angelina jolie brad pitt engaged


(I’m on my phone so bare with me)

First Pictures: With these photographs, Modest! and the media and the photographers, wanted to paint a picture of the Perfect fairytale and make everyone believe that this couple are without a fault.
These photos are without a doubt, Staged. How could they possibly stage that, you say?
Well if you know Anything about Zayn, you would know that back in high school, according to his teacher, he was the best in his Drama class, Zayn can easily fake a smile, as can Perrie, a quick peck? No bigy, they’ve done it once before.
A quick reminder that these ARE PHOTOS, you cannot see/hear what is going on between takes, you don’t know how many photos it took before they got the perfect shot.

Now let’s compare this, “private” engaged couple to another, more famous, engaged couple. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (don’t know if I got the name right but yea). This couple are the true meaning of Private, you don’t see them taking HD photos of their private events and selling them to big magazines.

Second Pictures: Recently we have been getting a lot of behind the scenes Zerrie. Could their be someone on the inside? It doesn’t make sense, Yes people take HD photos but they do it for themselves, and keep it, but these were sold to the media.

Once again, Z*rrie doesn’t add up. Z*rrie isn’t the perfect relationship everyone makes it out to be, and some of us are smart enough to see behind all that the media says and doesn’t say. Little Mix have cancelled their American Salute tour so we knew it was only a matter of time before they needed some Z*rrie to get people off the topic of Little Mix failing to sell in America.

Sorry if this is long, I just had to say all this :).
P.S these photos are not mine, credit to all owners.