September 2004 - Olivia de Havilland and Angelina Jolie at the Premiere Women in Hollywood Awards.  Olivia de Havilland was awarded the Premiere Legend Award.  Upon receiving the award, Miss de Havilland made the following remarks:

“Lots of lovely things have happened to me in my long life, but I never dreamed that I would ever be designated a "legend”. To begin with, I always thought you had to be dead to receive that distinction, but Premiere magazine has proved me mistaken. And I cannot tell you how delighted I am that it has dubbed me a legend.

There have been many women who have become legends in past times, all of whom, I like to think, are together in the great beyond living in a beautiful palace of gold and crystal. And when my time comes to ascend to the upper realms - we hope that is the direction in which I will go! - I shall expect to find at the admissions desk an invitation to dwell with them, and if I should not find an such an invitation awaiting me, I shall storm the gates! And if these should suddenly and violently be thrust open by an irate and imperious Queen Elizabeth the first - looking strangely like Bette Davis - demanding of me my credentials, I shall tell her, on September the 14th, in the year 2004, I was designated a legend by Premiere magazine! And then I shall say to her, and who may I ask are you? I’m so pleased. I thank you, again and again. Love and kisses to all.“ (x)

“I didn’t die young, so I’m very lucky. There are other artists and people that didn’t survive certain things… People can imagine that I did the most dangerous, and I did the worst. For many reasons, I shouldn’t be here.”

-Angelina Jolie