angelina jolies leg

First impression - Greece

-that takes the whole ‘angelina jolie leg’ to a whole new level

-Rain background… bit too typical

-Aiiii offkey

-But the background changed to gold so Im okay

-What is happening with the backup dancers?

-It looks like they’re fanatically doing yoga in a puddle…. shirtless.,.. in the middle of a eurovision stage


Winchester brothers-My funny teddy bear

Title: My funny teddy bear

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:1033

Request:Sup :3 Could you do a oneshot where the boys little sister is way younger then them but her teddy bear comes to life and is huge kind of like that episode of supernatural where the bear is alive? But not depressing and it ends up being wacky and quirky XD

‘’Smammy’’You mumbled tiredly as you tugged on your older brothers sleeve. Sam looked down, face softening as he bent down and picked you up before resting you on his hip. 

He tucked your hair behind your ear as he pecked the side of your head. ‘’Hey baby, why are you up so late?’’Sam coo’d. ‘’Do you need some milk?’’Sam asked in concern as he made his way to the fridge. 

You yawned again, fist curling into a ball as you shook your head. ‘’I can’t find Mr. Scruffles’’You pouted in genuine sadness. Sam chuckled slightly at how adorable you were before he walked out into the main room of the bunker. 

‘’Dean, have you seen Mr.Scruffles?’’Sam asked. Dean glanced up from his book, frowning at why you were up so late before he looked at Sam and shook his head before pausing. 

‘’Oh-hang on.. yes I have’’Dean said as he stood up, chair scrapping off the back of the floor as he bent down and plucked a familiar teddy bear from the underneath of the couch. 

You squealed in Sammy’s arm as you held out your tiny hands and clasped them open and shut in a ‘gimme’ motion. Dean chuckled as he passed you Mr.Scruffles and pecked your head. 

Sammy made his way over to your bedroom as he gently hovered over the bed so he could tuck you under the quilts. He ruffled your hair gently before saying a goodnight and closing the door after checking all the salt and signals. 

‘’I wish you were real. We could be bestest friends’’You whispered as you kissed your finger then pressed it to his nose. You shut your eyes and let sleep over take you, ready for the morning ahead. 


‘’DE! DE!’’You squealed as you rushed into his bedroom and climbed up into his bed. You jumped up and down on his bed making the older Winchester stir. ‘’Get Smammy!’’.

Dean shot up in panic, hands grasping around your tiny waist so you wouldn’t go anywhere as he called for Sam. Sam shot into the room, stumbling over Dean’s socks.

Sam grasped your face as he looked at you in concern as he looked you over with worry. 

‘’What’s wrong! Is she hurt!’’Sam cried. Dean just shrugged in confusion but wore the same scared look. 

‘’Come look!’’You cried as you jumped off the bed almost giving your brothers heart attacks since it was a big jump for you. You rushed to your room as Dean and Sam followed with their guns in hand in case there was a demon. 

Dean pushed you back gently as Sam grasped you and hoisted you up on his hip while Dean slowly nodded towards Sam and opened the door. Both of their mouths dropped open at the sight of a huge teddy bear sititing on your bed, bigger than them.

‘’Mr.Scruffles is alive!’’You yelled in happiness.


The two brothers were currently pacing the floor. Dean had tried to stop you from going near him in case he was dangerous but you had just pulled a strop and sobbed until the gave in. 

You were sitting in his lap as you giggled and played with his paws. 

‘’Okay, who the hell are you?’’Dean stumbled out the least bisar question he could think of due to the situation. 

‘’Who the hell am I? Who the hell are you, Ken? I’m guessing big foot over there is your barbie’’You bear remarked. 

Dean and Sam both looked at each other with shock as they speechlessly tried to respond but was left without words at the sassy bear. 

‘’Of all the bears to come alive’’Dean grumbled under his breath. 

‘’What’d you say?, Don’t think I don’t see that little slip of the leg, Angelina Jolie’’Mr.Scruffles snickered. Dean glanced down at his dressing gown and covered his leg whislt Sam tried his hardest to contain his laughs. 

‘’Isn’t he amazing!’’You giggled, bouncing up and down. 

‘’Whoa, watch it kid, you still got baby fat, we can’t all be bones like Ken over their. And big foot is just one burger away from a heart attack’’Mr.Scruffles whispered. You laughed, being to young to understand what he was saying about you.

Dean consciously covered himself up as Sam looked down at his stomach before giving the bear his classical bitch face. 

‘’Okay, you can shut the hell up Mr.Shit he-’’

‘’Dean’’Sam hissed as he nudged his older brother. Dean looked over, sighing when he noticed you had paused what you were doing and was now looking at him with big sad puppy dog eyes. 

Dean mumbled a apology as you giggled and continued to play with Mr.Scruffles. 

‘’Dude’’Sam whispered in a harsh tone as he pulled Dean away. ‘’How are we going to get her to let us put him back?!’’Sam yelped.

‘’How are we even going to get it back?!’’Dean responded in a growl. ‘’I don’t know about you but I must have been in target practice when Dad was teaching you how to kill giant freaking teddy bears!’’

‘’You’re going to hurt Mr.Scruffles!’’You sniffled loudly. Mr.Scruffles turned to face Sam and Dean as Sam shook his head, laughing nervously. 

‘’Don’t worry, (Y/n). fatso and stick couldn’t kill me. Fatso wouldn’t be able to run with that stomach. I mean are you pregnant?! It’s what I thought. And stick, he’d jsut fall straight over like a fish out of water’’Mr.Scruffles provoked. 

Sam and Dean’s nostrils both flared as they glared at the teddy bear but gritted a pained smile. 

‘’Oh..Fatso you’ve got something on your chin’’Mr.Scruffles said as Sam rubbed his chin with a confused face. ‘’No the third one’’.Sam  dropped his hand with a pissed expression as he turned to Dean.’’I swear, I am going to kill this bear!’’Sam hissed. Never again would they be able to freely hand you Mr.Scruffles or feel safe around the snappy bear again. 

It wasn’t fair that Dean was allowed to make any more remarks otherwise you’d get upset so he had to just let Mr.scruffles freely attack him.

‘’I’m calling Bobby..’’

prokrastina  asked:

I like your blog. I just started falling into the wonderful rabbithole that is Star Trek, but already know that Spock and Kirk will forever have a special place in my heart. Also: I am convinced The Search For Spock is the trashiest yet greatest 80s love story movie in existence. Let me follow you

YO, real talk – sfs is my favorite dramatic love story. I mean…

^^^^ Angelina Jolie legs, anyone??? :B

Spock confirmed for Damsel in Distress™

Better and more eloquent users than I have written metric fucktons of quality meta on why The Search for Spock is a romantic drama – mainly the fact that when you really sit down and try to sum up the plot – 

“My one true love is dead and I’m a broken shell of myself without them sad tracksuit of sadness and hold myself responsible for their death, but now there’s a chance to redeem myself and honor their memory, even if that doesn’t mean getting them back, but SURPRISE BITCH bonus of bonuses, I got them back too, and now I am NEVER LETTING THEM GO EVER AGAIN AND GOD HELP YOU IF YOU TRY TO GET IN MY WAY”

The movie is about Kirk sacrificing EVERYTHING IN HIS LIFE WE HAVE BEEN TOLD FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES AND TWO MOVIES IS SUPPOSEDLY MOST IMPORTANT TO HIM in order to take part in some weird Vulcan ritual he knows next to nothing about, on the OFF CHANCE it *might* somehow preserve Spock’s soul (but not his life). Like it’s easy to forget that when setting out on this mission, Kirk had no reason to believe Spock was capable of being brought back to life. Even in regard to the preservation of Spock’s katra – it wasn’t necessarily something Jim was sure he believed possible – but that was the goal; that was the only thing he hoped – dared hope – to accomplish with all this sacrifice. And for this, this slim HOPE of chance at preserving Spock’s katra, Jim said ‘yeah… fuck my career, fuck my reputation, fuck the Enterprise??? (supposedly the one thing he loves and cares about more than anything else in his entire life??? sure, Jan) and fucks off to Genesis in direct violation of orders pretty much IMMEDIATELY after Sarek’s visit.

Once Spock is restored and conscious (but still in NO WAY fully recovered), he doesn’t remember ANYTHING else, but he remembers Jim’s name. 

If that’s not a fucking love story, IDK what is.

Omg I’m so sorry that got super out of hand but suffice to say oMG YAAAS WELCOME AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG!!!

Have you watched The Voyage Home yet??? Because…. that one is… iMPORTANT. BECAUSE WHALES. <3

*hugs* So glad to have you here!!