I don’t see the point of doing an interview unless you’re going to share the things you learn in life and the mistakes you make. So to admit that I’m extremely human and have done some dark things I don’t think makes me unusual or unusually dark. I think it actually is the right thing to do, and I’d like to think it’s the nice thing to do.
US Weekly's new cover featuring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split is demonstrably and undeniably pro-Pitt

Game of PR, even when you are the one who fucked up the whole situation.

See how Brad is playing this now:

The main point the magazine is pushing is that Angelina has engaged in a “smear campaign” against Brad, while Brad presents himself as someone who wanted to go classy all the way in their divorce in order to protect the children, hoping that public opinion would favour him because everyone is still f-cked up over how ugly and how sensational this situation has become.

If you read the print version of US Weekly, however, there is one detail that hasn’t made it online yet. One detail that hasn’t been picked up, yet. It’s buried in the story, in the print version, and it has to do with what went down on that plane. Let’s recap the plane:

They were flying back from France. There was an argument. Maddox supposedly became involved. The argument was so heated that the authorities were called. Last week, Brad Pitt’s sources confirmed to PEOPLE that there was indeed an incident that got out of hand. They stressed, however, that while Brad and Maddox went “nose to nose”, Brad did not strike his son in the face. Those two points were then removed from the original story posted at, leaving only Brad’s team’s assertions that he regrets that he lost his temper but at no point became violent.Click here for a refresher of my analysis of that curious edit from last week.

So. Even his team can’t deny that a very intense argument went down. It’s the specifics of that argument that are being debated. Given that the specifics are in dispute, with Brad claiming that Angelina has exaggerated the situation to her advantage and Angelina claiming that Brad’s behaviour was so alarming she had no choice but to mobilise against him, this is the bit of information in US Weekly’s story – the print version – that, for some reason, hasn’t gotten a lot of play. Or ANY play.

When Jolie and Pitt boarded the private VistaJet plane from Nice, France, en route to L.A. September 14, their marriage was already beyond repair. “Their arguments,” says the Pitt friend, “progressively became more frequent.” They had another blowout during the 14-hour flight. At some point, Pitt, who had been drinking, allegedly became enraged and began yelling at Jolie. “When Maddox intervened to protect Angelina,” says a Jolie source, “Brad got up in his face and screamed at him to mind his own business.” Another insider claims closed-circuit footage exists of Pitt getting “physical” and causing “damage to the plane itself.” (According to TMZ, when the plane stopped in International Falls, Minnesota, to refuel, Pitt disembarked and tried to drive off in a fuel truck.)

Damage to the plane itself.

That’s a pretty explosive detail, non? And it’s an explosive EXCLUSIVE detail. Which is the word that gives us all an instant erection. If you have an exclusive detail like a source telling you that Brad Pitt’s temper may have caused “damage to the plane itself”, why wouldn’t you make a bigger deal of it?

See that bold truth? 

Even Pitt’s team can’t deny what happened. TMZ, that plane, FBI and i’m sure Angie and Pitts teams all have that video showing him very drunk, screaming/yelling at Angie and then getting on Madd who’s trying to protect his mother (how many times has he had to do that?) from his father, and then Brad, still drunk, gets off the plane and takes a fuel car trying to drive off….. which is why authorities were called and FBI got involved.

All of that, but watch him fully blame Angie to cover himself for what what is happening and has happened.

Marriage is hard, with alcohol and anger, even harder, with teenagers and parenting triply harder, when then a public life is added to that, it’s infinitely harder. I empathize with both of them. Feel sad for them because even in this mess they still love each other. And now we watch a public spectacle of trying to save each of their brands in this mess.

Angie landed first with filing and TMZ getting on that, Brad is feeding the rags now and trying to bury (while also admitting some of) the truth, next Angie will answer this, wondering when that tape will land. It will be a big thud when it does.


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