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Hiii I'm new to the fandom. I'm having a hard time remembering names (struggles) and I was wondering if u can describe each member's personalities? Thxxxx

sure thing ! (welcome to the fandom!!)


  • a nerd
  • TheQuietOne (hes not tho, not rly)
  • apparently possessive? (according to jinyoung)
  • very caring and thinks before he acts 
  • coco’s dad


  • oh boy where do i begin
  • hes everyones dad. idc who u are hes your dad
  • beautiful. oh my god, & he knows it
  • hes a really good leader (according to him, there’s no member that doesn’t listen to him)
  • a loser??? sometimes im just boy wtf you doing?? he looks lazy but hes actually hardworking & an angel
  • sleeps a lot like boy same


  • LOUD !
  • so, so, so caring and thoughtful & just generally nice to everyone he interacts with?
  • i mean, he translates all his instagram captions into 3 languages. what an angel
  • knows a lot about the world & social justice in general
  • very thick
  • has friends in almost every other group like?? everybody loves him how could you not


  • “i’m your mom”
  • petty as fuck like he literally never lets anything go
  • he likes to read and play piano 
  • kind of quiet ish too like mark?? i feel hes just not as outspoken as some of the other members
  • a gentleman
  • i love him hes so pretty


  • hes my bias so this might seem,,,,biased (LMAO)
  • if you were wondering if the sun could be personified, wonder no longer!!
  • hes loud. his laugh is loud. he sings loud. so much noise
  • very hardworking
  • so cute?? ppl say hes unattractive but theyre wrong?
  • coco’s mom


  • brace yourselves
  • “how do you know i’m not big?”
  • dabs so much theres a petition to change his name to “dabdab”
  • hype as fuck and wears heels that could kill someone
  • chopstick legs
  • i gotta stress this more…hse a meme ok a gd meme lsoer
  • i love him


  • dancing queen young and sweet only 19
  • tall as hell & seems like one of the older members but hes the maknae
  • sometimes he tries to be sexy and i & all other aghasaes drop dead
  • actually really cute and funny hes a loser i love him
  • please give him more lines

taehyung is the sweetest angel

knowing that he almost didnt make it into the group and that he had to hide the fact that he was in the group until debut is the saddest fuckign thing

but not only that he constantly talks about how much he looks up to his dad and misses his family and he loves children so much and he has so much love to give everyone he was the sweetest thing at hi touch and tried to make sure every single fan had a unique moment with him even a little bit

he loves everyone so much and he would never hurt a flower he makes elephants out of moles and loves lipsyncing so much and music and his friendship with jimin is so pure and i love him please love him hes so .   hes s o. hes so sweet .  ilove him please love him im tearing up please love him