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When Sam was at Stanford, everytime a case took Dean relatively close, he would go check up on him. He would drive to the school, sneak into the dorms when Sam was in class and salt the doors. He would also leave any money he had somewhere in Sam's room, usually in the hollow book Dean got him for his birthday when they were kids. Sometimes he would even sneak into a massive lecture hall just to see his dorky kid brother's face.

oh my god do you know how logical it would be for that to have actually happened!?!?!

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So Sam said that you have an other tattoo, and that it has his name in it. I was wonder what it was? :)

It’s some symbol I saw in one of Bobby’s books. It means unity or uh… togetherness or some peace, love and happiness thing like that. It’s got Sam’s name around the edge of it. It’s really small, just on my hip.

… I was wasted when I got it but uh… I kinda like it.

Okay, so I decided to torture you all with this, it’s part of the alternate ending of Slipping Away that I started writing and still haven’t finished:

His birthday’s in April and he turns eighteen. He’s a legal adult now, he made it out of childhood alive, but he’s still too young to die. Stiles is dying anyway. He can feel it already, that maybe the treatments aren’t having such a good effect anymore, that there are more days now that are bad than there were before. The others haven’t noticed yet though, he’s at least got that to be thankful for. It’s not much, but it’s something.

They have a huge celebration for his birthday, he can’t stop it from happening, can’t keep them from hoping and dreaming of the future when they’re so sure he’ll have one. The problem is he’s starting to wonder for the first time whether he’ll actually get that future. Stiles has spent so long fighting, so many months struggling through treatments that were in some ways worse than the disease that he can’t bring himself to accept that maybe it was all for nothing. Maybe he’ll die anyway, maybe he should start preparing himself for that in order to prepare his loved ones.

But it’s so very hard to even think about, to try and accept something he’s been railing against, something he’s thrown everything he is into fighting. So Stiles puts on a brave face and he goes to the surprise party that his friends have been planning for weeks, never knowing that Scott spilled the beans almost immediately.

It was more fun that way, he and Scott got to laugh about their ridiculous attempts to keep it a secret while conspiring the entire time for him to walk in on their planning meetings at the most awkward moments. All of it was probably the most fun he and Scott had had in months, they’d been hard put to contain themselves from giving away the secret. Stiles is pretty sure that Derek caught on anyway but he hadn’t said anything so Stiles wasn’t going to bring it up.

So the morning of his birthday he goes out for brunch with Derek, knowing that it’s Derek’s job to distract him and keep him out of the house while the others set up for the party. It’s a beautiful morning, warm and sunny and the perfect day, but he’s got a low level of anxiety building that kinda spoils all of it just a little. It’s hard to enjoy a date with your boyfriend when you’ve got one of the killer headaches that you haven’t had in months, that mean the treatment isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

The good news is that he’s actually gotten pretty good at hiding those headaches so he doesn’t make the date as awkward as it could have been. Instead, he actually manages to keep Derek smiling for most of the date. Of course, it helps that he knows exactly what’s going on back at his house.