angelic alphabet

Enochian Holy Table with Ensigns of Creation.

The Table consists of a Bisected Hexagram, upon which are arrayed 84 squares containing letters from a Sacred Angelic Alphabet. The outer letters on the Holy Table are derived from the names of the Heptarchic Kings and Princes. 

The smaller Table at the center of the Holy Table consists of 12 Enochian letters. These 12 letters relate to the 12 tribes, the 12 gates of New Jerusalem, the 12 overt permutations the Tetragrammaton, the 12 signs of Zodiac, and 12 Enochian names of God.

Around smaller table are placed 7 complex Talismans known as ‘Arms’ or ‘Ensigns of Creation’, and what these Talismans precisely are remains a Mystery. A note in the appendix of “Liber Mysteriorum Quintus” implies that they relate directly to the Kings and Princes of the Planets on the Table of the 49 Good Angels. Also, Thomas Rudd assigned the Ensigns  in a circle clockwise according to the ascending Kabbalistic Order of the 7 ‘Planets’ - Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. To the letters in the Ensigns, he gave the names of various Demons from the “Goetia”, such as Buer, Belial, Gaap, and so on.

Angels on earth

Angels with cheap headphones for halos.

Angels with bright neon jeans for auras.

Angels pointing at things with arms they don’t have anymore.

Angels going out shirtless during winter, because coats are too restrictive for their wings.

Angels walking barefoot in gravel, because it reminds them of the burning holy grounds.

Angels walking with their eyes closed, because if they can’t open all of them there is no point in opening any.

Angels writting to-do lists in long lost alphabets.

Angels avoiding churches, because it hurts too much.

Angels walking in the streets at 3am, signing songs in languages that never existed and having to stop when a mortal comes near, because they couldn’t handle the power of the words coming out of their mouths.

Angels burning empty churches in hatred after thousands of unanswered prayers.

Angels dragging blades across their skin and whiping their own backs because it reminds them of His presence.

Angels screaming at the top of their lugs and not really knowing why.

Angels with long linen veils for wings.



Greetings! So earlier today, I was messing around with the text option on MS Paint for the heck of it and discovered that it actually offers the Wingdings font! Naturally, I got distracted for a good 15 minutes and ended up creating a quick and easy alphabet translation key complete with “capital” (left) and “lower case”(right) symbols. When I showed this to a couple of friends, one of them got all excited saying she suddenly had the urge to write a poem all in Wingdings and requested a punctuation key.
From that, I created the punctuation and numbers key and with this said, I figured that my friend wouldn’t be the only person inspired to learn how to understand and write in this cryptic font. So here you go, Tumblr! Take my contribution born of boredom and inspiration and turn it into something glorious!

It is dark when you wake up.

You are not frightened. It is not a hollow darkness, endless and malignant. It contains you, and cushions you where light would have only burned. You realize something you had forgotten without meaning to a very long time ago.

Darkness is the natural state of the universe.

Everything that you were once a part of, stars and planets and moss and mice, dwelt in darkness, to some extent.

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So in yesterday’s Bloodstained update, this was included:

“Enochian glyphs,” huh? Sounds and looks totally made up, right? Indeed. Only by some interesting guys named John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 16th century. Dee and Kelley were alchemists and general occultists, and their Enochian magic system would go on to influence late 19th century orders like that of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and more famous names like Aleister Crowley. It was called Enochian due to it being named after Biblical patriach Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah, who, in Biblical apocrypha such as his eponymous Books of Enoch, was said to talk and walk with angels. Likewise, Dee and Kelley alleged they could talk and summon angels as well. One of their products of such encounters was the Enochian alphabet, or “Angelic language”:

So what this means is that the glyphs in the update’s image can be decoded. Here’s what I got:


“COGI…IGARASHI…” Look again at the alternate transliterations for Veh and Ged and it should be perfectly clear if it’s not already.

Well played, iga-bloodstained.

Writer’s Appreciation Day

I hear that it is a day to appreciate all the amazing writers–namely the ones in the FT fandom in my case.  Since I didn’t make a post for the last one, now is my time to appreciate my fellow writers.  There are several other authors that write oneshots that I’ve loved!  These are just ones I constantly count on for amazing works so far and I’ve talked to most of them I believe… Well, to those I haven’t, here’s my admittance of my tumblr crush on you (Ordered alphabetically):

absent-angel - I discovered her fanfictions more fully during fluff week, and was just entranced by her style!  It’s beautiful and intricate and fun – be sure to give a look at her Nalu story, Ignite!  My fave of her stuff, and I love how she captures a part of Natsu that we don’t normally see within it.  And her oneshot “Weeds” was absolutely precious.

amehanaaa - The queen of fluff.  Seriously, if you want a read that’ll cheer you up, she’s the place to go.  Her fics Love at First Site and Living with Him are the definition of fluff and her ideas are executed flawlessly.  Her sweet fics match her personality.  :3

brokenangelwings83 - A woman that is dear to me as well as her adorable and well-thought-out fanfictions.  I’m so excited to get caught up on her engaging fic The Last Night of Fire, and greatly enjoyed her oneshot “Photo Booth”.

comewhatanime - Britt is just the sweetest thing.  Her stuff is just so cute and there’s no way to decide – just read it dammit! All of it.

dreamsofbooksandmonsters - THE WAIFU.  Damn, angst that slaughters me every time… XD  But she’s amazing so we can get past that.  Still a rising star and I’m looking forward to more of her work.  Check it out!

emichama - I admit, though her writing is breathtaking, I’ve been avoiding the amazingly written Breaking the Boundary because it’s a Titanic AU and I’M SCARED THAT SHE’LL KILL HALF THE SHIP but since it’s so amazing I won’t be able to hold back long.  Be sure to give it a read–I-I’m sure i-it’ll end… beautifully. *terrified noises*  Needless to say her writing has a great effect on me. XD

ff-darkshininglight - She writes SO MUCH FT STORIES THAT SHE DESERVES AN AWARD.  I especially look forward to her multi-chap Your Virtual Reality, and she has an endless amount of oneshots that you can enjoy–all brilliant and fun!

hannah-nobody - EEEEK I got to start a lovely friendship when she messaged me a while back, but I was so excited when I saw her amazing stories, namely Stealing Spirits!  It’s writing so fantastic and such an engaging story–I’m still on the edge of my seat, Hannah!  DON’T LEAVE ME HANGIN’

immortalpromise - Gah she’s just too awesome I just a;lsdkjfa;slkjdgl.  I’ve read several of her oneshots, but I am excited to get going on her longer fics!  Give her stuff a read; this one’s got some real talent.

lemoncelloismyname - The cello!  I noticed her skilled style in the fluff week as well and gah I love her ideas!  She’s just plain adorable and I can’t wait to see more of her stuff!

missyplatina - AHHHH I just found her stuff a few months back and it’s been an amazing ride!  I’m currently enchanted by her fanfiction Virtual Flames, and can’t get enough of it!  TYPE ON PLATINUM.  THE FANDOM NEEDS YOUR FLUFF.

mslead - My dearest internet mother.  She once said her writing wasn’t good, and HOW THE HELL DID SHE THINK THAT LIKE AMIRITE HER STUFF IS INSANELY SKILLED AND I GAZE IN WONDER AT ITS BRILLIANCE.  What’s a Witch is just a masterpiece, as well as the hilarious Follow Focus and other fics.  GO READ THEM.

proudtobeaginger - Ohoho… the Queen of FT Angst here, and my beloved internet daughter <3.  She has quite an affinity for it, and also for FANTASTIC AU IDEAS such as Beyond the Field and Silence!  I follow her works closely and can’t wait for more!

rivendell101 - The AU Queen!  I honestly don’t know how she manages to keep up with her imaginative and fantastic ideas.  I first discovered her through her fic called The Amulet of Pyralis, and later delved into her beautiful oneshots, the already hilarious Spurs, adorable Dog Days, and so many more!  I can tel you from chatting with her on Skype that she really slaves for these stories.  :3

snogfairy - MY SENPAI.  She is just a writing powerhouse and the first fanfiction writer I found for Fairy Tail.  Her Tails&Talons is legendary, and her On Whom The Pale Moon Gleams will always be a favorite of mine for its genius.  Thank you Philine!!!

soprana-snap - NEVER FAILS TO IMPRESS!!! Her fluff is pure gold and Assassin’s Creed: Bonds is absolutely epic.  I freak out every time it’s updated.  I adore her style and she always manages to make me laugh and smile.  CARRY ON CHY.  CARRY ON.

toxineena - I haven’t read too much of her stuff yet, but the stuff I have read, such as Adherence, has been amazing writing!  She just keeps cranking out good stuff and I can’t wait to dive further into it.

wendyhamlet - Ahhhh she’s just so CUTE A;LSDKJFALSKDG WOW I’ve always been so impressed by her work and you’d better give it a look because you can tell she put a lotta heart into it.  Seriously I just wanna scroll down her fanfiction blog and absorb the fluff.  

wordsofawitheringwriter - MY TWIN.  MY BELOVED TWIN.  Her writing somehow relaxes me into its fluffy bed… (Except she can write killer angst while you’re fooled by her innocence–beware)  Her AUs are cuteness and skill in a bucket and you must look at them or else because she is my twin and amazing at what she does.  (OMG I JUST FOUND OUT THAT SHE WROTE SOUL EATER SOMA FICS AND I DIDN’T KNOW IT?!?!  Now I know what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the night fufufu…)

Hey guys! So I reached my next goal and decided to do my first follow forever! I just want you to know that I love you so much and even if I don’t follow you or you’re not in this list you are very very important to me!


bansnee - we’re following each other for a long time and I’m so glad that I met you Arijana. I love talking to you here and sending pics on snapchat. We have an unspoken connection which is scary sometimes. Thank you for being here!

coldyoungheart - I don’t know if you’re remember it but we started talking because I made a stupid text post about high school musical. Back then I didn’t know how great you are. Now we’re talking everyday (which is hard because we have different time) but I’m glad we do. Cause I love you Mirabelle.

crazygeckoandshe - you are the reason why i’m even here. We know each other since we were 7 years old.  You made me watch Supernatural and I made you watch Teen Wolf. You probably won’t see it cause you were here 3 months ago! But I love you.

flawlesstydia - you are amazing and your blog is awesome! I love you in every way that I can! I can always count on you when I’m bored and reblog ask games.

kein-gesicht-kein-gefuehl - we are both crazy about faking it and shane! I love talking to you and can’t wait to discuss with you about new episodes!

marthinski - i just love you so much! I love your edits, your playlists and everything else. You are great person and thank you for following me!

purrdean (aka snowyjolras) - my cute secret santa! Like I said before, you made my tumblr experience even better. I love you so much, Lena!

scottmcfluffy - words cannot describe how much I love you. You are always so nice to me and I want to hug you so bad! Love you, Lauren.

smileorgotojailstilinksi - you are such a positive person! My cutie patootie I love you so much!

stilesbansheequeen - you love supernatural and teen wolf so you are the perfect blog for me! Not just you have a flawless blog but also you are amazing person!





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