Clamp Manga List (Chronologically)

  • 1989 RG Veda Complete Link
  • 1990 Man of Many Faces (20 Faces, Please!) Complete Link
  • 1990 Tokyo Babylon Complete Link
  • 1992 Clamp School Detectives Complete Link
  • 1992 Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders Complete Link
  • 1992 Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales Complete Link
  • 1992 X/1999 Halted Link
  • 1992 Legend of Chun Hyang Complete Link
  • 1993 Magic Knight Rayearth Complete Link
  • 1993 Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Complete Link
  • 1995 The One I Love Complete Link
  • 1996 Card Captor Sakura Complete Link
  • 1996 Wish Complete Link
  • 1997 Clover Complete Link
  • 1999 Angelic Layer Complete Link
  • 1999 Suki: A Like Story Complete Link
  • 2000 Legal Drug Complete Link
  • 2000 Clamp no Kiseki Link
  • 2001 Chobits Complete Link
  • 2002 Murikuri Complete Link
  • 2003 xxxHolic Complete Link
  • 2003 Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Complete Link
  • 2005 Kobato Complete Link
  • 2011 Gate 7 Halted Link
  • 2011 Drug & Drop Halted Link
  • 2013 xxxHolic Rei Halted? Link
  • 2014 Tsubasa World Chronicle Halted? Link
  • 2016 Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc Ongoing Link
13 Women Breaking Barriers in Boys' Manga
"Shonen" manga is the term for manga aimed at preteen and teenage boys. Examples of popular shonen manga include One Piece, Naruto and Dragonball Z. Though shonen manga can be any genre, it's classified as such due to the type of magazines which it runs in being for boys. Despite its percieved demographic, many women are a fan of shonen manga. But shonen manga has been a male-dominated field for a long time, mostly featuring male artists and authors. However,&n

This is a list of 13 women who kick all the ass at shonen manga, spanning from the pioneers of the 70s to today. Please take a look to learn about these amazing ladies and also about some great manga! Some of my favorite comic artists period are on here.

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