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Hello lovelies! I'm the anon who rec some blind!bucky a few weeks ago and the writer posted a second story and it's so good; i just want to hug Bucky and punch Rumlow's face. Can I rec Kiss Me Once Then Once More by AngeliqueH? (works/11065080) the way Steve interacts with James is so cute and funny. Luv u <3 <3

Thanks for writing in!

Kiss Me Once Then Once More by AngeliqueH

Steve met James Barnes at the medical clinic two weeks ago. After making a fool of himself, he offered James his help to walk him back to his apartment.

Since that day, Steve has been wishing he would run into James Barnes again by some sort of miracle. Since that same day, Steve has been asking himself why the hell did he wave goodbye to a blind man. - It was just by reflex, okay?

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I've just finished reading this adorable fic (works/10891938) called A Point Is All You Can Score by AngeliqueH I'd like to rec it since there is not enough Blind!Bucky out there and his refusal to be limited is well-portrayed. Did I tell you how much I love your blog? You do an amazing job! <3 <3

thank you!

A Point Is All You Can Score by AngeliqueH

Sadly, though, the man is completely ignoring Steve who actually dressed up pretty nicely today. Okay, it’s not like he expected to meet the love of his life at the medical clinic, I mean, come on, who hopes for that?

Steve Rogers might not be the most attractive guy on Earth but he sure gets noticed. Maybe he should think twice before speaking.