angelic ramos


Lin-Manuel Miranda appreciation post
(Also happy 37th birthday my friend. 🎉)


What a beautiful angel straight from heaven. I’m not crying, I swear.


rare photo set of the leader of our country meeting Barack Obama. amazing.

so, let’s review the Hamilton Love Tangle

  • alexander marries eliza
  • but also has an implicit relationship with angelica 
  • and also has a relationship with maria reynolds, played by the same actress who plays peggy 
  • and also (essentially) has a relationship with john laurens 
  • who is played by the same actor as the one who plays his son later in the musical (yikes) 
  • that actor is anthony ramos, who is dating jasmine cephas-jones (who plays peggy and maria) 
  • and in “helpless” laurens/ramos and peggy/cephas-jones are shown dancing together