exo reaction when seeing their GF’s dimple on the side bottom of the lip

Baekhyun: i love this… i love your smile more than i love eyeliners

Chen: i just want to kiss you… your dimples…

Do: *stares ate your cute dimples…*

Luhan: *smiles* i wish i had dimples like yours , it’s so cute!

Kai: *does aegyo* I’m i cute like you?

Lay: *smiles* we should be known as the dimple couple

Suho: I don’t care if you have dimples or not… you’ll always be on only Gf and i’ll be your only angel

Kris: omg these dimples!!! they’re totally my style.

Chanyeol: do you know that your smile makes me go crazy.

Xiumin: *admires your cute dimples*

Sehun: * thinks about your smile and everything about you* she’s killing me

Tao: *fixs his face* i need dimples like her, they look so cute on her so they must look very handsome on me.