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Did the boys have credit cards? My mom was their exact age and she said she had one

To my knowledge they did not have credit cards. There doesn’t seem to be any supporting evidence that they had or used them. We have multiple receipts from Eric buying records at Angelo’s and he paid for all of those in cash. I believe he also used a money order when he made an online purchase for KMFDM merch. He and Dylan paid for Diversion program restitution and their classes offered by cash as well. Credit cards for teenagers were certainly not the norm back then although, I’m sure quite a few of the affluent teens that went to Columbine had them. Debit cards were more common and they may have had straight debit cards without being linked to credit but again, we have nothing concrete to go on. I would imagine both their parents would’ve wanted to instill financial responsibility in their sons and the best way to do that was cash and a checking/savings account. Sue mentioned that Dylan was very diligent at keeping records and tracking his finances with Virgoan precision.

25 Days of Solangelo

Day 2: Red

As soon as Will had heard about the red holiday cups he knew he was going to have a rough holiday season. If someone had told him that a job at a coffee shop, let alone a Starbucks, was going to be so frustrating he would have just applied to work at the scary looking bookstore across the street where an extremely scary looking girl with blond hair worked. But he thought that Starbucks would be a more simpler job with more simple tasks. Boy was he wrong.

While the coffee making itself was easy (despite the surplus of terms that seemed to exist for a non fat latte) the difficult thing about working at Starbucks was the customers. Everyday he was faced with either a self entitled teenager who talked on their phone while ordering or an old woman who tried to convince him that she handed him a twenty when she really handed him a ten. But the job paid so he put up with it, at least until angry forty year old women started coming into the store, yelling about how the red holiday cups were not seasonal enough and that they were never buying Starbucks again. By the end of that first week of the holiday season Will was ready to tear his own hair out.

But as November went on there were less people coming in to shout at him and hold Will personally responsible and by mid December Will was positive that the red cup fiasco was over. Oh how wrong he was. 

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In an interview with Rocksound magazine, Chris Motionless expressed that recording the third album was much easier compared to Infamous as “…the timeframe worked against me, and there was an inner conflict going on, trying to move into a different style of music and making a lot of mistakes as I went. He stated that the albums sound will contain the aggressiveness ‘Creatures’ had which 'Infamous’ lacked in and will also have a more consistent style.


MIGHTY | a nico di angelo mix

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