Forgive me...

Forgive me my love, for my ignorance

My growing hate has blinded me and made me insensitive.

Forgive me that I haven’t given you the care, warmth that you deserved.

Instead I emitted the coldness of ice.


I wanted to pull you out of the murky waters of sadness before,

Only to find myself submersing you even more.

It makes me feel I’m no good to this so called love;

As I end up hurting the one I keep so dear.


I want to be with you again,

To hold you and wrap my arms around you

Yet I fear that I might cause more pain

As if I’m some kind of a curse, breaking down those I touch… ignorantly.


I am not whom I was before
I wonder if you would accept me or turn away from me instead…this time

Becoming the beast I have earnestly hated before

Becoming a monstrosity I have so despised.


I miss you me dear…
Your curly hair… brown as hazelnut, with some strands that shine like copper

Modest lips that shiver when filled with emotions.


Forgive me chere,

For the things I have done, and those I fail to give you

I wonder what’s to become of us

Your words reverberate in my head… “am I still worth it…”