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I can’t choose just one

  • *Star places her hand on Marco's pudding as he's about to eat it, pushes it down and before Marco could say anything, gives him a B.S. excuse and walks away with a frown on her face*
  • Me:Uh-oh. Star didn't. NO! NO THIS IS BAD! It's over. Starco is dead.
  • Silent:Spoilers, dude! anyways, don't worry about it! Ships get like that all the time, I mean if the ships never got negative interactions with each other, there wouldn't be any interesting build up, recovery and it would be dead from the start. Every ship has those. Ups and Downs.
  • Me:*instantly feels a newfound confidence and cheeriness returns*

IF there was one song I would use as a massive thank you to the staff at A-1 Pictures and the cast of Uta no Prince-Sama its…well “Thank You”!

January 7th was my first encounter with, what was then a 6 member group, in STARISH and ever since then I never looked back.  Its been now 40 episodes and I can say with my head held high that this series was one that changed me not just as a fan of Anime but also a fan of Animated media in general.

You have to understand that for me the idea of the “Saturday Morning Cartoon” kind of sadly went by the wayside and, for this year, this was literally one of my Saturday shows and I got to remember what it was like to be a kid again and see some of my favorite characters while singing and dancing like a goof.  Its that kind of thing that we sometimes take for granted and songs like this tend to help us remember that bond that we share with the characters and voice actors behind them.  Its thanks to just just these 7 but QUARTET NIGHT and also HEAVENS that I can say when this show eventually DOES end I’m probably playing this song for a week straight as a reminder of how much this show brought me back to being a little kid.

You know how many times I nearly cried because of this show?  Enough but it was for reasons that it helped bring out the emotion and those moments are the ones we will remember as fans for a long time coming.

You know what else I have to thank this show and its creators for?  The amazing friends that I made so far and I hope to continue that onwards through the next season and hopefully another one afterwards.

Its because of this series that the project “The Chibi UtaPri Bunch” was “accidentally” created and for me its one of the best things that ever happend.  Now as I sit here we are getting ready for the new Theater CDs for Uta no Prince-Sama and the reveal of the new Visual for Season 4 in January at the 5th stage.  I don’t think we use the term “Thank you” enough in fandoms but I’m going to for these young men and women that put this series as an Anime and games for us and also “THANK YOU” to…

And a whole host of others that I probably forgot but friends I want to say it again and I will say it over and over…”THANK YOU” for being there when I had a bad day and I hope to be there for you when you need someone to talk to.

The way I looked at the UtaPri “Fandom” was more as a “Family” and I mean that.  We are a big ass family that have disagreements sure but in the end we are one family and I like that we are connected in some way…let us continue that in time!

Again my friends…THANK YOU!

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「Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ」Since her friend knows more about him than she does she decides to ask her about his dislike and also that she loves to spend time with the princess too "Sakura-san, do you know what Fai's favorite food is and what type of food he doesn't like?"

“Hmm? Fai’s favorite food… and a type of food he dislikes…”

Now this was definitely a good question though the princess herself wasn’t actually sure if there was something the blond mage preferred when it came to food. Even though she got to spend lots of time with her dear friend at their tiny cafe they had decided to open during their long stay at Outo; Fai had been always the one who mostly decided about the meals they sold in there, but at the same time this wasn’t supposed to mean that he also enjoyed all of them.

“I believe as long as it comes from your heart, Crystal-chan— he is willing to give every meal a try”, a pause followed before the princess continued with a gentle smile forming upon her lips,

“But if I can be honest I remembered that Fai has quite a sweet tooth… most of the sweets we sold at Outo were his very own creations. On the other hand though I wouldn’t offer him anything sour since he can’t stand the taste— I believe he wasn’t very content when we all tried sushi for the very first time.”
For those wanting Knight poses to draw from

Back when I was working on the painting Spiral Flower, I was new to drawing Knights and a bit irked that there were parts of the armor that were visible in my sketch, but I couldn’t see clearly in any of the poses that showed up at a decent size in-game.

So I fired up SpiralSpy, posed an Angelic Knight model in various ways, and took 149 screens of those poses at different angles.

I thought the set of screens may be useful to other artists, so I zipped them up and uploaded them with Rapidshare. If you guys like them, I’ll do more Pose Packs with different sets of armor, or an accessory pack with stuff like wings from different angles, too.

♠- Yuki walked the dirt path as the sun set, she was quite lost and had no sense of what direction she was going in. Sighing, her shoulders slumped in defeat. Suddenly, the smell of human hit her vampire nose and she had a spark of home. Following the scent, she found a girl in what seemed to be an endless path through the woods. “Uh, hello. My name is Yuki, and I’m a little lost,” she gave a nervous laugh, “Can you h-help me?”

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Things I learned while watching the movie Straight Outta Compton

•Not only is O'Shea Jackson Jr (Ice Cube’s son who plays his father in the movie) really handsome he’s also a surprisingly great actor!

•A six four is a 64 impala.

•Fame and money doesn’t make you immune to sadness and sickness

•Just because you wear a kangol hat that doesn’t make you LL Cool J

•Bye Felicia just got a whole new meaning

•Unprotected sex is a serious issue and it shouldn’t be ignored

•The only thing different about police brutality is that then it mainly happened in the hood vs now where it takes place everywhere

•I still don’t know who the california raisins are

•Eazy E was as funny as he was promiscuous

•Suge Knight needed to be imprisoned wayyy earlier in his life.

•Straight Outta Comptons contains more nudity than 50 shades of grey

•N.W.A. made timeless music and I’m pretty sure alot of younger people are gonna buy their album in the next few days

•All the songs played in Straight Outta Compton will make you miss the late 80s-early 90s even more.

•I honestly did not know that Eazy E was the “star” of the group, I always thought it was Ice Cube

•Since I know you’re probably gonna wanna look it up, Ice Cube’s diss track in the movie is called “No Vaseline”

•Along with N.W.A. you can also see The D.O.C., Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg and Tupac!

•Go see Straight Outta Compton out in theatres August 14th, you won’t regret it

{ angelic-knight spends Christmas with the princess }

“Isn’t it just wonderful to see how everyone is in a cheerful mood today?”, emerald eyes sparkled with excitement while continuing her joyful speech,

“Wrapping up the last Christmas gifts and enjoying the delightful atmosphere of the upcoming festival… ah– before I forget to ask, do you already have a present for Fai-san?”

The global pyramid of wealth

Every year the London-based property consultancy Knight Frank publishes something called The Wealth Report. And it’s one of those reports that I could go through for hours. 

It includes a ton of really fascinating stats that speak volumes about where in the world wealth is being created and how it’s moving around. And of course there are a lot of connections between wealth, real estate, and city building.

Below are 3 diagrams that really stood out for me in the 2015 version. 

The first diagram shows which cities have the most Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). An UHNWI is defined as an individual with assets exceeding US$30 million, but excluding personal assets and property (such as one’s principal residence). Click here to see the full size image (I know the numbers are small).

Not surprisingly, London (4,364), Tokyo (3,575), Singapore (3,227), New York (3,008), and Hong Kong (2,690) are at the top of the list. But I was a little surprised – albeit happily surprised – to see Toronto (1,216) come in at #2 in North America, beating out Mexico City (1,116), Los Angeles (969), and Chicago (827). 

The second diagram shows you how many square meters of luxury property (apartment) you can buy for US$1 million in a bunch of different cities around the world. 

In Monaco (top end), that’ll buy you 17 square meters (183 square feet) and in Cape Town (bottom end), that’ll buy you 208 square meters (2,196 square feet).

The third and last diagram is what they call the global pyramid of wealth. It’s a pyramid of everyone in the world and then the number of millionaires, UHNWIs (see above), centa-millionaires, and billionaires. And if you do the math, the top of this pyramid comes nowhere close to 1% of the global population.

It’s fascinating (and exciting) to see where and how global wealth is concentrating. But it should also make you think about rising income inequality. I know it does for me.


Team Gold! Team Blue!

Captain Evening and Kate Five’s super teams will be mixed and matched and shuffled around, till you don’t know where the characters are originally from! It will no longer matter.

Captain Evening All-New Odds will consist of Merv the Griffin, Liath, Captain Evening, Emerald Valkyrie, Human Skeleton, Jung-La and Ionic Angel.

Kate Five’s All-New Section P will consist of Blue Knight, Rhys, Battle Angel, Kate Five, Centennia, Lacrecia, Burst Lion, Nexus Girl and Cassandra.

Many thanks to cyberkitten01 and @adekii for their characters!