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A blonde girl now? Something about her was familiar, but he did not know in what sense or even how if he had never laid eyes on her before. Those very gold eyes, scanning her visage with confusion, yet curiosity lingering there too. “You… What’s your name, girl?” He actually asked this time which was a rarity in and of itself.

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The Master was ready to leave the area due to a lack of interest when suddenly he felt the presence of something quite peculiar behind him. He had raised his hand to make a portal, and it started to slowly clench, almost out of habit as its position no longer necessary. Remaining silent, he waited another voice to break the silence.

Hello, I'm your #1 fan.

The first assignment one of Roxas’s new teachers had given the class to do was find an art gallery they liked and visit it through the semester.  Honestly?  Roxas thought it was a waste of his fucking time.  He didn’t want to visit a gallery every couple of weeks.  He had visited quite a few during his lifetime and he had the internet, which was a gift from the gods and had everything he needed (even the answers to his homework occasionally).  Even though the blond didn’t want to, he started his journey to find an art gallery around the town that he liked.  Roxas wanted to just say that the first one he walked into would be the one he visited all semester, but he didn’t find any excitement in any of the pieces.  With reluctance, he moved onto the next gallery.

Roxas was just about to exit the next gallery when a piece by the door caught his eye.  He stood there, staring at it as the clock ticked.  What did he find so beautiful about it?  It was balanced.  What else?  The colors were light.  Almost as if a person was looking through a fog and trying to distinguish what waited a few meters ahead, the colors seeming to fade into existence.  His eyes dipped down to look at the name.  Namine.  He whispered the name over and over, trying to figure out the pronunciation before giving up.

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In Venice

Rico found herself staring up at St. Mark's Basilica. The church really was beautiful. But everything about this city was beautiful. She really love this. It was just as good as the city of Florence. 

It was rather hard to believe, in some time later, this city will be swallowed up by the ocean. It was a sad thought. Rico shook her head, and look around. Pigeons were everywhere, along with so many tourists. 

Still, there was a girl, who look like to be her age at this city. They made eye contact. Rico smiled shyly and wave at the girl.