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I've finished it now presenting HAMILTOTS: A Child's Play

Mr. Washington: 31
Alex Hamilton: 5
Aaron Burr: 5
John Laurens: 5
Hercules Mulligan: 6
Lafayette: 5
Angelica Schuyler: 6
Eliza Schuyler: 4 ½
Peggy Schuyler: 2 ⅔
Sammy Seabury: 5
George King: 6
Rachel Faucette: 25

[The scene starts with minimal set with 3 tables and a teachers desk.
Two tables are SL and the other one is SR with the teacher’s desk
center stage. Mr. Washington walks in SR with Alex, they stop at
Washington’s desk. Lighting only on Washington and Alex.]
Mr. Washington: Ok Alex, you can sit next to Aaron Burr.
Alex: [Timidly] Okay [Washington pushes Alex to the first desk SL
Lights show that one boy is sitting reading a book]
Alex: [Walking cautiously over to the table] Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr?
Aaron: [Looks up from book] That depends who’s askin’
Alex: Oh! I’m Alex Hamilton, Mr. Washington told me to sit here.
Aaron: Okay [goes back to reading]
Alex: [gaining courage] Whatcha’ reading? Do you like to read? Does
Mr. Washington allow a reading period? What about-
Aaron: [Getting frustrated] Talk less
Alex: What?
Aaron: Smile more
Alex: [Confused] heh
Aaron: Don’t let people know what you are thinking. They’ll get
[annunciate] an-noy-ed [During this part, light up full stage]
John: Yo yo yo What time is it?
John, Hercules, and Lafayette: Snack time!

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  • Hamilton: and everyday "sir, entrust me with a command" and everyday
  • Washington: No
  • Hamilton: He *sniffles* dismisses *sniffle* me.. out.. of... DAD PLEASE LET ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'VE WASHED THE DISHES THIS WHOLE WEEK COME ON
Hamilton Characters as Dad Jokes

Alexander Hamilton: What’s the difference between a frog and a horny toad? A frog says Ribbit a phony toad says Rub it!

Aaron Burr: A sandwich walked into a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender turned to him and said, “Sorry we don’t serve food here.”

John Laurens: What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!

Marquis de Lafayette: How many apples grow on a tree? All of them!

Hercules Mulligan: What do you call someone with no body and no nose? Nobody knows!

Angelica Schuyler: Did you hear about the kid who invented the knock knock joke? He won the No Bell Prize!

Elizabeth Schuyler: What did the grape say when it was stepped on? It let out a little wine!

Peggy Schuyler: Don’t trust atoms they make everything up.

Thomas Jefferson: Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted!

James Madison: Why did the man give the pony a glass of water? He was a little horse.

Maria Reynolds: I’d like to give a shoutouts to all the sidewalks for keeping us off the streets!

George Washington: The extent of his dad jokes would be maybe 1 emoji.

Phillip Hamilton: 2 guys walk into a bar. The third one ducks!

King GeorgeIII: Did you hear about the guy who invented lifesavers? They say he made mint!


I decided to draw the whole squad in kind of a modern au i guess?

Hamilton characters in 2 words
  • Hamilton: pretentious fuck
  • Burr: does nothing
  • Lafayette: angel baby
  • Mulligan: fucks horses
  • Laurens: dead dead
  • Eliza: sweet sunflower
  • Washington: dad friend
  • Angelica: wise scholar
  • Philip: also dead
  • Jefferson: sexy asshole
  • Madison: anxious turtle
  • Maria: sultry goddess
  • Peggy:
Inspired by your comic on IG about Alex being scaredish of Trump

Sorry if this is bad

Date nov 9 2016

John Laurens walked into Mr. Washington’s classroom crying, late, with a bruise on his arm.
“John, are you okay?” asks Mr. Washington worried as he says, all of John’s friends looking worried.
“No,” he cries and explained that his dad voted for the evil Mr. Trump.
“He wouldnt want you, Mr. Washington. Or Alex and Laf ‘cause theyre im-a-grants. Or pretty much anyone. Not even me,” he finished up in tears.
“Its okay,” Mr. Washington consoles him.
“But, Mr. Wash-ton? Why wouldn’t he want me or Angie or Liza? Or anyone?” Peggy pipes up.
“Because he thinks we’re bad and we’re not. We’ll be okay,” Mr. Washington explains, “Because of Alex, Thomas, Aaron, James, Herc, and Laf’s nationalities. The Schuylers are girls, but theres nothing wrong with any of you…and uh John, what about you?”
“I like Alex,” he mumbles.

Which reminds me, I should probably put that comic up here too.

Just a doodle - couldn’t stop thinking about this when I saw your baby heathers doodle (apologies for bad art/Maria’s face/hair/existence)

Omg it took me a while to reaslize she’s on a seperate piece of paper. I don’t think the Schuyler’s will be as bad as the Heathers, but this is a good picture anyway! 8D

And Peggy!

this is a prequel fanfic I made when I first joined tumblr and never learned how to submit things

It was the first day back to kindergarten. Angelica and Eliza were walking to class to start the day. They passed by The office where Mrs. Washington works, but she wasn’t there.
“Angelica, Mrs Washington isn’t in the office, we always say hi to her on the way to class, where could she be?” Eliza exclaimed.
“I don’t know, why don’t we put our stuff away and then come back to look for her okay” Angelica suggested<br>
“Okay” Eliza replied. They walked to the classroom, put their backpacks in their cubbies and walked out again. They walked down the hall, but stopped at the nursery. Angelica peeked through the window and saw Mrs. Washington sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby wrapped in a yellow blanket.
“Eliza, look, Mrs. Washington is in the nursery before class, I wonder why?” Angelica told her “It looks like she’s holding a baby, but it doesn’t look like Hercules’ baby brother, or John’s little sister, who could it be?” 

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