angelic salutation

I am running through the blackest tunnel, like blood through the vein, in white glamorous clothes. With great eyes of innocence, I bit my lips, bloodied mouth, thrilled by fear.

Suddenly I fell to my knees, on the black sand, with my hands on my chest, peacefully scared, I took my bow, I’ve cut my veins.

In front of a statue, a wicked goddess, I knew it was bad, it was mad, the Kali, the Persephone, the Medusa, in front of these women I took my scarf off, saluted my angels, and I let my dream to eat me alive.

Eight years later, I am the goddess of misbehavior.

And almost nine years later,
I’ve cut my own cords and fell in love. ’
Bad blood, good heart; I love you.

—  The Eleventh Level Of Mad Bad by Royla Asghar 

Finally getting around to posting my stories from ChiCon15..

Barely any words were exchanged during this autograph session. 

I walked up, slid the volunteer my phone and we both said “hi” to each other. As he was signing his name I awkwardly asked “Can you put something encouraging on there?” 

He continued to write with out saying anything and I told him thank you. 

I didn’t read what he wrote until I got back to my hotel room but when I did, I cried. This hit me so hard. You are a beautiful person, Misha. Thank you for saving my life and countless other people’s.