too

7- Me (nobody knows about my real life so meh)

btw I know joel and geepm looks ugly as fuck, I will get better eventually,

ludomaniac  asked:

"Angelo-san, can I feel you up too~?" At least she is asking for permission.

     ❝….❞ W-Why were women so weird? That was the main question that came to him then. As much as he tried to comprehend them, he was forever left with this feeling of confusion left at the end of his struggle. He was so at a loss as to what to say, he just openly stared for a good minute before he cleared his throat and spoke. ❝C-Can’t you find someone else to reach out and grab?❞ He just wanted to live his life—

Angelo actually trying to be a decent Boyfriend

I feel like even though this was a bet, Angelo would actually try, I may be wrong, but meh. I shall make him try and this is a pretty cute comic and Mika seems to be happy x3

NOTE: Look closely at the book he is reading, see any certain characters? XD

Angelo belongs to @tamarinfrog @searching-for-bananaflies

Cowboy love ballads are brutal, dude

I can only think of one of them where they don’t die in the end

I mean look:

El Paso - dude gets killed. (In the sequel/sister-song, Faleena, she kills herself after his death)

San Angelo - They both get gunned down

Running Gun - He gets gunned down by a bounty hunter

Song of the Bandit - He dies and comes to visit his lover as a ghost

They’re Hanging Me Tonight - His lover leaves him, he gets in a gunfight with her new bf, kills him, then kills her, and (you guessed it) they hang him

The only song they don’t die in is Meet Me Tonight in Laredo. Home girl and her bandit bf run away to Mexico and live happily ever after

love is dangerous when you’re a cowboy, I guess


Our #Oscars celebration continues with classic and modern western movie sets on BLM-managed lands!  

Alabama Hills near Hollywood – photo by Bob Wick, BLM.  Since the early 1920’s, movie stars such as Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, and the Lone Ranger have been shooting it out at the Alabama Hills.

Diablo Canyon Recreation Area in New Mexico – photo by Steven W. Martin.  More than a well-known rock climbing location, Diablo Canyon’s cracked basalt walls served as the perfect film backdrop for Cowboys and Aliens, 3:10 to Yuma, and City Slickers.

Red Rocks National Conservation Area in Nevada – photo by Bob Wick, BLM. Red Rocks featured Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger in Bells of San Angelo (1947).

The historic Empire Ranch in Las Cienegas National Conservation Area in Arizona – photos by Bob Wick, BLM. Rich with history, this is still an operating cattle ranch that looks much the same as it did in the 1800’s. It provided the perfect setting for Red River (1948) and McLintock (1963) starring John Wayne, Outlaw Josie Wales (Clint Eastwood, 1976), and Gunsmoke (James Arness-series).

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah – photo by Bob Wick. The Pariah townsite in the southern part of the monument included a movie set which was built in the early 1960s for Sergeants Three, a Western featuring Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. It also provided settings for the television series Death Valley Days and Gunsmoke. The last movie filmed there was The Outlaw Josie Wales in 1976.

Stay tuned for our final #Oscars post of the day – sci fi and horror film locations on your public lands!