New Orleans Italian restaurant legend Tony Angello dies
Tony Angello, owner of the beloved Lakeview restaurant that bore his name and was famous for home-cooked versions of Creole Italian specialties, has died. He was 88.

Very sad to hear about Mr. Tony’s passing. When my fiance and I ate there, we told him, “feed me, Tony,” and feed us he did. I’ve never had pasta that tasted so good. Apparently we’ve never had fresh pasta before eating at his place, because you really can tell the difference. He even sat with us and talked for awhile, said we were a beautiful couple, and gave us free after dinner drinks and enjoyed one with us. We only lived a few blocks away so we walked there and back. We were so full the walk home was tough, and I didn’t eat till the next night ( I don’t miss meals, eating is my fav hobby). We were just talking about Mr. Tony the other day and saying we really wanted to go back soon. Won’t be the same without him. RIP Tony Angello. <3