February 2, 2015
28 Days of Black Cosplay

Day Two: Robin Angelique aka Angelkeys

Hometown: Hawaii born, San Diego and Seattle Raised (Go Hawks!). Currently residing in the Carolinas.

Robin Angelique has been cosplaying since 2006. It was her interest in cinema and theatre that that first captured her attention to the world of costuming. After seeing her favorite Broadway Show, CATS for the first when she was in high school, she soon found herself delving in research to recreate the costumes that she’d seen on stage. In turn this would be the first step to her educational career in Theatre, where she earned her B.A., as well as her first venture into world of cosplay.
Robin attributes cosplaying to helping open many doors of positive outcome and sucess as well as a being a platform for self expression. For her personally cosplay was a way to help build self esteem after dealing with many years of bullying from elementary school to high school. There are so many fellow cosplayers who inspired her greatly, and who along with many others helped her to find her voice after dealing with many years of bullying. Robin feels that cosplay has done so much to unify people of all backgrounds, as well as help promote self confidence and positive body image for all. She cannot for a new fresh start in 2015 and is beyond excited to show what she has planned for this new year!

All month long we’ll be sharing different Black cosplayers from all fandoms. If you’d like to join in, please use the tag ‘28 Days of Black Cosplay’ and share Black cosplayers!
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