angelica's dad

*If John hadn’t died*

Eliza: *opens front door* Mr. Laurens, how nice of you to have dinner with us. Please, come in. Alexander! Laurens is here!

Alexander: Laurens, thank you for coming. *comes to front door*

Philip and Angelica (their daughter): DADDY!

Eliza: Um, children, you only have one daddy.

Philip: We know but dad calls Mr. Laurens ‘daddy’ all the time.

Angelica: Yeah!

Eliza: What?

Alexander: What?

Laurens: What?

That actually happened 2 mins ago

Dad: *gets in my room*

Dad: *sees ‘And Peggy’ written in a piece of paper*

Me: Hoi?

Dad: What’s And Peggy

Me: Sit

Me: *takes phone*

Me: *grabs notes*

Me: *grabs history book out of my bag*


Hamilton as things me and my friends have said

Hamilton;  English … more like *screams*
Laurens;  Ha! That’s gay … *whispers* same
Mulligan;  My beanie collection has recently reached 17 … *sinister whisper* I need more
Lafayette;  Oui oui motherfuckers!
Burr;  If you don’t shut up, I can and will push you off a cliff
Washington;  *sudden realisation* Holy shit, I’m the dad friend …
Angelica;  Just because I’m in heels doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass
Eliza;  *screaming* Everything is just so fucking pretty!
Peggy;  I am a living meme
Maria;  I like the phrase ‘fuck me’ because it can be taken two ways
Jefferson;  *bursts into the room* Yes, hello, it is me! I am here to grace you all with my wonderful presence!
Madison;  *screaming* I am currently injured!
Philip;  My last words will probably be “Well shit!”
Seabury;  I am a walking talking bible
King George III;  My love for you burns like this house I’m about to set on fire

  • Hamilton: and everyday "sir, entrust me with a command" and everyday
  • Washington: No
  • Hamilton: He *sniffles* dismisses *sniffle* me.. out.. of... DAD PLEASE LET ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'VE WASHED THE DISHES THIS WHOLE WEEK COME ON
The Schuyler Sisters translated into Russian and back to English

so, I took inspiration from @stupidships3335 and decided to use russian instead of French. be prepared for laughter.

Nothing rich is no longer loved
Than going to the center and slums this with the poor
They pull in their cars and yawners
Students in general
Just watch as they say
Take Philip Schuyler: the man is loaded
Oh, but how little does he know that
His daughters Peggy, Angelica, Eliza
Make your way to the city to see all the guys

Work work!


Work work!


And Peggy!

Work work!

Sisters Schuyler!





Dad said that he was at home by the sunset

Dad does not need to know

Dad said not to go to the city center

As I said, you can go

But … look around, look around
The revolution takes place in New York

New York


Bad that the pope wants to go to war

People scream in the square

It’s bad that there will be violence on our coast

New ideas in the air

Look around, look around

Angelica, remind me what we’re looking for …

She’s looking at me!

Eliza, I’m looking for a mind for work (work, work!)
I’m looking for the mind to work! (Work work!)
I’m looking for the mind to work! (Work work!)


Ugh! There’s nothing but summer in town
Someone in a hurry next to someone looks beautiful
Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny.
But your smells smell like your dad’s money
Why are you a slum in the city, in your fantastic heels
Are you looking for a hedgehog that can give you ideals?

Burr, you disgust me

Oh, so you discussed me
Baby, I trust you, you can trust me!

Thomas Payne reads common sense
So people say I’m strong or I’m crazy
Do you want a revolution? I want a revelation
So listen to my statement:

“We believe that these truths are taken for granted
That all people are created equal ”

And when I meet with Thomas Jefferson


I’m forcing him to include women in the sequel!


Look around, look how
Fortunately, we must be alive right now!

Look around, look how
Fortunately, we must be alive right now!

The story takes place in Manhattan, and we just ended up
In the greatest city in the world!

In the greatest city in the world!

Because I read Thomas Payne’s Common Sense (Look around, look around) {Hey! Hello! Hello! Hi!}
So people say I’m strong or I’m crazy (The revolution is going on) {Hey! Hello! Hello! Hi!}

Do you want a revolution? I want revelations (New York, New York!) {Look around, look around for the ongoing revolution}
So listen to my statement:

We consider these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal (look around, look around)
Ugh! (How lucky we are that we are now living)

Look around, see how lucky we are that we live right now!
The story takes place in Manhattan, and we just ended up

In the greatest city in the world

In the largest city

In the greatest city in the world!

Work work!


Work work!


And Peggy!

Work work!

Sisters Schuyler!

Work work!

Hamilton needs help
  • *Washington doing stuff happily retired until hears frantic knocking, answers door to breathless Hamilton*
  • Hamilton: Dad! Help angelica, Eliza and Laurans found out about each other... Right after I burnt some Mac and cheese... And a load of other stuff...
  • *Washington eyes light up happily*
  • Washington: you called me dad
  • Hamilton: there all after me...please help
  • *Hamilton realises*
  • Washington: you can come in... Son...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, KIDDOS!!! Here’s my special Thanksgiving lil fic for you, and this one is not at all angsty! Thank you to @ciceroniantrash for the fabulous prompt! I had lots of fun writing this. I was picturing the Schuyler Mansion as it is now/was then since I’ve been there like three times, and they really do have a fancy dining room. If you wanna know more about my choices for who out of the Schuyler family is present here and why just send me an ask! Enjoy, and have a great day, bbys! :D <333

hamilsquad Friendsgiving at the Schuylers’ for Thanksgiving day

“It was so kind of you to invite us, Mrs. Schuyler,” Alexander said as he, John, and Lafayette walked through the front door of the Schuyler’s mansion.

“It’s our pleasure,” Mrs. Schuyler said. “Peggy? Come take their coats.”

“Why do I have to?” Peggy mumbled as she made her way down the stairs, pulling back her hair into her signature ponytail in the process.

“Because you’re the first one ready,” Mrs. Schuyler said with a smile. She turned back to the boys. “And please, call me Catherine.” Turning back to Peggy, she added, “And don’t you dare call me Catherine.”

The three boys burst out in laughter. Peggy made faces at them as she took their coats and once again disappeared upstairs.

Just then, Philip Schuyler emerged from the direction of the kitchen wearing an apron. He looked much more frazzled than usual. “Hey, boys,” he said. “Cath, um, a moment in the kitchen?”

Catherine smirked. “Hmm, I wonder what this could be about.” Turning to the boys, she stage-whispered, “Someone said he could handle the entire Thanksgiving meal this year.” She winked before following Philip.

Just then, a small child ran down the staircase and into the long hallway where the boys stood, surrounded by old portraits of Schuyler relatives.

“Get back here, Ren!” Angelica said.

Even if Angelica hadn’t said a word, Alexander still would have known it was her because of the clack clack clack of her heels on the wooden steps. She was the only Schuyler sister who wore them.

Rensselaer ran right up to Lafayette and stared up at him. “You have hair like mine,” he said pointing to Laf’s pulled back curls.

“Oui, petit mon ami,” Laf said, stooping down to the boy’s level.

Angelica finally made it down the stairs, looking quite agitated as she approached the boys.

“You look as beautiful as ever, Ms. Schuyler,” Alexander said, offering his hand to Angelica.

That brought a slight smile to her face. “And you look dashing, Mr. Hamilton,” she said in a mock British accent.

John wrapped his arms around Alexander’s waist from behind. “Step away, Ms. Schuyler. This one’s mine.” He kissed Alex’s cheek, causing color to rise to his boyfriend’s face.

“Ew!” a girlish giggle floated down the stairs. Down the stairs came Cornelia, the second youngest Schuyler child, dressed in a princess costume. Behind her was Eliza, carrying baby Catherine.

“She refused to wear anything else,” Eliza said, nodding toward Cornelia.

Cornelia curtsied to the boys, who bowed in return. Angelica rolled her eyes at the display, but Eliza laughed.

“You’re so indulgent to her,” Eliza said.

“It’s because they don’t have to live with her 24/7,” Angelica muttered.

“Ren? Cornelia? Come help set the table?” Catherine stepped out of the dining room and shouted. “And where are P.J. and Cortlandt? They should be helping, too,” she said in reference to her two other sons. “And Peggy,” she murmured. “Where’d that girl race off to now?”

“Is John coming?” Eliza asked Angelica.

Angelica checked her watch. “He should be here in like ten minutes,” she said.

“John and Angelica sitting in a tree,” Peggy sang from somewhere unseen.

“Where the hell are you?” Angelica hissed, looking around her only to see her friends, Eliza, and younger siblings.

“K-i-s-s-i-n-g,” Peggy singsonged.

“MARGARITA SCHUYLER GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW,” Catherina shouted from the dining room.

Angelica and Eliza burst into laughter as Peggy sulked down the stairs. She turned and held up her middle finger to them right before disappearing into the dining room.

This was what Alexander loved most about visiting the Schuyler household. After growing up in such a small family, then having no family before being adopted by the Washingtons, the Schuyler household was a welcome window into what life with a large, loving family was like.

He took John’s hand and squeezed it. He hoped one day to find out firsthand just what that kind of family life was like.


After a lot more shouting, laughing, and some crying from baby Catherine and Ren, who stubbed his toe while chasing Cornelia around the house before dinner, the entire family was finally seated and the large wooden table that was completely covered in dishes of food.

Baby Catherine sat in a highchair by Catherine, who was seated at one head of the table. Philip sat at the other head, with Cornelia and Cortlandt on either side of him, since they would need the most help with their meals, being only five and seven respectively.

Philip Jeremiah, or PJ as everyone called him, had sulked down after his mother called him for third time. He was fourteen and in that phase where his thick, black bangs were so long they covered his eyes and he always had earbuds in if he could help it. He glared at everyone who dared to look at him, except for Angelica, who apparently but the fear of god in everyone, including her snarky younger brother.

John and Alex were seated next to each other, with Laf on Alex’s other side. Hercules was with his family, but had promised to drop by for dessert later. Across from them was Angelica, her boyfriend, John Church, Eliza, and Peggy, who kept glaring at Angelica’s boyfriend.

“So, boys,” Philip said, turning to Alex, Laurens, and Laf, “it’s our tradition here to go around the table and say one thing we’re thankful for this year.”

“But there’s a trick!” Cornelia exclaimed.

“I think you mean a ‘catch,’” PJ mumbled.

“He speaks!” Peggy declared through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

“Ew,” Eliza said with a laugh, stabbing at her carrots with the prongs of her fork.

“God, you’re all so embarrassing,” Angelica said. “Sorry,” she whispered to John, stroking his arm.

“Wha awh you sowy fwo?” Peggy said as she shovelled more food into her mouth. She grinned at Angie and a few peas escaped her mouth.

“Oh my GOD,” Angelica shouted. “Dad!” She turned to Philip, who was hiding his mouth behind his napkin. Alexander could tell he was trying to hide his laughter.

“Peggy,” he said once he’d composed himself. “Remember your manners?”

“Sorry,” she said with an empty mouth and mischievous grin.

“You’re seventeen for god’s sake,” Angelica muttered as she stabbed at some stuffing.

“Okay, back to the family tradition,” Catherine said with a quick clap. “So the catch that Cornelia was trying to mention is that you can’t repeat what someone else said.”

“We’ll start down here, with the little ones,” Philip said, gesturing to Cornelia and Cortlandt.

“Me first!” Cornelia said excitedly. She cleared her throat and pushed her chair back, then climbed on top of it.

It was obvious that all of the adults at the table where trying to stifle their laughter, since Cornelia, still in her princess costume, was taking this tradition so seriously.

“I’m thankful for my mommy and my daddy and my big sister Peggy.”

“What about us?” Angelica asked, motioning between her and Eliza.

Cornelia crossed her arms and stamped on the chair. “You two left!”

“We’re just at college,” Eliza said.

“Hey, guys, shut it, I’m the fav here, clearly,” Peggy said with another one of her grins.

“My turn!” Cortlandt exclaimed. “I’m thankful for Mommy’s tummy where she keeps growing new babies. I can’t wait for a new one!”

Catherine’s face turned a deep shade of red. Philip stammered to her rescue.

“Uh, wow, Cort, that was, an, um, unique one… but Mama’s tummy is done with babies. Look at how many it made.” He gestured to his other children.

“Why is it done?” Cortlandt asked.

Now Philip was clearly growing flustered. Catherine intervened.

“Because it’s tired,” she said smoothly.

“Why is it tired?” Cortlandt asked.

“We can talk about this later,” Catherine said.

All of the older kids and their friends were laughing into their napkins.

“PJ, how about you go next,” Philip hastily suggested.

“I’m thankful for music,” PJ mumbled. He glared at everyone seated around the table. “And for headphones,” he added.

“All right,” Philip said. “Ren?”

“I’m grateful for my math workbook because it has all of the answers in the back,” the grade schooler said with a smile.

“My turn!” Peggy declared. Copying Cornelia, she stood, but only on the floor, thankfully. Her nose tilted high, she began her list of what she was thankful for. “I’m grateful for my gut instinct, which so far has never been wrong about anything. Especially when it comes to dating.”

There was the sound of silverware clattering against a plate, and Alexander glanced up to see Angelica fuming.

“I’ll go,” Eliza said quickly, jumping up between her sisters.

Alexander took a moment to appreciate Eliza, and how she selflessly threw herself between her arguing sisters. She also looked as beautiful as ever, in a powder blue sleeveless dress and white cardigan, her long black hair hanging loose around her face, some glimmer-y makeup on her eyes.

“I’m grateful for the amazing example my older sister has given me on how to be a good person who stands up for what is right,” she said, looking at Angie. She turned to Peggy. “And I’m grateful to my younger sister, for the lessons she also teaches me, on how to be both funny and serious, and how to chase after what I want in life.”

Both Peggy and Angelica quickly sobered up after Eliza spoke. She sat down with a knowing smile on her face.

Angelica stood. “I’m grateful to Eliza and Peggy,” then she took in the faces of her younger siblings, “and all of my siblings, for giving me so much love. And to John, who I also lo––”

“Seriously?” Peggy sighed.

Angelica glared at her sister before continuing. “Who I also love, and I’m grateful to my family for welcoming him with open arms, especially since this is the first time he’s celebrated Thanksgiving anywhere other than the campus dining hall, being from England.”

“And we are overjoyed to have him here,” Catherine quickly agreed. “Would you like to try out our tradition, John?”

“Absolutely,” he said, quickly hopping to his feet. “I’m so grateful to you, Mrs. Schuyler, and you,” he said, turning to Philip, “Mr. Schuyler, for opening your home to me today. And thank you,” he gestured to the rest of the family, “for being so gracious as to have me here.”

“He talks funny,” Cornelia said with a giggle.

“It’s called an accent,” PJ said, rolling his eyes.

“Ham, you wanna go?” Angelica asked, clearly wanting to get off of a certain topic.

“I’d love to,” Alexander said, standing up. “I’m grateful to be able to spend today with such a loving family. George and Martha are sad that Laf and I aren’t home for the holidays, and I miss them, but this is also such a treat. Even though it’s cold and even snowy,” he glanced out the window at the little white flakes that were starting to coat the ground and bare limbs of trees, “it’s warm and welcoming in here. I never had a large family, and seeing all of you, and the love behind even your quips,” he took a deep breath. “Well, it’s really refreshing. Thank you for having me.”

Catherine dabbed at her eyes with her tissue. “I’d like to go and say that I’m grateful you’re here, Alexander, and that all of our guests are here. I’m also grateful for this little one,” she said, resting a hand on baby Catherine’s head, “and for all of my little ones.” She looked lovingly over her children. “And of course, for the love of my life.”

“And I for you,” he said, blowing her a kiss.

“Gross!” Cortlandt exclaimed, causing the entire table to burst into a fit of laughter.

“John? Laf? You guys want a turn?”

“I’m grateful for acceptance,” John said quickly, staying seated, looking down at his nearly empty plate. “And for the people who’ve shown it to me.”

Alexander took his hand and squeezed it. If he had his way, he’d never let go.

“And me? Well, I am grateful for one thing, and one thing only,” Laf said with a cheeky grin. “I’m grateful for––”

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!” His boyfriend burst into the dining room with a grin on his face.

Everyone was laughing again, and Laf ran over to his boyfriend, kissing him before pulling him over to the table to sit next to him.

“The gang’s all here,” Alexander said.

“Just as it should be,” Angelica said with a smile.

“I want pie!” Cornelia shouted.

“We’ve got plenty of that,” Philip told her. “But not until after you finish dinner.”

And so the evening went on, and Alexander never wanted it to end.

Fluffmas Day 3-Christmas Shopping

Fluffmas Day 3-Christmas Shopping (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Today was the day. Probably one the hardest things you will ever do in your life. Risking your life for the one you love. Praying that you make it through and can makes it back to the ones you love. This will be one of the most dangerous, grueling, deadly—

“(Y/N) stop mentally monologuing already!” shouted an annoyed Angelica, smacking you behind the head.

“Seriously, we’re just going Christmas shopping.” said Eliza.

“It’s not like we’re fighting in the American Revolution.” added Peggy, laughing at your antics.

“You have no understanding of my pain and hardships!” you shook your fist at your best friends. “I have four boyfriends, three best friends, two parents, four grandparents, one sibling, a niece and nephew and one baby goddaughter to shop for!”

You held up your long list of people you needed to shop for.

“You forgot the Washingtons, Theodosia, Aaron, Madison, Jefferson, and our dad.” said Angelica.

“GODDAMNIT!?” You cursed, crumpling the piece paper and throwing it. You’ll have to order more boxes of peppermint bark!

Eliza picked it up and examined it. “Most of these name are already crossed out, (Y/N).”

Peggy snatched it from her sister’s hands. “Yeah, the only ones left are Herc, Alex, John, and Laf.”

You cringed, not wanting to look at your friends faces.

“Girl, do you not know—”

“What don’t be ridiculous?! I was just saving the best for last?! I totally know what to get them?!” you retorted.

The Schuyler Sisters stared at you with their ‘Oh really?’ looks.

“Fine, you got me. I have no idea what to get them…Why are boys so hard to shop for?!” you clutched your head in frustration.

“Oh c'mon, they must have told you about the things they want.”

“That’s the thing I asked and they just said ‘All we need is your love.’” you said.

“Great! They don’t want anything!” cheered Peggy, while you, Angelica, and Eliza face palmed. “What?”

“Because the guys said they didn’t want anything because they didn’t want to sound like they wanted something…” said Angelica.

“But in reality, they really do want something.” finished Eliza.

“And once again, I don’t have anything!” you cried.

“Oh, guys are weird.”

“You should see when we have to celebrate birthdays.” you said between your grumbling.

“Still there guys, can’t you just buy them some cologne or new wallets of something like that?”

“No way! I want to give them something meaningful! I want to get them each the perfect gift that when they see it they’ll think of me! Or at least something they won’t regift or shove in a closet!“ you yelled, before slumping over. “I just have no idea what those gifts will be.”

“That’s not true, (Y/N). I’m sure you know what to get them. Just think.”

“Careful, Eliza, that’s dangerous.” joked Peggy, getting a punch in the arm from you.

“Quiet Peggy! Just close your eyes and think, (Y/N).” said Eliza.

You did what Eliza suggested and thought about it. You closed your eyes and scanned your memories of the time you spent with Hercules, John, Alexander, and Lafayette.

Hercules, the gentle giant with a heart of gold that eat and breathed Disney. One of the best tailors around. You thought about getting him a new set of tailoring equipment or maybe you could get him some cufflinks. He always saying how a good set of cufflinks was what made the suit. Maybe some movie passes for all the upcoming films he wanted to see.

John was always your sunshine on a cloudy day. His dazzling smile and his cute freckles that just made you want to kiss him. He really loved animals, especially turtles. You could get him a pass to the zoo or maybe do one of those adopt-an-animal program. He’d probably really like that.

Alexander could definitely use something to make him calm down. He was always working himself to exhaustion and never knew when to keep his mouth shut. Ironically, he loved to pamper himself, owning more bath products than you or the others. Maybe you could get him a day at the spa or couples massage thing.

Lafayette was definitely the hardest to shop for. He was always so fascinated by every little thing that it makes it hard to tell what he really likes. He loved the arts though, always going on about his favorite plays, so tickets to the theater could be good. Then again he was saying how the holidays always made him a bit homesick. Maybe you get him a bottle of his favorite wine and those tasty chocolates he brought home last time he visited France.

“…(Y/N)…(Y/N)…(Y/N)?!” Angelica screamed in you ear.

“I’m awake!” you screeched, coming out of your thoughts.

“You okay, (Y/N)? You were gone for a long time there.” said Peggy.

“Did you think of any good gifts for the guys?” asked Eliza.

“Actually I did!” you admitted. “C'mon we only so much time left! Got to hurry with to get our gifts in time~”

You scampered off to go get your boyfriends’ present.

“I knew she’d get it…eventually.” laughed Eliza.

“She really has to stop overthinking things.” said Angelica, chuckling.

“Then it wouldn’t be as fun to watch~” Peggy pointed out.

(Angelica POV)

I started to skip school a lot…

I didn’t think that my parents knew but they did I am really stupid I forgot the school would call and say I was absent Once my parents found out I started to cry even more and wrote songs on my viola on it…

Dylan: Wow you really do praftice!

Angelica: you think I don’t practice!?

Dylan: I never heard you play before

Angelica: Dad…

Dylan: Yes?

Angelica: I want to be homed schooled

Dylan: Why?

Angelica: I’m getting bullied and I don’t want to go to Willow Creek International middle school anymore…

Dylan: I—I– sure…

Angelica: Thank you dad!

years later I was 18 and decided to move out in the city I met my roommate her name was Jazlynn and she was so nice…

I still worked on my song but changed it up a bit I was not very wealthy at the time but Jazlynn offered me a job as a babysitter  I declined and then she asked me if I can take care of pets

Angelica: Yes! I will love too I love animals!

Jazlynn: Great! also I’ll be out for the next month and my friend really needs a petsitter would you like to take care of her cat?

Angelica: Yes!

Jazlynn: The only thing is she lives in forgotten hollow with her nephew and her brother..Is that okay?

Angelica: Wait did you say forgotten hollow?

Jazlynn: yeah… you know where the vampires live…

Angelica: I am so down to meet some vampires!

Jazlynn: Okay great! I’ll call her up also her name is Lillith Vatore

Angelica: Okay!

Angelica: Finally! I’m finished!


Hamilton summarized [act one]
  • Alexander Hamilton: his name is Alexander Hamilton okay
  • Aaron Burr Sir: Aaron burr is having none of your shit ham
  • My Shot: I'm cool guys I promise
  • The Story of Tonight: we're cool lets drink some beer
  • The Schuyler Sisters: daddy said no but I said yEs feat. feminism
  • Farmer Refuted: roasting ham™
  • You'll Be Back: crazy ex sings break up song
  • Right Hand Man: Washington rlly needs help- no not from you burr
  • A Winter's Ball: fuckboy central + gay ass Laurens pretending to be good with the ladies
  • Helpless: damn he cute *two seconds later* damn he mine
  • Satisfied: Angelica dad gum missed hER shot
  • The Story of Tonight: lol ur married lets drink some more
  • Wait for It: burr u ok?
  • Stay Alive: Jesus fucking Christ, Charles Lee feat. rejected ham
  • Ten Duel Commandments: ten things to do when you wanna shoot someone!
  • Meet Me Inside: someone has dADDY ISSUES
  • That Would Be Enough: ur home cause I'm pregnant, surprise
  • Guns and Ships: no idea what he's saying but it's lit
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: I fucked up sometimes to Ham
  • Yorktown: that's right, hERCULES MULLIGANNNN
  • What Comes Next?: u gonna want me back bish but guess what U CANT HAVE ME
  • Dear Theodosia: it's time to feel things
  • Non-Stop: iTS TIME TO GET FUCKING LIT PEEPS feat. everyone in the goddamn show
Hamilton characters in 2 words
  • Hamilton: pretentious fuck
  • Burr: does nothing
  • Lafayette: angel baby
  • Mulligan: fucks horses
  • Laurens: dead dead
  • Eliza: sweet sunflower
  • Washington: dad friend
  • Angelica: wise scholar
  • Philip: also dead
  • Jefferson: sexy asshole
  • Madison: anxious turtle
  • Maria: sultry goddess
  • Peggy:
And Peggy!

this is a prequel fanfic I made when I first joined tumblr and never learned how to submit things

It was the first day back to kindergarten. Angelica and Eliza were walking to class to start the day. They passed by The office where Mrs. Washington works, but she wasn’t there.
“Angelica, Mrs Washington isn’t in the office, we always say hi to her on the way to class, where could she be?” Eliza exclaimed.
“I don’t know, why don’t we put our stuff away and then come back to look for her okay” Angelica suggested<br>
“Okay” Eliza replied. They walked to the classroom, put their backpacks in their cubbies and walked out again. They walked down the hall, but stopped at the nursery. Angelica peeked through the window and saw Mrs. Washington sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby wrapped in a yellow blanket.
“Eliza, look, Mrs. Washington is in the nursery before class, I wonder why?” Angelica told her “It looks like she’s holding a baby, but it doesn’t look like Hercules’ baby brother, or John’s little sister, who could it be?” 

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anonymous asked:

omg wait philip thinks that kissing makes babies bc hes like 5 so when Alex is tucking him in to bed hes like "Pops am i gonna get a little brother?" and hamilton is like "??what do u mean???" and philip gets all shy and like tries to hide behind his blanket and hes like "I saw u and mr.burr kissing and that means hes gonna get pregnant, right?" and hamilton has to seriously try to be a good parent and not start laughing Burr gets a good laugh out of it though


What if he doesn’t even ask Alexander about it? What if he’s just 100% convinced he’s going to have a little brother. Starts going around school telling people “I’m gonna be a big brother!” When he goes and stays with his mom and aunt Angelica he’s like “Did dad tell you guys? I’m gonna have a little brother!” And they’re like ???? What are you talking about ?????

“Dad and Mr. Burr!! They’re going to have a baby!”

And Angelica and Eliza are pretty hurt because why would they not say anything? Not only that, but didn’t they just start dating? Why are they planning on having a kid already?

And then Philip is telling Peggy and John and literally everyone that his dad and Mr. Burr are gonna give him a little brother and eventually they all show up at his door like??? Don’t you have something you need to tell us??

Eventually everyone is confused because “so you’re not having a baby?”

“No! What the hell made you think that?”

“Well Philip said…”

So Philip gets called out of his room and when he’s asked to explain he’s like “I saw you and Mr. Burr kissing, obviously he’s pregnant! And I’m gonna be a big brother!”

And they all try so hard not to laugh while explaining that that’s not how you get pregnant, and then looking at each other awkwardly when he asks “Well then how /do/ you get pregnant?”

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Okay so I'm slowly making my way through the Chernow book, and I've noticed von Steuben keeps popping up. Like he's at the Hamilton kids' baptisms, Angelica mentions Dad Schuyler, von Steuben, and Ham as the three guys she'd like to see in a letter to Eliza. Is the book going to go into this friendship? Or do you know anything about it? Gotta admit I don't know much about von Steuben other than "that Prussian guy who helped during the Revolution." Thanks for any info!

Hamilton, along with Laurens had been appointed by Washington as a translator to von Steuben, who could speak French but no English. The only reason von Steuben took Benjamin Franklin up on the job as an American drill master was because his reputation was ruined in Prussia after his homosexuality had been exposed. In the United States, it seems as tho his orientation was something of an open-secret among the military. After the war, von Steuben lived the rest of his life in America as a “confirmed bachelor”, living off and on with his “adopted sons”, William North and Benjamin Walker. Hamilton loved the guy and served as his personal treasurer, to help the Baron deal with the consequences of his spendthrift ways, as well as appealing to Congress time and time again to get von Steuben the pension that had been denied to him.

The Baron von Steuben features heavily in William Benemann’s Male-Male Intimacy in Early America, which I would recommend. Hope that helps.

I've finished it now presenting HAMILTOTS: A Child's Play

Mr. Washington: 31
Alex Hamilton: 5
Aaron Burr: 5
John Laurens: 5
Hercules Mulligan: 6
Lafayette: 5
Angelica Schuyler: 6
Eliza Schuyler: 4 ½
Peggy Schuyler: 2 ⅔
Sammy Seabury: 5
George King: 6
Rachel Faucette: 25

[The scene starts with minimal set with 3 tables and a teachers desk.
Two tables are SL and the other one is SR with the teacher’s desk
center stage. Mr. Washington walks in SR with Alex, they stop at
Washington’s desk. Lighting only on Washington and Alex.]
Mr. Washington: Ok Alex, you can sit next to Aaron Burr.
Alex: [Timidly] Okay [Washington pushes Alex to the first desk SL
Lights show that one boy is sitting reading a book]
Alex: [Walking cautiously over to the table] Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr?
Aaron: [Looks up from book] That depends who’s askin’
Alex: Oh! I’m Alex Hamilton, Mr. Washington told me to sit here.
Aaron: Okay [goes back to reading]
Alex: [gaining courage] Whatcha’ reading? Do you like to read? Does
Mr. Washington allow a reading period? What about-
Aaron: [Getting frustrated] Talk less
Alex: What?
Aaron: Smile more
Alex: [Confused] heh
Aaron: Don’t let people know what you are thinking. They’ll get
[annunciate] an-noy-ed [During this part, light up full stage]
John: Yo yo yo What time is it?
John, Hercules, and Lafayette: Snack time!

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