angelina jolie*

bobbg470  asked:

What do you think would happen if a celebrity found out? Like a mega-superstar-celebrity like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Angelina Jolie. The amount of conspiracy theories/outcry would be huge. Also, do you think influential humans know?

Obviously the mysterious disappearances of famous people = they became vampires.  Deaths that don’t quite make sense = became a vampire. Amelia Earhart and Elvis and whoever else is out there walking the earth as a member of the undead. I would think there would be some vampires who would want to hobnob with celebrities, they’re sort of the royalty of our time. Not many–most don’t care about human affairs–but vampires like Laurent who was draw to powerful people, or his creator Boris who loved a good party.

I think if a celebrity found out, they’d probably keep the secret in hopes of getting immortality themselves. Young and beautiful forever? The Hollywood dream! 

And speaking of royalty, I think in the past that Kings and Queen probably DID know about vampires and agreed with the Volturi that keeping it secret was the best for everyone, and sometimes when one family overthrew another it was with the help and backing of vampires. 

In the modern day I’m not so sure, because with democracies and republics the people in charge are always rotating, so too many people would have to know. It’s not like you tell the royal family and they pass it down through the generations, you’ve got to tell each new president and prime minister. What a hassle, and the more people who know the more likely the secret will get out. 

There might be a select few governments who know, or maybe are only each told a little part of it, or told slightly different stories so they know who blabbed if the info leaks? I think the humans “running” Volterra have to be in on it.