angelo urrutia


| Fashion Week | NYC 2013

Twice a year we go to NYC for Fashion Week. We get to say hi to old friends, make new ones and preview all of the amazing things that our brands have to offer for the upcoming season.

January in NYC typically welcomes us with snow but to our surprise, we actually experienced decent weather this time around. It was warm on the first day we arrived and we had great fun exploring and eating our hearts through NYC. Did I ever mention that we love to eat? We may not be foodies, but we just love good food. If you’re ever in NYC, you must try Shake Shack, Xi'an Famous Foods, Peter Luger Steakhouse and have a drink at Angel’s Share. These are some of our usual must-eats in the city.

The next few days were spent running to different showrooms and tradeshows (we even skipped lunch!) to view, try-on, and obsess about all of the incredible pieces that we were considering for the store. All of our brands came out swinging and we actually had a tough time making edits on what we were going to bring to the store.

By the end of the trip, we were definitely ready to head home to Torrance. We saw amazing pieces and received a lot of great news from our brands.  We have some exciting plans for the future of the store and this trip really helped to set the plan in motion. Next stop, VEGAS!