Taecyeon Scenario : Food Fight.

You were in the kitchen, making dinner when Taecyeon decided to go over and mess up everything.

You : Get out of the kitchen Taecyeon.

Taecyeon pouts, holding up the sliced carrots and mumbled.

Taecyeon : Why must I leave the kitchen…

You turned to face him and sighed.

You : Remember the last time you decided to make curry……

Taecyeon : YAH. We said we’ll never, N E V E R talk about it again!

You laughed and shrugged your shoulder.

You : And this is why you should leave the kitchen.

You smiled and went back to prepare the food. Taecyeon pout, still holding onto the carrots. He grinned evilly as he started to throw the carrots at you.

You : Yah. Stop it.

Taecyeon : Make me~

He teased. You turned back to him and glared at him, picking up another bunch of sliced carrots and threw it at him. You started to laugh.

Taecyeon : Oh. I see how the game is going.

He smiled and randomly grabbed an ingredient on the counter and threw it at your direction.

In the end, instead of making dinner, you both got into a food fight and had to order take out for that evening.

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1. What is your favourite book series?

- i am really into the Hex Hall series write now but as soon as Blood of Olympus comes out i am going to be rereading all of the percy jackson and HOO series.

2. What TV show are you currently watching?

- Doctor Who because of the premier on saturday!

3.Given the opportunity would you move to a different country? And if so which?

-YES! i went to england a couple of years ago and i fell in LOVE so i would move to england.

4. Would you rather live in Narnia, middle earth or go to Hogwarts?

-HOGWARTS! i would love to learn how to cast spells and be in the great hall and just be a part of the wizarding world.\

5. What is the worst tv show you have ever watched?

-Teen Titans GO! i hate it its a horrible remake and i LOVE the original teen titans so i just look at the remake and cringe.

6. Coffee or tea?

-it honestly depends i would love tee to just sit down in a warm blanket and drink it but with coffe i like it iced coffee walking around going some place with my friends.

7. Favourite colour?


8. What is your hair colour?

- Dirty Blonde

9. Winter or summer?

- Summer because no school, i can swim, longer hours on tumblr, and my birthday is in the summer

10. What is your favourite comedian?

i have no idea cant choose.


1. favorite color?

2. favorite tv show?

3. favorite movie?

4. favorite fandom?

5. where would go if you could go any where?

6. what book genre do you like the most?

7. eye color?

8. hair color?

9. favorite disney movie?

10. favorite child memory?

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