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✨para-centric ask game for maladaptive daydreamers✨

here’s how it works

repliers: in the tags, list the paras you want to talk about. then, if the askers do not specify any paras, just choose the ones you’d like to answer with!! your paraself also counts!

askers: send your asks in this format: list of numbers, para name, para name, para name, etc. (for example: “1, 2, 3, and 5 for Lena and Adam!”)

(for extra fun, let the repliers answer each question in the voice(s) of their paras!)

1. how old is/are ___?

2. what does/do ___ look like?

3. who are ___’s best friends?

4. who had the happiest childhoods? the saddest?

5. what does/do ___ care about the most? the leasT?

6. what are ___’s obsessions?

7. what are ___’s biggest fears? biggest regrets?

8. what is the best thing that ever happened to ___? The worst?

9. provide descriptions for all paras you’re answering for, only ten words or less!!

10. who does/do ___ love the most? hate?

11. who is/are ___’s rival(s) and enemy/enemies?

12. who are ___’s friends?

13. how does/do ___ feel about their parents?

14. time to spill the tea! who has the biggest secret(s)? who else knows? dare you tell us?

15. oops, all the tea’s in the harbor now. tell us a secret, major or minor, for each para you’re answering for!

16. what is/are ___’s greatest strengths? weaknesses?

17. what are your paras’ hamartias (fatal flaws)?

18. what do/does ___ think of themselves?

19. who, or what, would ___ die for?

20. what advice do you have for ___?

21. what advice would your paras have for others?

22. what do your paras consider their most special traits?

23. who or what is/are the greatest love(s) of ___’s life/lives?

24. if ___ could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

25. who are the most conceited and narcissistic paras? the most humble and modest?

26. who are the nerdiest paras? the least?

27. do any of your paras share the same name?

28. which paras have the closest/most intimate relationships? the least?

29. what do/does ___ want most from their life/lives right now?

30. how do your paras feel about each other?

The Archeron Sisters
  • Some random guy: Take Mr. Archeron, the man is loaded, uh oh, but little does he know that his daughters Elain, Nesta, Feyre sneak into Prythian just to watch all their mates at
  • Nesta, Feyre and Elain: work work
  • Nesta: NESTA.
  • Nesta, Feyre and Elain: work work
  • Feyre: FEYRE!
  • Elain: And Elain!
  • Nesta, Feyre and Elain: the archeron sisters

Evil Be Gone Loose Incense Blend 

This incense blend is ideal for eliminating stubborn and unwanted (Malevolent) energy's from a home, or space. Ideally, You would want to do two things with this blend. 

One, Burn it on Charcoal. 

Two, Make small sachets with it and place them all over your home. 

And lastly, Once the charcoal has been burned through, Combine the cooled ash with brick dust And use it to create a protective circle around the perimeter of your home.

Heres what I use in my blend

  • Shaved Palo Santo 
  • Crushed Cloves 
  • Crushed  Frankincense
  • Crushed Myrrh 
  • Dragons Blood Resin Powder 
  • Crushed White Sage 
  • Angelica Root 
  • Lemongrass 
  • Juniper Thorns 
  • A pinch of Snake Sheds
  • Garlic Skins

Together all of these ingredients work together to eliminate all negative energy’s, Balance the energy field, And promote a protective space.