I’ve reached over 3000 followers. Thank you everyone for your support. It means a lot to me. I’ve been having trouble with my art the last few months, but now I feel a little more confident and have a better understanding about why I draw. Hope you’ll stay with me as I continue drawing :)

Faraway God.

Inspired by the work of one of my favorite artists, Yoshitaka Amano.

This will be my last drawing for a little while. I have to focus on some work I need to finish. I’ll try to post every once in awhile until then.

Thank you again!

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Bereavement Series:

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Little Do You Know

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The Bet

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McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale (Teen Wolf and Riverdale Crossover) Series

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Opposite Direction (Teen Wolf, Riverdale and Marvel Crossover) Series

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The Bloodhound Series

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Nephilim  (Teen Wolf and Riverdale)

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Sam Winchester


Begin Again (Prompt)

When Hate Turns to Love (Prompt)

Jared Padalecki

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Travelin’ Soldier Series:

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Support System

Father Figure (Prompt)

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Stiles Stilinski

White Knight

Angel Of Death

The Dance


Search for Mastery

On My Mind (Prompt)

Louisville Slugger (Prompt)

Flustered (Prompt)





Scott McCall

Blessing in Disguise

Nolan Holloway

Ghostface Wannabe

Derek Hale


Games and Pain (Prompt)


Liam  Dunbar

I’ll Fight (Prompt)

The Kiss (Prompt)

Theo Raeken

A Promise to Hold (Prompt)

No Pairing// Strong Independent Character


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Ethan Dolan


Let Go

Detonate // Dolan Twins and Teen Wolf Crossover

Accidental Union

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Introducing my OCs!

Rafferty, a fallen angel knight, and Solace, the mermaid king

@ikeracity YOUR WORDS MEAN A LOT TO ME <333 Thank you ike!!!! They are so fun to draw and dream about :3

I have this au that I love deeply where Mikleo is a litteral seraphin (aka a little baby angel because come on, look at this face ! ) He lives in a forest near a village (called Camlann B3 ) and has to hide from the human because humans are bad and bring calamity with them, then taint or hurt angels.

Then one day he meets this little human kid called Sorey. They’re quick to become friends and Sorey come see him secretly almost every day. They grow up together and become closer and closer as the time pass by.

Adding the rest under a read more because I basically wrote the whole plot of a story XD

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Hi ! Hello ! sormik week has begun, and as always, I’m late  (I wanna beat my past self for thinking that drawing little comics for each days sounded like a good idea ) 

For the week (that I’ll probably finish next week as best, but ha, details) I choose to draw my Angel/Knight AU because it fit perfectly, so be ready for the angst ! For now, it’s all cute, they bound over mabo curry.

I planned to color it all but I lacked the time so sorry for that, it’s not the best of quality but I hope you’ll enjoy the story !

Day 1: Elysia (Innocence/Beginnings) 

anonymous asked:

So i've read a fair amount of Arthurian literature but I've never seen anything mentioned about Percival wearing a dress? Not that I don't believe it but I'm just curious where you read that

In Perceval, le Conte du Graal (1135).

Percival’s father was King Pellenor, who died in combat. His brothers were Tor, Aglavale, Lamorak, and Dornar, all of who became Knights of the Round Table. His mother Did Not Like This Shit because they all were in danger of dying at any moment, because being a knight in Arthurian mythos was a “you are either Goku and you’ll rock or you are Yamcha and you will die really fast” kind of deal, so Percival’s Mom took him and his sister to live away from civilization, where he learned all sorts of cool Non-Knight shit like crocheting and sewing and basket weaving, and definitely not swords or kite shields. He was also raised as a girl and wore an exquisite silk dress along his sister.

One day, Percival is cooking some amazing stew when he hears some shit outside his Away From Civilization Castle Hidden In The Forest, and whatddya know, it’s some knights, wearing armor, swinging swords, being cool, and Percy’s all like “SWEET, YO MOM LOOK AT THOSE” and P-Diddy’s Mom is like “Aw Fiddlesticks. See, Percy, dear, those are ANGELS, and the only way you’ll ever be one of those is when you DIE”.

But, see, Percival was so ENTHUSED with the idea of being a knight that he goes to his sister and outright asks her to kill him. Reasonable lass as she was, she immediately says “What In the Fuck is wrong With You” and doesn’t, so P-kun is like WHATEVER and sneaks out of the castle to go hang out with them. So he does and he has Presence Concealment B+ because he just sorta eavesdrops on them for a while but then accidentally scares their horses, and the only thing louder than fire truck’s siren in this world is a scared horse, so the knights get prim and proper STARTLED and then they see this kid wearing a dress and are like “U GOOD?” and Paypal is like “I didn’t know ANGEL HORSES could get scared” and they are like “what the fuck dude we are not angels we are KNIGHTS”. So P is like oh! cool! can I be a knight? And Knight-san is like Fuck The Off kid you are 12 and also wearing a dress, you gotta grow up first, get some hair on that chest, then maybe.

So Percival is like YAY OK I WILL so he does his best to grow up, which is not too hard because the passage of time is a constant, PSYCHE, it IS hard because as soon as he got home and told Mom he wanted to be a knight when he grew up, Mom used Panic Ploy and convinced Percival that he was going to be 12 forever, because Percy is not the brightest crayon in the box. This goes on for Four Whole Years and Percival is now 16 but still thinks he’s 12 because his mom sucks, but mostly? ‘Cause he a dumbass.

Now, in Ye Olde Arthurian culture, 16 is the year in which it is socially acceptable to start performing crude neurosurgery with swords and axes on people you dislike. As it would happen, a bad knight storms his Child Castle and flops out his huge knight dong, ready to train it towards P-Diddy’s mom and sister, but P was having None Of That Shit, so he rolls up his silk sleeves and goes to the knight like “Hey, I Contend With That Attitude, Sir”, and the knight is like “you are the ugliest fucking girl I’ve seen in my life, what is wrong with this household”, and see, here’s a thing you gotta know about Percival: His superpower is having IMMENSE RAW POTENTIAL, like this dude is the embodiment of a Magikarp, except, he was already Gyarados by the time he was 16, because he, and I paraphrase, grabbed the evil knight, who is a grown ass man wearing a full set of armor, and just outright chucks him outta the castle, over the wall. No, he didn’t wrestle him or push him, Percival straight up lifted the knight with his mighty 16 year old arms, and threw him, proving once more that when people say that GBF’s or FGO’s take on the Round Table is “too anime”, they are WRONG, they are not anime enough, because Arthurian Mythos is the first shonen franchise in history.

So Percival’s like yaaaay and his mom is like nooooo and he’s like I can be a kniiiiight now I killed a dude and his mom is like haha go to you rooooooom.

So some time passes and then a Cockatrice shows up, so like, for the uninitiated, a Cockatrice is basically a Basilisk Chicken Chimera Fuckhouse that can and will feast on whatever part of your still living body it that hasn’t been petrified it can find. This would USUALLY be a problem, except Percival’s a Strength Main, so he just went, uprooted a whole tree, and speared the fuck outta Deathchicken with it. This kinda convinces Percival that maybe his mom was lying about a lot of things, so he outies outta that household of LIES.

So Percival is hitting the road and happens upon a scrap metal merchant, who has a wagon full of piss ass metal with no use, and Percival is like hey dude do you know where I could sell this priceless dress I have on? And the merchant, whose eyes are dollar $igns, says “WELL I AM A GOOD MAN AND I WILL HAVE MERCY ON YOU, if you give me that dress that could buy three mountains, I will give you this wagon full of shit and the donkey that pull it, KILLER DEAL” and Percy is like “YOU ARE A SAINT” and so he finally does away with the dress and makes a SHIT ASS LVL 1 “ARMOR” out of the scrap metal, and uses the donkey as his trusty steed, EXCEPT HE DOESN’T because the donkey is old and worn out, and he’s too heavy for it, so whatever he WALKS. 

2.8 seconds later, in a town nearby, they arrest the fuck out of the merchant because he HAD to have swindled that dress, no way he had The Ultimate Silk Dress, being a poor fuck as he was, but before they can lynch him, Percy walks in and defends him, saying “Make no mistake, citizens, I am a moron and I did trade it to him legitimately” and thus he does his First Just Knight Action, and that’s how Percival’s dress is important into the making of Gyarados Muscle Kid.

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Don’t ever underestimate the power of your words. The power of a book. A library is not just a hall filled with paper and ink. It’s a fortress of light and darkness. It’s a weaponry of knights and angels. It’s a cave that offers protection during the storm. It’s the past, the present and the future and everything that could have been.
—  The Ágia Chronicles
Hadrian Hephaestus Nox