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Basic Book of Shadows Layout- Updated!

After reviewing an old post I wrote and seeing how naive I was when starting down my path, I’ve decided to post an updated example of a BoS layout. Some sections may not apply to you. That’s okay! This is what MY BoS will eventually look like once completed. This post is meant to be a template of sorts. Give it a look!

Section 1:

*Book of Shadows Blessing
*Magickal Rules
*Statement of Beliefs

Section 2:

*Magickal Definitions
*Tools of the Craft
*Symbols and Their Meanings
*Animal Correspondences
*Basic Altar Setup
*Circle Casting
*How to Consecrate Items
*Deities and/or Pantheons
*Moon Phases

Section 3:

*Oils and Incense
*Crystals and Gems
*Candle Magick
*Color Magick
*Animal Magick
*Moon Magick
*Ocean Magick
*Kitchen Magick
*Techno Magick

Section 4:

*Astro Projection
*Lucid Dreaming
*Spirit Guides
*Ghost/Spirit Work

Section 5:

*Spell Writing
-Jar Spells

Section 6:

*Favorite Shops
*Favorite Websites/Blogs
*Favorite Books
*Favorite Podcasts

Potentially a separate book for Dream and/or Shadow work.

Day 13: The Familiar Spirit Cometh.


The familiar spirit is within as well as without. Some say it begins from the without, and draws to your very heart as you walk down the paths, and become whole within yourself.

Some say the spirit blossoms forth from within you, out of your union of your most innermost self, the root of your spirit, with the otherworld. 

For some it could be one, for others it could be the other, and for many it could be a bit of both. 

In my practice, the Familiar Spirit becomes my supernatural assistant and Holy Guardian Angel when practicing Evocation and Grimoire Magic, showing that sometimes one spirit can encompass various roles. The Familiar Spirit is my ultimate guide, teacher, and companion on my crooked path.

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Goetia (Medieval Latin, from Greek γοητεία goēteia "sorcery“) refers to a practice which includes the invocation of angels or the evocation of demons, and usage of the term in English largely derives from the 17th-century Grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, which features an Ars Goetia as its first section. It contains descriptions of the evocation of seventy-two demons, famously edited by Aleister Crowley in 1904 as The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King.

names in saezuru

thought this might be interesting, and i can’t remember if anyone’s already done this, so! 

  • Yashiro 矢代: arrow + change 
  • Doumeki Chikara 百目鬼 力: ‘hundred-eyed demon,’ power/force/strength (i LOVE)
  • Kageyama Kanji 影山 莞爾: shadow + mountain, smiling (that is…so cute…)
  • Kuga 久我: long time + self 
  • Misumi 三角: three corners (or 'triangle’ lmao)
  • Amou 天羽: heavens/sky + feather (evocative of angel wings !!)
  • Hirata 平田: equal/even/level + field
  • Ryuuzaki 竜崎: dragon + promontory (i’m picturing a cliff on a beach with a dragon on it…?)
  • Nanahara 七原: seven meadows
  • Sugimoto 杉本: cedar + origin/true

anonymous asked:

Um, sorry for bothering you, but what exactly is Solomonic Magick?

Solomonic Magick is a tradition of Ceremonial Magick, based in part on the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon, that falls somewhere a little right of center on the Thaumaturgy <-> Theurgy spectrum:

It incorporates elements of Planetary Magick, ritualized prayer, petitioning of spirits, and the invocation and evocation of angels and demons.

For more information, and further reading suggestions (including links to various posts I’ve made on Solomonic Magick), pease visit my [Intro to Solomonic Page] page :D

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